The Mazda RX-7 has aged extremely well, but the same can’t be said for its stock wheels. Here, we look at the best aftermarket wheels for Mazda’s iconic FC and FD sports coupés. 

With its sleek lines and tuneable rotary motor, the FC and FD Mazda RX-7 have always been a favorite with the JDM enthusiast, but the factory rolling stock never really did cut the mustard. The aftermarket is flooded with alloy wheel upgrades, but you really need to choose wisely to protect your investment as second-hand RX-7 prices continue to soar. The last thing you want to do is devalue your RX-7 with cheap, nasty looking wheels/

What to look out for when buying aftermarket wheels for a Mazda RX-7

Split rims look fantastic and offer the widest selection of fitments. In most cases, you can tailor splitties to suit your Mazda RX-7. However, if you’re after the lightest, toughest wheels, then forged monoblocks are hard to beat. Neither of these options come cheap, though, but then the best very rarely does.

Of course, there are plenty of cast monoblocks available if you’re buying on a budget, but the quality of these can vary hugely, so do be careful in making a selection.

Mazda RX-7 on Rota wheels

What to avoid

If your budget is limited, then you need to be far more careful with your selection. As tempting as they may well be, we’d always suggest you avoid fake split-rims as the dummy bolts will often rust or corrode over time, which is very tricky to rectify. Also, if a wheel seems too cheap, then there’s usually a good reason – they can often be heavy and are not always very strong, either.

We’ve compiled this article to help you choose the correct wheel for your RX-7 and have tried to list wheels of all types and budget to give you the widest selection. Without further ado, here are the 20 best Mazda RX-7 wheels.

Pandem FC RX-7 on BBS wheels

Best aftermarket wheels for the Mazda RX-7 FC

Launched in the mid 1980s, the FC was the second generation of Mazda’s iconic rotary-power sports couple, the RX-7. Produced until the launch of the FD in 1992, the FC’s factory 15in BBS wheels may be strong and relatively light, but they do date the car and look a little lost in the factory arches.

As we mentioned in our RX-7 FC Tuning Guide, on factory arches you’re quite limited to what you can fit, especially at the front, where a 225 wide tire and an 8inch wide wheel is pretty much the maximum that will fit without modifications. The rear isn’t so bad, where people have fitted 255 wide tires on 9in wide wheels while still on standard arches.

If you’re happy to explore custom or aftermarket arch extensions and body kits, then the sky is the limit in terms of figment. Here we’ve see 295 front tires and even 315 rears! That being said, even with heavily rolled and flared standard arches we’ve seen as much as 265 wide front and 295 wide rear tires on FC Time Attack cars in Japan.

Once you’ve worked out what size wheels you’re after, then comes the fun part – choosing the brand and model to suit your taste. That’s where our guide comes in, to help you on your way…

Cosmis Racing XT006R Mazda RX-7 wheels

Cosmis Racing XT006R

The Cosmis Racing XT006R is a flow-formed six-spoke wheel that is both light and strong, plus reasonably priced as well. While 18″ is quite a large diameter rim for the FC RX-7, it can work extremely well if executed correctly, as seen here on Sim Harratt’s car.

Tech spec

Available in: 18-20in diameter. 9.5 – 11in widths. 5×114.3 PCD. Various offsets. Center bore: 74.1. Wheel type: Flow-formed monoblock. Colors available: Various

Where to buy: Torqen

Autostrad Modena wheels on FC RX-7

AutoStrada Modena

With their large, center-lock look center cap bolt, three-piece construction and five-spoke design, these JDM favorites actually scream Ferrari F40, but actually looks good on any JDM car. In our mind, it’s best suited to classics like the FC RX-7, though. A staggered 9.5Jx17in front; 10.5Jx17in rear fitment, as seen here on Kohei Miyata’s 350bhp example, will work a treat.

Tech spec

Available in: 16-17in diameter. 8.5-9.5in widths. 5×114.3 PCD. various offsets. Wheel type: Three-piece, five-spoke. Colors available: Silver centers (custom colors to order).

Where to buy: Discontinued but try eBay

Enkei RPF1 wheels for Mazda RX-7

Enkei RPF1

Enkei’s sexy RPF1 reminds us of a 90’s Formula One wheel which, when you consider Enkei made F1 wheels back then and F1 is part of the wheel’s name, that sort of makes sense. Available in dimensions ranging from 14in to 17in the split six-spoke single-piece design is simply stunning.

