As the old saying goes, wheels make the car. So, we’ve rounded up the best aftermarket wheels in 2024 to help you decide which new boots to fit to your modified car.

As another year rolls around – and we all get another year older – the one plus side, other than show season being just around the corner, is that we know we can always expect a fresh batch of new wheels to drop on the aftermarket.

Those familiar with how the aftermarket works will be only to aware that approaching the end of the year we’re always guaranteed to see a bunch of new rolling stock debut at events like the The SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Germany’s Essen Motorshow, The Tokyo Auto Salon in Japan and the UK’s Autosport International. Here, in our Best Aftermarket Wheels for 2024, we’ve rounded up the crème de la crème (it’s French for ‘cream of the crop’) for your viewing pleasure.

Choose your aftermarket wheels

As always, in our best aftermarket wheels guide, there are styles and prices to suit most people’s budgets. We’ve got everything from your entry level cast wheels, middle of the road flow-formed items, right up to fully-forged mono blocks and multi-piece modular rims utilizing exotic materials. I know, we’re good to you lot…

Different types of alloy wheel finishes

It is what it says on the (paint) tin. Painting and lacquering is the most popular finish on both factory and aftermarket rolling stock. It’s not quite as easy as dabbing on a bit of that old magnolia emulsion from the shed and spraying on a bit of the fixative left over from your high school art classes though. The paint and subsequent lacquer used in alloy wheel finishing needs to be heat resistant enough to deal with the temperatures generated by the brakes, tough enough to withstand most gravel and road dirt and survive harsh winters and hot summers.

The process is a precise science too with even coats on intricate shapes and cure temperatures and timings all guarded secrets by the industry’s top dogs.  Many people prefer powder coating as a refurbishment option which we’ll come to in a minute but a decent paint and lacquer finish is often the way to get that purist friendly OEM look on point.

What are powder coated wheels

Powder coating is fantastic for creating a tough long lasting finish. Most parts will have a similar appearance to their painted counterparts but powder coating is a dry finishing process that utilizes small ground particles of pigment and resin mixture that are electrostatically charged before being sprayed onto electrically grounded parts so that they stick to them. The charged powder particles adhere to the wheel and are held in place until melted and fused into a uniform coating in a curing oven. The aforementioned durability is the trump card of this process and the comparatively fast turn around also goes in its favor. There’s always a downside though and this only rears its head with the most intricate of wheel designs. Powder coating is thicker than paint and thus with tiny details and crisp lines, it is possible to lose a bit of definition and sharpness of lines.

Anodized wheels

Anodizing is an etched in process that coats the wheel with a protective layer by electrolysis. It produces a satin look which is ideal for those after a more subtle of utilitarian finish or for the rarely seen inner rims. Like powder coating, its a durable and low maintenance finish but the nature of the process limits the variation in textures.

Diamond cut wheels

The clue is in the name again with this process. It involves removing a thin layer of alloy layer of a alloy from the wheel using a specialist diamond hard lathe. Logically, there is a limit to the amount of times a wheel can safely be ‘cut’ and many opt for a bright powder coated finish for ease of maintenance and durability. However, there’s never a substitute for the real McCoy and if your car rocks rims that were originally diamond cut and they’ve not been repeatedly been through the mill, sometimes that authenticity box just needs to be ticked.

Chrome honey spokes just kicked in, yo!

What are chrome wheels?

Chrome wheels are more commonly seen in custom and classic scenes but do creep into the modified scene with the brightest of show cars and those ‘anything goes’ events that act as a car culture melting pot. Chroming has been around for longer that your mom’s mom and it’s a time consuming, and quite dangerous process that  goes some way to explaining the high costs associated with it. Several layers of metal are sprayed onto the wheel including nickel and sometimes copper. Chrome plating is a technique of electroplating a tin layer of chromium onto a metal object. The process involves buffing, polishing, cleaning, dipping in acid, adding zinc and copper plating.

