Designed for the race track and honed in on the road, this roadgoing Nismo GT3 GT-R pushes the limit of modified GT-Rs one step further. 

When it comes to the Nissan GT-R, we thought we’d seen it all. From drag car builds sporting almost 3000bhp, to Time Attack racers, slammed show-stunners and of course wide-bodied Liberty Walk kits etc. But then we got a message through from the team over at Amber Performance that they were hiding something away in their workshop. In truth, we had seen this car before, but we knew little about its origins, or what modifications it featured. So in true Fast Car fashion, we invited Amber Performance’s owner, Jason, down to Silverstone with the GT-R. A location that is rather fitting given the story that’s about to unfold.

You see, what you’re looking at right here is one of only a handful of genuine roadgoing Nismo GT3 kitted GT-Rs in the world. Let’s roll back the time for a second though, as it hasn’t been plain-sailing for this Godzilla. Watch the full video below.

About the Nissan GT-R R35

The eagle-eyed among you will have already spotted that this is a left-hand drive car. It won’t be a surprise to you to learn that this car is in fact a US import. Given the UK-market got the R35 right up until 2022, it seems strange that this car was a lefty, even more so when you remember that the Japanese also have right-hand drive cars. So why import a US car?

Jason tells us that he was looking for a particular spec Nissan GT-R to build a demo car to show off what the team at Amber Performance could do. But after falling in love with Seibon’s 2009 example, finished in white and star of SEMA show, he knew that this was a car he needed to replicate in the UK. It just so happens that Jason has a great relationship with Seibon in the US, and after the team announced it was finished with the car, Jason was offered the chance to buy it. In his words, it was a no brainer.

side profile shot of Nismo GT3 GT-R

Here’s where things get interesting. Once the car was in the UK and the team were planning the next stages of the car, a workshop fire halted all progress. Sadly, the R35 suffered some damage as a result of the fire, but thankfully, the majority of the damage was aesthetic, and the underpinnings were all intact.

front on shot of Nismo GT3 GT-R

Buying the Nismo GT3 kit

After assessing the damage, Jason decided it was time to do something wild. After searching far and wide and looking at different kits, he managed to get in touch with someone who had the mould for the Nismo GT3 GT-R race car. It was a lengthy wait to receive the kit (in part due to an overseas supplier that failed to deliver on a kit despite being paid).  Not to be deterred, Jason and friends visited Germany and despite not finding the individual in question, did manage to get a refund on the bulk of the original investment. This fortuitously coincided with a genuine Nismo kit becoming available in the UK.

front bumper and canards on gt-r

This was immediately secured then fitted to the car, essentially replacing panels like for like. The list of parts is far too long to note down here, but you can see it covers the front bumper, canards, front wings, side skirts, rear quarter panels, rear bumper, diffuser, front splitter and undertray. All of which are genuine Nismo GT3 parts.

At the back, you’ll notice that huge spoiler. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that of course isn’t the genuine GT3 wing, instead, it’s a modified Rocket Bunny wing, with chassis support from JW racing.

Elsewhere on the car, it might be harder to spot the other modifications. Largely because the panels are all painted in this striking green. Through further weight saving, almost the entire body has been replaced by carbon fiber items from Seibon. And that theme continues inside with the rear bench being replaced with carbon fiber items, as well as the door trims and other accessories. It’s carbon overload, but not in-your-face. Striking the perfect balance between the Nismo GT3 race car and the road car.

interior shot of Nismo GT3 GT-R

Other modifications on the Nismo GT3 GT-R

Under the bonnet, power is now up to a healthy 725bhp. Jason was keen to keep power “moderate here”, more in keeping with the Nismo GT3 GT-R race car, which was limited to around 650hp in race trim. It features a new hybrid turbo and wastegate set, a Forge blow-off valve, and a load of HKS goodies. These include a new intercooler, hardpipe, blow-off valve kit and an EVC 7 boost controller. A new fuel inject set and an Apexi exhaust system bring it all together.

As for the suspension, Jason opted for an OEM+ setup, utilising a Bilstein coilover kit. On the road, this does a great job of improving handling, but without compromising on comfort. And yes, while it looks like a Nismo GT3 GT-R racer, it still has to be driven on the road…

rear 3/4 shot of Nismo GT3 GT-R

What’s next for the Nismo GT3 GT-R?

Jason admits that this is it for the car. Amber Performance won’t pursue anymore modifications for the car, although problems arise on all modified builds, so we’re sure we’ll see some changes in time. For now, though, it’s a case of getting it to as many shows as possible to show it off. One of which is our very own JapFest event, which takes place on April 7th at Silverstone circuit. If you want to see the car in the flesh, you can pick up your tickets to the event right here.