Tech spec

Available in: 14-18in diameter. 7-10.5in widths. 5×100 – 5×114.3 PCD. ET18 to 45 offset. 66.5 – 73mm center bore. Weight: 18.52 lbs – 41 lbs (8.4 kg – 19.05 kg). Wheel type: Cast monoblock. Colors available: Silver, Black, Chrome, Gold.

Where to buy: Torque GT

Mazdaspeed MS-01 LM wheels for Mazda RX-7

Mazdaspeed MS-01 LM

The OG Mazdaspeed MS-01 (not to be confused with the reproduced single-piece forged option)  is another classic five-spoke split-rim that just suits the retro styling of the FC RX-7 perfectly. A staggered set of 17s will do nicely and if you wanna be baller, then you need to opt for gold centres with a polished lip.

Tech spec

Available in: 17in diameter. 7 – 9in widths. 5×114.3 PCD. ET30 – 44 offsets. 73mm center bore. Weight: Unknown. Wheel type: Two-piece split rim. Colors available: Silver or Gold centers, polished lip

Where to buy: Discontinued but try eBay

BBS RS wheels for Mazda RX-7


If you’re after an OEM+ look for your FC, then BBS’s legendary three-piece wheel will offer you a factory style, but in a more tailored fitment. With so may various fitments available, you need to work out exactly the correct look you want for you car before searching eBay for those wheels. Thankfully, spares are readily available, too.

Tech spec

Available in: 14 – 18in (19 – 20in Super RS) diameter. 6 – 13in widths. 4×98 – 5×130 PCD. -79 – 62 offsets. Centre bore: 57 – 73.9. Wheel type: Three-piece, multi-spoke design. Weight: 10.9kg (19″ Super RS). Colors available: Silver, gold, grey with polished lip

Where to buy: Super RS and spares: or Classic RS: eBay

Super Advan Racing Version 2 for Mazda RX-7

Super Advan Racing Version 2

When you think of three-spoke wheels, then the Super Advan Racing Version 2 has got to be the most recognized. With its distinctive split three-spoke design this iconic wheel lends itself perfectly to Mazda’s classic FC RX-7. Sadly, these have been discontinued, but eBay could well be your friend…

Tech spec

Available in: 17-18in diameter. 7.5-10in widths. 4×100 & 5×114.3 PCD. ET 24 to +48 offset (custom to order). Wheel type: Two-piece, split three-spoke design. Cast with forged rim. Colors available: Silver, gold, chrome, blue, red, gun metal

Where to buy: Discontinued but try eBay

Rays VOLK TE37


When it comes to aftermarket JDM wheels then the Rays’ Volk Racing TE37 has got to be one of the most highly-regarded. Let’s face it, these wheels look good on pretty much everything. The race-inspired wheel comes in a simple six-spoke design and works in pretty much any colour.

Tech spec

Available in: 14-18in diameter. 7-12in widths. 4×114.3 – 5×120 PCD. ET -33 to +40 offset. 65mm-73.1mm center bore. Weight: 9.92 lbs-18.74 lbs (4.5 kg-8.5 kg). Wheel type: Forged monoblock. Colors available: Grey centers with polished lip or bronze.

Where to buy: RAYS Wheels UK

Panasport Racing G7 C5C2 wheels

Panasport Racing G7 C5C2

Panasport’s G7 C5C2 is a chunky five-spoke two-piece split rim that looks good on any classic JDM car, but especially the FC RX-7. We have seen exotic fitments such as a 9 x 17in front & 10 x 18in rear, but it all comes down to personal taste

Tech spec

Available in: 15-18in diameter. 6-15in widths. 5×114.3 PCD. Various offsets. Wheel type: Two-piece, five-spoke design. Colors available: Silver, gold, grey with polished lip

Where to buy: Discontinued but try eBay

Rota Grid wheels for RX-7

Rota Grid

A great entry-level wheel, you really can’t go far wrong with Rota’s five-spoke Grid. It’s a simple, clean design that borrows from a lot of classic JDM wheels. In a 8 x 17in (front) and 9 x 17in (rear) fitment, this would give an aggressive stance and yet still make the perfect daily driver rim.