For show chrome, the process is finished by re-buffing, cleaning and re-dipping, plating added copper, two to three types of nickel plating and finally, the chrome plating. The pros include that next level bling you see on the finest rods and lowriders and the fact that the extra metal employed in the process can add strength. The obvious downside is that it adds a lot of weight, hence you won’t see an awful lot of it on a track day. Chrome can flake if the process is rushed or if its isn’t regularly polished and protected. Because of the nature of chroming, it is impossible to create a localized repair. The wheel will need to be stripped and the process started from scratch. Nobody said it was going to be easy and all that.

Best aftermarket alloy wheels

Rotiform ROC-H

RRP: From $1150. Buy them here

First seen last year on Ken Block’s Audi Sport recreation, then on a number of cars at SEMA, Rotiform’s ROC-H is the result of a collaboration between the wheel manufacture and the Hoonigan brand (The H stands for Hoonigan). Originally seen as a forged monoblock, the motorsport-inspired wheel is actually part of Rotiform’s Custom spec forge range, meaning it is also available as a two- and three-piece wheel – so, fitment options are practically endless.

Tech spec

Available in: Rotifom’s Custom Spec range, so all sizes, widths and dimensions available to suit you vehicle. Wheel type: Forged one-, two- or three-piece. Weight: Dependent on spec. Colors available: Custom (15 colors to choose from)

Where to buy: Find your local Rotiform dealer

Rotiform ZWS

RRP: From $1300 / £1256. Buy them here.

Following the positive reaction to the high-end forged version of its ZWS, Rotiform recently launched a cast monoblock alternative should appeal to the masses. Well, to anybody that can tuck a set of 21in wheels under their arches. Available in Gloss Anthracite and Matte Black, these ‘Dubs’ are clearly aimed at the SUV market.

Tech spec

Available in: 21in diameter. 9-12in widths. 5×112×5×120 PCD. ET10 to 55 offset. 66.56 – 72.56mm center bore. Weight: 37lb – 40lb. Wheel type: C monoblock. Colors available: Gloss Anthracite and Matte Black

Price comparison specs may not match the ones required for you car. Always check measurements before buying.

Enkei Triumph Wheels

Enkei Triumph Aftermarket Wheels

RRP: starting from $449/£359 per wheel. Buy them here.

Enkei’s all-new Triumph is a lightweight ten-spoke that uses the same MAT Technology used in producing its legendary RPF1 wheel and is sure to be a favorite with JDM owners. Available in 17in and 18in, the Triumph can be selected in Gloss Black, Matte Bronze or Storm Grey.

Tech spec

Available in: 17-18in diameter. 8-9.5in widths. 5×100 – 5×120 PCD. ET38 to 45 offset. 72.6mm center bore. Weight: From 26lbs. Wheel type: Cast monoblock. Colors available: Gloss Black, Matte Bronze or Storm Grey

Borbet GTX wheels

Borbet GTX

RRP: starting from $318/£260 per wheel. Buy them here.

If you’re looking at the best aftermarket wheels for 2023 and after a timeless wheel in 19 or 20in diameter, then there’s a good chance Borbet’s new ten-spoke GTX is the one. Available in 5×112 and 5×120 PCDs, the GTX comes with a two year warranty and full TUV approval and a selection of finishes including Matte Gold, Gloss Titan or Matte Black with a polished lip.

Tech spec

Available in: 19-20in diameter. 8.5-10in widths. 5×112-5×120 PCD. ET21 to 40 offset. 66.5 – 72.5mm center bore. Weight: Not known. Wheel type: Cast monoblock. Colors available: Matte Gold, Gloss Titan or Matte Black with a polished lip

Price comparisons below are for base spec wheel. Always check measurements before buying.

Work Genesis wheels

WORK Gnosis IS 205 Aftermarket Wheels

RRP: From $600 per wheel. 

