Say hello to Carly’s Free Car History Checker! This revolutionary service promises to deliver comprehensive car histories to potential buyers or owners, totally free of charge!

Historically, a proper car check via typical ‘VIN checkers’ could see you forking out up to £30 per search. And when you’re as picky about your next potential ride as we are, we seldom buy the first car we see. Typically, a modified car fan will view multiple examples before finally committing to a purchase. And if you do a history check for each one, those car bills can quickly mount up.

Not any more. Thanks to Carly and its new Free Car History Checker service. Now, you can simply download the Carly App to your smartphone and check as many cars as you like, all totally free of charge.

What Info Does Carly’s Free Car History Checker Provide?

With Carly’s tool, all it takes is a vehicle registration number to unlock a treasure trove of data. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Vehicle Images: See the life journey of the car through collected visuals from various sources.
  • Theft Status: Insights from both UK and international stolen vehicle databases.
  • Finance Status: Know if there’s any unresolved financial burden on the car.
  • Written-off Information: Find out if an insurance claim branded the car beyond repair.
  • Mileage History: Cross-verify logged mileages and spot any mileage tampering.
  • MOT History: Detailed records of each MOT check, including pass/fail statuses.
  • Damage Reports: Comprehensive details about prior damages.
  • Salvage Auctions: Uncover hidden damage not flagged by insurance companies.
  • Ownership History: Track how many hands the vehicle has passed through.
  • Tax Status: Current taxation information.
  • Definitive Vehicle Information: From fuel consumption to engine specs and performance metrics.

screenshot from free car history checker app showing no faults found

Knowlegde is Power

Carly’s Free Car History Checker isn’t just a tool; it’s a game-changer for both buyers and sellers in the used car market. For buyers, it is like having an detective in your pocket. One that can sift through all the records to give you a detailed picture of the car’s past. This information is allows buyers to make well-informed decisions, and arms you with negotiating power. Sellers, on the other hand, can build trust with buyers. Being transparent about a car’s history paves the way for smooth, honest transactions.

How to Access the Free Car History Checker

The Free Car History Check is accessible to all new and existing Carly users via their app (available in both free and premium versions). Grab your phone and download the Carly app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Trust in Carly

In an era where transparency can be hard to come by, Carly is setting new standards with its Free Car History Checker. By providing unmatched insights, Carly empowers every car enthusiast and prospective buyer to avoid headaches or potential pitfalls and make informed choices effortlessly. So next time you’re eying that potential new car, remember – Carly’s got your back.