Don’t we all dream of the perfect car? A functional performer on road and track alongside show-stopping looks. Kohei Miyata’s tuned Mazda RX-7 FC comes pretty darn close to the mark. 

Being in the second-hand car business for years has allowed Kohei Miyata to play around and build a few interesting cars; from a four door Honda Integra Type R DC2 to a USDM S2000 he still owns. But the craving to step away from Hondas and play with something very different materialized initially as an idea. He had a vision in his mind of creating the perfect rotary. One that would tick so many boxes, his friends were saying it just couldn’t be done.

Either you build a show car, or you build something to be driven. Combining the both just rarely works – that’s the message he was getting. But he knew he could achieve it. After waiting for the right car to show up in the market, Miyata-san teamed up with N-stage in Yokohama to begin the build.

TUNED MAZDA RX-7 FC front end shot

Tuning the RX-7 FC’s rotary

The key to making this car tuned Mazda RX-7 FC work is balance. Each detail and modification had to have an element of function to it, starting off with the engine bay. N-stage pulled the 13B rotary engine and literally took a grinder to the metal and started cutting. A ton of fabrication work went into reconstructing wider and taller tubbed wheel arches to allow wheel clearance under full lock, taking into account the very dumped stance the FC would end up with. While they were at it, they smoothed and cleaned a few key areas in the engine bay, adding some wire tucking for additional points in the presentation category.

While the little twin-rotor motor was out, it received its due attention. But again, the team took a pretty conservative approach. There was no need for aggressive porting, just a basic power bump thanks to the addition of a Trust TD06 turbo. This was plumbed on along with a supporting fuel system made up of top of the line Sard parts. Once it was all in place N-stage fabricated a one-off V-mount set up with the intercooler and radiator so as to take full advantage of the copious space in front of the engine and thus getting the best possible path of air through both cores.

TUNED MAZDA RX-7 FC engine shot

The custom intercooler piping connecting up to a better-flowing FD3S intake manifold while the RE Amemiya titanium exhaust system beautifully completed the set up. A trusted and proven Apexi Power FC was swapped in place of the vintage eighties electronics and custom mapped to get a solid and reliable 350bhp and 253 pounds of twist to play with.

Chassis and styling modifications

N-stage also took care of some more additional fender work, a little bit of rolling and a little forced persuasion for a few added millimeters. An AR-F bumper was thrown on as well as some rare online sourced items from the USA in the form of USDM mirrors and side markers. The Japanese like to emulate USDM looks almost as much as the US likes to emulate the JDM look. Funny how that happens. We put it down to human nature; always craving what one can’t easily get.

TUNED MAZDA RX-7 FC front half of car

The work continued with sanding, getting rid of the base paint and creating a smooth finish ready for fresh paint. Kohei decided to go for a Nissan color; the Millennium Jade hue as used on the 1000 Skyline GT-R Nür editions of the V-spec II and M-spec. The result is an RX-7 FC like you’ve never seen before. A subtle color that emphasizes those eighties lines with a touch of modernity. The final touch were USDM emblems on the tailgate.

RX-7 FC wheels and stance

The current AutoStrada Modena 5-spokes are the second set of wheels Kohei has run on the car. It’s really impossible to fault them in any way or form. The Ferrari-esque feel about them is a superb match. The wheels are shod in Falken, with a visible ‘hippari’ – or stretch – to them. This allows the sidewall to inwards as it tucks into the arches. The lowering is courtesy of drift oriented Tein dampers. These are mated to hard 20kg/mm front and 18 kg/mm Swift spring to make sure the car doesn’t bottom out under hard compression.

Tuned Mazda RX-7 FC - side profile shot

Supernow camber joints helped Kohei dial in the perfect drift set up. This isn’t just so he can talk about it when he’s showing his car at static events. He enters drift events in Nikko and other circuits quite often. So yes, the function part of this whole build isn’t just a theory. It gets put to work just as often as Kohei can manage to get it to the track.

Tuned Mazda RX-7 FC interior modifications

The final piece of the puzzle for the tuned Mazda RX-7 FC was the interior. The most simple part of all. It was spiced up only with small additions like the aluminium half roll cage and the plush Efini seats that were one of Mazda’s luxury sub-brands from the early nineties. A Renown Monaco steering wheel and an FD shift knobs are the only other party pieces. If you look closely, the Power FC controller is always within hand’s reach, to keep an eye on those important engine parameters.

So is it possible to create a functional show car that can be used in anger shredding tyres at Nikko on Saturday and then wow people at Stance Nation on a Sunday? We’re pretty sure Kohei really has managed to pull off the perfect 360-degree build.

TUNED MAZDA RX-7 FC interior shot

Feature first appeared in Fast Car, February 2019. Words & Photography: Dino Dalle Carbonare.

Tech Spec: Tuned Mazda RX-7 FC


FD3S intake manifold; RE Amemiya titanium exhaust; N-stage original V-mounted intercooler and radiator; N-stage custom intercooler piping; Trust TD06-25G turbo kit; Sard fuel pump; Sard fuel rail; Sard fuel regulator; HKS EVC-S boost controller; Apexi Power FC ECU; ERC mapped.


350bhp; 253lb.ft.


Tein Super Drift shocks; Swift springs 20 kg/mm front; 18kg/mm rear; Supernow camber joints.

Wheels & Tyres:

AutoStrada Modena 9.5Jx17in front; 10.5Jx17in rear; Falken Azenis 615+K 235/45R17 tyres.


AR-F front bumper; USDM door mirrors; USDM side markers; USDM emblems; Nissan R34 Skyline GT-R Millennium Jade paint.

Chassis & Interior:

Tubbed front wheel arches; aluminium roll cage; Efini buckets seats; Renown Monaco steering wheel; FD3S shift knob.

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