Launched at the Tokyo Auto Salon, WORK’s all-new Gnosis IS 205 features a funky, split five-spoke design that has additional splits inside every other spoke. Available in 19, 20 and 21in diameters, the 205 is a single-piece cast wheel that you can order in Trans Grey Clear or a Brushed finish.

Tech spec

Available in: 19-21in diameter. 8-9in widths. 5×112 – 5×114.3 PCD. ET35 to 45 offset. Various center bores. Weight: Unknown. Wheel type: Cast monoblock. Colors available: Trans Grey Clear or Brushed

Where to buy: WORK Wheels

Compomotive wheels

17″ Compomotive MO6

RRP: From $358/£285 per wheel. Buy them here.

Who doesn’t love Compomotive’s motorsport wheels and who doesn’t remember the original flat-faced, five spoke MO? Well, the British company’s extremely popular MO6 (or MO1785 to give it its correct name) is back for 2023 and better than ever thanks to the following 17″ fitment options…

Tech spec

Available in: 17in diameter. 8in widths. 4×100.3 PCD. ET20 to 42 offset. Various center bores. Weight: Unknown. Wheel type: Cast monoblock. Colors available: White, Gold, Silver & Anthracite Grey

Where to buy: Compomotive Wheels

Momo Seven

MOMO SEVEN Aftermarket Wheels

Well, the clue really is in the name with this one. After a string of rather fussy road wheel designs, Italian firm MOMO really have got their act together with the SEVEN. A sleek, ‘seven’-spoke monoblock that features a Matte Black center with polished outer lip, this wheel comes in 18in and 19in diameters and a number of fitments. Two too many spokes? Don’t fret, they also just launched the FIVE as well. We’ll leave you to work out what that looks like…

Tech spec

Available in: 18-19in diameter. 8-8.5in widths. Various five-stud PCD. Various fitments. Weight: Unknown. Wheel type: Cast monoblock. Colors available: Matte Black with polished lip

Where to buy: MOMO

mbDesign wheels

mbDESIGN SF1 (Centrelock)

RRP: From $700/£650 per wheel. Buy them here.

German firm, mbDESIGN recently launched a centerlock version of its popular SF1 wheel in a staggered fitment. The forged monoblock, which features a unique, intricate design, is aimed specifically at owners of cars such as the 992 GT3. For the 992 Porsche, a staggered 9.5 x 21in and 12 x 22in fitment will work perfectly, with center bores and offsets to suit the car specifically. Amazingly, the 21in wheels tips the scales at just 9.6kg!

Tech spec

Available in: 21-22in diameter. 9.5 and 12in widths. ET40 offset. Centerlock center bore. Weight: 9.6kg – 12.4 kg. Wheel type: Forged centerlock monoblock. Colors available: Matte Light Bronze and Matte Black

mbDesign MSP wheels


RRP: From $350/£320 per wheel. Buy them here.

If you don’t own a supercar, but you still want to make your car stand out, then mbDESIGN’s MSP will certainly do that. The unique, flow-formed monoblock comes in 8.5 x 19in dimensions, with a wide range of fitments (from 5 x 108 to 5 x 114.3) and finishes. Personally, we like the darker shades, like the Matt Black and Black Smoke Polish, but there are plenty of others to choose from.

Tech spec

Available in: 19in diameter. 8.5in widths. 5×108 – 5×114.3 PCD. ET45 to 75 offset. 57.06 – 75.00mm center bore. Weight: 12.6kg. Wheel type: Flow-formed monoblock. Colors available: Wide selection of finishes

3SDM aftermarket wheels

3SDM 3.85-FR Aftermarket Wheels

RRP: Request a quote here

Like most of 3SDM’s modular range, the 3.85 is made to order and thus available in a number of fits and finishes. This classic five-spoke reminds us of a classic Formula 1 wheel and is actually only available in center lock. With a forged center, dimensions of 13-17 in are on the table and pretty much any offset you can desire.