Tech spec

Available in: 15 – 19in diameter. 7 – 10in widths. 4×100 – 5×120 PCD. ET10 to 45 offset. Various center bores. Wheel type: Cast monoblock. Weight: 11.57 lbs – 18.74 lbs  (5.25 kg – 8.5 kg). Colors available: Various

Where to buy: Rota Wheels

WORK Equip 05 wheels

WORK Equip 05

Another classic five-spoke (that has sadly been discontinued) which works so well on the FC RX-7. While not available to buy new, these do crop up on eBay regularly and work well in a staggered 9- and 10 x 17in fitment with 205/40 tires all around.

Tech spec

Available in: Any diameter. Any widths. 4×98 – 5×130 PCD. Any offset. Any center bore. Weight: Depends on spec. Wheel type: Three-piece split rim. Colors available: Gold & silver (standard), plus custom options.

Where to buy: Discontinued but try eBay or buy spares at WORK Wheels

A front right side shot of a green and black Mazda Quad Rotor RX 7

Best aftermarket wheels for the Mazda RX-7 FD

Launched in 1992, the FD RX-7 is by far the most popular of Mazda’s rotary-powered cars and, as a result, the aftermarket is flooded with parts for the iconic machine. While the car has aged extremely well since its release over 30 years ago, the same can’t be said for the factory wheels.

In fact, this was a point we picked up on in our RX-7 FD Tuning Guide: “One of the few components that hasn’t aged too well is the wheels, which generally are small and dated, and even the ‘best’ wheels – the 17-inch BBS wheels from the late Spirit R model – are pretty tame.” On the plus side (pardon the pun), the standard FD arches are quite spacious, so 9.5 × 18in wheels with an ET20 offset, combined with fairly substantial 245 wide front and 265 wide rear tires, fit with no issue at all, fill the arches nicely, and can give massive amounts of grip.

Choosing the dimensions is the easy part, though. Thankfully, our guide to the 10 best wheels will hopefully help you choose and style and design that works best on your car.

RAYS Volk Racing VR21C wheels for Mazda RX-7

RAYS Volk Racing VR21C

As seen on 700bhp FD RX-7 example in 10.5x18in fitment, with its unique five spokes design, the VR21C is set to be a future classic and finished in bronze with Thunderbolt Titanium wheel nuts, well, it doesn’t get any better.

Tech spec

Available in: 18in diameter. 8-12in widths. 5×11 – 5×114.3 PCD. Offsets: -30 – 35. Center bore: 65 – 73.1. Wheel type: Forged monoblock. Weight: Dependent on spec. Colors: Dark gunmetal or bronze, both with polished lip.

Where to buy: RAYS Wheels

WORK Meister S1 3P

WORK Meister S1 3P

Split-rims don’t come any more cool or timeless than WORK’s legendary Meister S1 3P. While it looks good on most JDM cars, if we had to choose one RX-7 to fit it to then that would have to be the FD. For fitment on a wide-body car we’d suggest a 9.5x18in (front) and 11.5x18in (rear) with 255/35×18 and 295/40×18 tires.

Tech spec

Available in: 18-19in diameter. 8-16in widths. 4×98 – 5×130 PCD. Various offsets. Various center bores. Wheel type: Three-piece split rim. Weight: Dependent on spec. Colors available: Various

Where to buy: WORK Wheels

Rotiform LHR-M wheels

Rotiform LHR-M

The Rotiform brand is becoming ever more popular on JDM cars and its LHR-M forged three-piece works perfectly on the FD RX-7 as seen here on The Kyza’s car.

Tech spec

Available in: Rotifom’s Custom Spec range, so all sizes, widths and dimensions available to suit you vehicle. Wheel type: Forged one-, two- or three-piece. Weight: Dependent on spec. Colors available: Custom (15 colors to choose from)

Where to buy: Find your local Rotiform dealer.

SSR Professor TF1 wheels for Mazda RX-7

SSR Professor TF1

SSR’s Professor TF1 is a timeless multi-spoke split rims that works well on wide-body cars, as seen here. Aim for a 9.5×18 ET minus 26 (front); 11.5×18 ET; minus 52 (rear) fitment with 245/35×18 (front); 285/38×18 (rear) tires.

