Carly is a big player in the vehicle diagnostics game. So, we decided to catch up with the team behind the brand to ask them all those frequently asked questions!

Vehicle diagnostics and scanner apps are all the rage at the moment, and why wouldn’t they be? They can help you save money and time, something that’s always welcomed. We caught up with one of the biggest names in the vehicle diagnostic industry, Carly, to ask them all about their company and what their advanced Scanner and App has to offer…

Who are Carly?

Carly Solutions GmbH & Co KG, or simply Carly, are a Munich-based company, that is revolutionizing the automotive industry. Their hardware and software products allow users to understand car problems and how to fix them. The Carly app and its accompanying scanner offer every car owner, regardless of technical expertise, the opportunity to perform vehicle diagnostics, view live data, and, depending on the brand and model, personalize their car with coding, or check a used car for mileage manipulation. Carly empowers car owners by giving them control over their data. This data transparency protects against bad car purchases or odometer fraud, makes visits to the workshop less stressful, and allows you to be more independent. The end result is that Carly users save a significant amount of time and

When was Carly founded and who by?

Carly was founded in 2014 by Avid Avini, Arian Avini, Parvis Avini, and David Grotzky.

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How did it all start?

The initial spark for Carly arose from a personal problem. In 2014, Parvis – Avid and Arian’s father – had issues with his own car, a used BMW 7 Series. He spent a significant amount of money in workshops, often dealing with problems that couldn’t be easily identified on his own. Obviously, this was frustrating. He realized that there were limited options in the market for ordinary car owners to access their vehicle’s technical data; it was primarily reserved for workshops.

Since no one had addressed this issue, Parvis and his son Arian, both software experts and computer enthusiasts, decided to create a solution for their own use. The solution showed them that the car simply required a small electronic component worth just a few euros, and not an expensive repair – saving them €7,000.

This inspired them to develop an easy-to-use diagnostic device that anyone could use. They told Avid about the product and he immediately recognized its potential. Together with their good friend David Grotzky, they crafted a business plan and spoke with other car enthusiasts to gather input on crucial functions. After introducing their first prototype, they quickly realized that there was a huge audience eager to try their product. From that point on, things really took off.

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Why did you call it Carly?

The founders wanted a name that would resonate with car owners and be easily recognizable. They settled on “Carly” for its modern and tech-savvy sound, aligning it with the company’s focus on car technology.

You’re based in Munich, Germany but do you have a UK office and support?

No, we do not have a UK office, but our support can be reached easily online, in English, German, Spanish, French and Japanese. We also have a UK Manager, that customer can reach out to.

What car brands does Carly cover?

Carly covers every major car brand in the world.

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How does Carly vehicle diagnostics work?

Carly works by combining an OBD2 scanner with a mobile app. Here’s the typical process:

  1. Purchase the Carly Scanner, a small device that effortlessly connects to your car’s OBD port, which is usually located near the steering column, and plug in the scanner.
  2. Install the Carly mobile app on your smartphone or tablet, pair it with the scanner via Bluetooth, and choose your car’s specific make, model, and year.
  3. Perform diagnostics and other features: Once the app pairs with your car, you can access various features depending on your subscription. These may include reading and clearing fault codes, performing advanced diagnostics, coding certain car features, a battery health check, and more.

It’s important to note that the specific steps and available functions may vary depending on the make, model, and year of your car, as well as the features included in your Carly subscription.

Do I need the scanner and the app?

To use Carly, you need both the scanner and the app.

How much does the scanner and app cost, and do I have to have the subscription?

The cost of the scanner and app, as well as the subscription, varies depending on your needs. There is a full version and a free light version of the product. The full version allows for deep exploration of data and coding capabilities, while the light version is useful for those who want to use Carly for standard OBD vehicle diagnostics. For the most up-to-date information, check out!

What makes the Carly scanner and app different from the competition?

What sets Carly apart from the competition is the depth of its diagnostics feature and additional information provided with it, as well as its overall extensive functionality for many brands.

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Which features are you particularly proud of?

There are various advanced features Carly offers like Smart Mechanic and coding that we are proud of. Smart Mechanic combines real-time data with extensive mechanical expertise and makes it applicable advice so you can turbocharge your repair skills and perform more repairs yourself. Coding gives you the ability to personalize your car, by changing aspects such as lighting or sound settings, all from your phone.

Can I use the scanner and app to diagnose an engine fault?

Yes, you can use the scanner and app to diagnose engine faults.

Once this fault has been fixed, can I use the app to turn off the engine light?


Apart from engine diagnosis, what are the other main features of Carly?

The main features are: Smart Mechanic, Engine Live Data, Maintenance, Coding, Battery Check, and the Used Car Check.