Are you ready to go beyond the limitations set by the factory and explore the hidden features of your car? Get ready to unleash the true potential of your vehicle with Carly’s coding feature.

These days, cars are more complex than ever. A typical modern car has the same computing power as about 20 up-to-date PCs, uses around 100 different sensors placed all around the vehicle, and processes up to 25 gigabytes of data per hour!

With multiple individual control units serving as the ‘brains’ of your car’s main computer, they are responsible for controlling various functions of the car. Everything from how much turbo boost your engine produces down to how long the headlights stay on after you’ve turned off the ignition is controlled by one of the car’s computers.

However, most of these functions are typically set from the factory and cannot be adjusted by the end user. Some for good reason – we’re not engine remapping experts and being able to adjust the complicated settings within an engine calibration file is not something that should be messed with by anyone other than a specialist. But what about things like making your dash gauges do a full sweep when you turn on the ignition, or being able to open all the windows (and the roof of a convertible!) by holding the buttons on a key fob? Well, that’s where Carly’s OBD scanner comes into play. It allows you to make adjustments, code your car yourself, and discover hidden features within your car!

Getting Started with Carly’s Coding Feature

To begin coding, simply connect the Carly universal adapter to your car’s OBD port, which is usually located in one of the front footwells. This adapter connects seamlessly to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You’ll need to download and open the Carly app and turn on the ignition. Once everything is set up, press the “connect” button in the app, and it will read out and display the available coding functions specific to your car.

Code Your Car: Adjusting and Personalizing Features

Once you have access to the coding functions, you can select which features you want to adjust or personalize. From something as simple as adjusting the lights to more advanced options like opening exhaust flaps, Carly’s coding feature puts you in control.

What features can you code?

Depending on your specific make and model, the Carly app will be able to access multiple control units on your car, and make unique adjustments to settings controlled by that particular module.

The list of possibilities is huge, and there are too many settings that can be adjusted to list here. But, here are some of the most popular settings owners personalize using Carly.

  • Deactivating the Start/Stop function.
  • Beeping when unlocking and locking.
  • Locking the doors once a certain speed is reached(e.g. from 15 km/h).
  • Seatbelt warning sounds.
  • Mirrors automatically folding and unfolding.
  • Closing the windows after locking the car door with the key.
  • Flashing the brake lights during emergency braking.
  • Activating/deactivating daytime running lights.
  • Changing the brightness of daytime running lights.
  • Flashing of the headlights when locking or unlocking the doors via the remote control.
  • Flashing of the headlights when the alarm system is triggered.
  • Displaying of the real speed via GPS signal
  • Displaying the amount of fuel consumption at a given speed
  • Changing the brightness of the dashboard
  • Displaying the optimal gear changing time in eco or sport mode
  • Select whether the display should be on the dashboard or head-up display
  • Incoming call display
  • The rearview camera, which is automatically activated when the vehicle is put into reverse gear or rolled backward.
  • An acoustic warning signal, which sounds automatically when reverse gear is engaged or when the vehicle is rolling backwards.

Backup and Reset Options

Messing around with your car’s settings can be daunting, but thankfully the techs at Carly understand the importance of ensuring a safe coding experience. That’s why an automatic backup is created before you start coding. This means that if anything goes wrong or if you’re not satisfied with the changes made, you can easily reset the car back to its factory settings at any time.

Completing the Coding Process

After selecting and making your desired adjustments, it’s crucial to complete the coding process correctly. Turn the ignition off and back on again. This ensures that the changes you make are properly implemented. Now, you can enjoy your newly coded and personalized car setup!

carly adapter laid flat

Code Your Car to Enjoy a Truly Personalized Ride

Carly’s coding feature is a game-changer for car enthusiasts who love personalization. By making adjustments to your car’s control units, you can unlock hidden features and customize your driving experience. With an easy-to-use app and a seamless connection to your smartphone through the universal adapter, coding has never been more accessible. So, embrace the thrill of personalization, unlock your car’s full potential, and code your car today with Carly!

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