Tech spec

Available in: 18- 20in diameter. 7-13in widths. 5×98 – 5×130 PCD. ET-52 to 62 offset. Centre bore: 71.6 – 74.1. Wheel type: Three-piece split rim. Weight: Dependent on weight. Colors available: Various

Where to buy: SSR

ADVAN Racing GT wheels for Mazda RX-7


If you’re looking for light and strong wheels with open spokes (to aid brake cooling) then ADVAN’s fully forged Racing GT five-spoke is the one. For fitment, 9.5x18in (front) and 10.5x18in (rear) Advan GT wheels with 255/35 (f) and 295/30 (r) should do the trick, as seen here.

Tech spec

Available in: 19-21in diameter. 8.5-12in widths. 5×100 – 5×120 PCD. ET0 to 50 offset. Unknown center bore. Wheel type: Forged monoblock. Weight: 21 lbs (9.55 kg) for a 10 x 20in. Colors available: Various

Where to buy: ADVAN Wheels

WORK Emotion GT5 wheels

WORK Emotion GT5

If you’re after a single-piece wheel that comes in a staggered fitment, then WORK’s Emotion GT5 is a great choice, as seen here. A three-piece version is also available. As for fitment, a 10.5×18-inch ET-1 (front) and 12.5×18-inch ET-20 (rear) with 225/35 (f) and 285/30 (r) tires is the sweet spot.

Tech spec

Available in: 18in diameter. 9 – 10in widths. 5×100 – 5×114.3 PCD. Various offsets. Various center bores. Wheel type: Single-piece cast wheel. Weight: Unknown. Colors available: Bronze, Matte Black or Silver

Where to buy: WORK Wheels UK

Fifteen52 Bergmeister wheels

Fifteen52 Bergmeister

With its split five-spoke star design, Fifteen52’s Bergmeister was the result of a collaboration it had with Australian Mercedes tuner, Dkubus, but some how it works really well on the curvy FD, especially running a wide-body set-up, As seen here on Sim’s Rocket Bunny car the forged three-piece works a treat in 10.5x18in (front) and 14x18in (rear) fitment.

Tech spec

Available in: Fully custom, made to order wheels. Type: Forged three-piece using forged 6061 aluminum centers. Colors available: Various

Where to order: Fifteen52

RAYS Volk Racing CE28N wheels for mazda rx-7

RAYS Volk Racing CE28N

The Volk Racing CE28N is the lightest wheel RAYS produce. This forged ten-spoke is super light (the 18in is 7.26kg to be precise), mega strong and in 9×17 (front) 10×17 (rear) as seen here on Drag Performance’s car, the forged monoblock wheels absolutely smash it.

Tech spec

Available in: 15-18in diameter. 6.5-8.5in widths. 5×114.3 PCD. ET30 to 42 offset. Center bore: Various. Wheel type: Forged monoblock. Weight: 8 lbs-16 lbs (3.63 kg-7.26kg). Colors available: Various.

Where to buy: RAYS Wheels UK

Weds Kranze ERM wheels

Weds Kranze ERM

If you’re after a multi-piece mesh design wheel, then the Weds Kranze ERM is a classic choice and if you’re after an extreme fitment then you won’t beat a 10x18in (front) and 14.5x18in (rear) as seen here.

Tech spec

Available in: 17 – 18in diameter. 7 – 14.5in widths. 5×114.3 PCD. Offset: Various. Centre bore: Various. Wheel type: Three-piece split-rim. Weight: Dependent on size. Colors available: Various.

Where to buy: Discontinued but try eBay

Mazdaspeed MS-02 wheels for RX-7

Mazdaspeed MS-02

Mazdaspeed’s MS-02 (produced for the Mazda tuner by Rays) is our favorite wheel for the FD RX-7. Its chunky, aero design gives the car an almost caricature appearance, which is always a good thing in our mind. If you can locate a set, then a staggered 17in fitment will guarantee you baller status.

Tech spec

Available in: 17in diameter. 7 – 9in widths. 5×114.3 PCD. ET30 – 44 off-sets. 73mm center bore. Weight: Unknown. Wheel type: Single-piece monoblock. Colors available: Silver or Gold centers, polished lip.

Where to buy: Discontinued but try eBay