Nissan GT-R facts

Nissan C10 – 1ST GENERATION (1969-1972)
The first ever Nissan GT-R was released in 1969 and came with a normally aspirated 2.0ltr straight six pushing out 160bhp. They dominated racing in Japan, winning 50 major races in just four years. Surviving versions of these cars are highly sought after and usually cost upwards of £30,000.

• Designation PGC10 (saloon) and KPGC10 (coupe)
• 1,945 produced

Nissan GT-R facts

Nissan C110 – 2ND GENERATION (1972 – 1977)
The rarest of all the GT-Rs, only 197 of the KPGC110 model was produced, partly due to the release coinciding with a worldwide fuel crisis which killed the performance car market, and partly due to Nissan deciding not to race this model. Although the looks were changed (for the worse in most people’s opinion), the engine and chassis was almost unchanged from the 1st Generation.

• Designation KPGC110
• 197 produced

Nissan GT-R factsNissan R32 – 3RD GENERATION (1989 – 1994)
After a 12-year absence, the GT-R was back. No longer a lightweight N/A screamer, it was now a 2.6ltr twin-turbo 4WD beast, and one of the most successful race cars of all time. The road cars were soon being tuned to huge numbers, and the car absolutely decimated the opposition in Touring Car and Endurance racing across the world throughout the early ‘90s.

• Designation BNR32
• 43,394 produced

Nissan GT-R facts

Nissan R33 – 4TH GENERATION (1995 – 1999)
While many consider the R33 to be less hardcore than the R32, it didn’t lose any of its performance, with many of the iconic tuned GT-Rs being R33 GT-R based. R33s also did well in motorsport, continuing the dominance where the R32 left off in N1 touring cars in Japan, and even did well at Le Mans, coming 5th in GT1 class, only beaten by the legendary McLaren F1s.

• Designation BCNR33
• 16,422 produced

Nissan GT-R facts

Nissan R34 – 5TH GENERATION (1999 – 2002)
The last of the GT-Rs to carry a Skyline badge, the R34 was the most powerful standard Skyline ever made, with even standard cars showing around 320bhp on the rollers. Combine that with awesome looks, massive tuning potential, and all round performance ability proven on roads and racetracks world wide, and it’s obvious why it’s already considered a classic.

• Designation BNR34
• 11,310 produced

Nissan GT-R facts

Nissan R35 – 6TH GENERATION (2007 – )
Released in Japan after years of speculation, the new car looks to be the best GT-R yet, with supercar defeating performance even as standard. The Skyline name and RB engine is gone, but all the new parts more than make up for it. Rolling road figures show the car gives well over 500bhp as standard, and it’s said to lap the Nurburgring faster than even the Bugatti Veyron. And that’s before modding it!

• Designation CBA-R35
• Built 2007–on