Tech spec

Available in: 13-17in diameter. Choose your widths. Center-lock only PCD. Various offset. Weight: Depends on dimensions. Wheel type: Forged three-piece. Colors available: Vast choice

3SDM wheels aftermarket

3SDM 1.53-R

Get a quote here.

The 3SDM 1.53-R has a real retro feel to it with the split four-spoke design. This fully forged monoblock is available in 15-17in diameter (seen here in 15in) and is made to order, so you can specify your desired width from 7-11in. Almost any four-stud PCD is available with offsets ranging from 20-50mm.

Tech spec

Available in: 15-17in diameter. 7-11in widths. Choose any 4-stud PCD. ET20 to 55 offset. Various center bores. Weight: Unknown but light. Wheel type: Forged monoblock. Colors available: Various

Wolfrace Explorer wheels

Wolfrace Explorer Wolf Aftermarket Wheels

RRP: from $884/£720. Buy them here.

With a load index of 1100kg the Wolfrace Explorer Wolf is ideal for commercial or 4×4 applications and can be drilled to a number of PCDs. Available in a 8 x 18in or 8.5 x 20in this distinctive wheel is TUV approved and comes in offsets of Et25 and ET42 respectively.

Tech spec

Available in: 18-20in diameter. 8-8.5in widths. 5×108 – 5×165 PCD. ET25 to 42 offset. Various center bores. Weight: Unknown. Wheel type: Cast monoblock. Colors available: Gloss Black, Gloss Black / Polished, Matte Black, Matte Black / Polished



RRP: starting from $1694/£1380 per wheel. Buy them here

This classic ten-spoke monoblock is sure to be an instant classic. The fully-forged wheel falls under its Performance Design range, and comes in 19-21in diameters, a number of fitments, and the 8.5 x 20in version tips the scales at just 7.7kg. With two options of concavity to choose from (depending on the size of wheel you select), plus the option for a center-lock fixing, this wheel really is the ultimate aftermarket upgrade. Expect to see these more commonly used on high-end BMWs, Audis, Porsches and Lamborghinis.

Note: For those working with a tighter budget, BBS also offer the same wheel design but in a flow-formed version, the CI-R for a fraction of the cost. Obviously these weigh more and the choice of fitment is different. Find out more details at

Tech spec

Available in: 19-21in diameter. 8.5-12.5in widths. 5×112 – 5×130 PCD. ET22 – 62 offset. 71.60 – 84mm center bore. Weight: 7.7-11kg. Wheel type: Forged monoblock. Colors available: Satin Black, Satin Gold, Platinum Silver

For a broad stock range, check out Driftworks.

BBS XR wheels

BBS XR Aftermarket Wheels

RRP: starting from $1000/ £984. Buy them here

Our best aftermarket wheels guide wouldn’t be complete without a BBS wheel, and if you fancy a set, but you’re on a tighter budget, then its new cast XR monoblock could be the solution. This modern take on the Y-spoke design is from the Motorsport line and comes in a wide range of diameters and widths. The 17″ version tips the scales at just 10.7kg and is available in three timeless finishes.

Tech spec

Available in: 17-20in diameter. 7.5-8.5in widths. 5×108-5×120 PCD. ET28 – 45 offset.  Various center bores. Weight: 10.7-13.2kg. Wheel type: Cast monoblock. Colors available: Gloss Satin Silver Gloss Black, Satin Bronze

Where to buy: BBS

HRE aftermarket wheels

HRE FF21 Aftermarket Wheels

RRP: from $725/£700 per wheel. Get a quote here.

HRE’s all-new FF21 is a flow-formed monoblock which features an intricate split five-spoke design and comes in 19in and 20in diameter. Uniquely, there are three face profiles on offer depending on the offset you choose.

Tech spec

Available in: 19-20in diameter. 9-11in widths. 5×112 – 5×114.3 PCD. ET8 to 50 offset. 66.5 – 73.1mm center bore. Weight: From 21lbs. Wheel type: Flow formed monoblock. Colors available: Multiple options

Where to buy: HRE

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