The Nissan Skyline GT-R tuning market is absolutely huge, so to help you, we’ve chosen the best aftermarket wheels for each generation GT-R.

Fitting aftermarket wheels to any car can be something of a minefield, but if you’re thinking about changing the wheels on a Nissan Skyline GT-R then boy do you need to choose wisely in order to get it right.

What to look out for…

Obviously, split-rims look fantastic and are great if you want a custom fit and finish, but if you’re more focused on all-out performance – where weight-saving and strength is order of the day – then you can’t really beat a set of forged monoblocks. Unfortunately, quality does come at a price, and sadly neither of these first two choices are exactly what you’d call cheap. But then, do you really want to fit cheap wheels to your Skyline GT-R?

If you are working with a slightly tighter budget, though, then there are still some nice single-piece cast wheels available that won’t break the bank. So long as you stick with the simple, timeless designs and a reputable brand, then you won’t go far wrong.

Modified Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R

Try to avoid…

We’d suggest you avoid the super cheap replicas or poor quality fake split-rims at all costs. The last thing you want is a wheel that is going to bend at the first pot hole you drive over or dummy bolts that will corrode at the first sight of salt on the roads.

We’ve compiled this article to help you choose the correct wheel for your GT-R and not wind up with serious egg on your face down to poor choice.

Note: If you’re intending to drive your car hard then we’d always recommend you stick to the same wheel and tire sizes all round to avoid issues with the four-wheel drive system. A staggered set-up should only really be chosen for static display purposes.

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Tuned R32 Skyline GT-R

5 best wheels for the Nissan Skyline GT-R R32

Launched in 1989, Nissan’s R32 GT-R is the OG when it comes to Skylines and the car that needs most consideration if you’re thinking about going down the modified route. With second-hand prices soaring and unmolested examples becoming a rare thing, you really need to think wisely about the wheels you fit to this cult classic in order not to ruin the car. It may sound like a cliché, but wheels do make the car – especially one as iconic as the R32 GT-R.

As we stated in our R32 Skyline GT-R Tuning Guide the iconic Japanese supercar slayer came with just 7 x 16in rims as standard, but this can easily be beefed up with either some wider tires to increase the car’s footprint, or a swap to some larger 17in or 18in wheels.

Most will tell you a 9.5 x 18in wheel with a 265-section tire is the recommended sweet spot, as not only does it fill the arches nicely, but opens up a wide range of both wheel and tore options at various price points. However, if you’re fitting a wide bodykit or going drag racing, then you may favor something a little more aggressive or even a staggered set up. We just wouldn’t recommend the latter on a daily driver…

Here are our top five aftermarket wheels for the R32 GT-R trying to accommodate the various budgets and applications you may be working with.

Rays VOLK Racing TE37V Skyline GT-R wheels

Rays VOLK Racing TE37V

Probably the ultimate wheel for a standard-bodied R32 GT-R is the fully-forged, single-piece Volk TE37V from Rays. When it comes to fitment, 9.5 x 18in all round with a 255/35 tire will do nicely and a grey center with a polished lip will finish things off perfectly.…

Tech spec

Available in: 14-18in diameter. 7-12in widths. 4×114.3 – 5×120 PCD. ET -33 to +40 offset. 65mm-73.1mm center bore. Weight: 9.92 lbs-18.74 lbs (4.5 kg-8.5 kg). Wheel type: Forged monoblock. Colors available: Grey centers with polished lip or bronze.

Where to buy: RAYS Wheels

WORK VS-XX Skyline GT-R wheels


If you’re running a wide body-kit then WORK’s VS-XX multi-spoke is perfect because it’s available in pretty much any size and finish you can dream up. A staggered set of 11- and 12 x 18in would work perfectly on a wide body-kitted car.

Tech spec

Available in: Any diameter. Any widths. 4×98 – 5×130 PCD. Any offset. Any center bore. Weight: Depends on spec. Wheel type: Three-piece split rim. Colors available: Gold & silver (standard), plus custom options.

Where to buy: WORK Wheels

Nismo GT1 440-R GT-R aftermarket wheels

Nismo GT1 440-R

Tough, timeless and purposeful. If you can find a set, then Nismo’s multi-piece GT1 440-R is arguably our favorite R32 GT-R wheel ever. Its simple five-spoke design is great for showing off big brakes and the rarity value with give you kudos for days.

Tech spec

Available in: 18in diameter. 9.5in widths. 114.3 PCD. ET +14 offset. 66.1mm center bore. Weight: Unknown. Wheel type: Three-piece split rim. Colors available: White centers with polished lip.

Where to buy: Ebay

Enkei RPF1 GT-R aftermarket wheels

Enkei RPF1

If you’ve built a pure driver’s car and you’re after a motorsport-inspired wheel that’s very strong and pretty light, then we suggest running Enkei’s RPF1 in 9.5 x 17in diameter, allowing for a semi slick tire with a decent sized tire wall. These will tip the scales at a little over 16kg a pop.

Tech spec

Available in: 14-18in diameter. 7-10.5in widths. 5×100 – 5×114.3 PCD. ET18 to 45 offset. 66.5 – 73mm center bore. Weight: 18.52 lbs – 41 lbs (8.4 kg – 19.05 kg). Wheel type: Cast monoblock. Colors available: Silver, Black, Chrome, Gold.

Where to buy: Torque GT

Rota GTR-D aftermarket GT-R wheels

Rota GTR-D

If you’re looking for a deep, aggressive wheel on a budget then you can’t go far wrong with Rota’s single-piece, cast GTR-D in a 10 x 18in fitment. The wheel looks far more expensive than it costs and was named after the car in question, so go figure…

Tech spec

Available in: 18in diameter. 9.5-12in widths. 5×114.3 PCD. ET 0 to 35 offset. 73mm center bore. Weight: 18.74 lbs – 24.25 lbs (8.5 kg-11 kg). Wheel type: Cast monoblock. Colors available: Gunmetal, White, Bronze, Hyper Black, Black, Black 2, Silver with polished lip

Where to buy: Rota

The side profile of a tuned Nissan Skyline GT-R R33.

5 best wheels for the Nissan Skyline GT-R R33

The R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R, which went on sale in 1995, was slightly larger, faster and heavier than the R32, plus it also boasted more room in the wheel arches. As a result, it came on larger wheels as stock. As we mentioned in our Nissan Skyline GT-R R33 Tuning guide, the car rolled out of the factory on 9 x 17in ET30 rims, but due to those larger arches, it can accommodate 18s or 19s without problem. You should be able to run a 10 or even 11in wide rim with some 305-section tires in a stock arch.

As for the style and wheel type, similar to the R32, it’s still the classic, timeless designs that work best on the R33. The idea here is to complement the car, not take away from the impact of its iconic appearance. While rare wheels work well, there are still some off-the-shelf applications that also have plenty of street cred.

Rota Grid aftermarket gt-r wheels

Rota Grid

If you’re building on a budget, then you really can’t go far wrong with Rota’s five-spoke Grid. It’s a simple, clean design that borrows from a lot of classic JDM wheels and in a 10 x 18in fitment, with a 265/35 tyre, would give an aggressive stance and yet still make the perfect daily driver rim.

Tech spec

Available in: 15- 9in diameter. 7-10in widths. 4×100 – 5×120 PCD. ET10 to 45 offset. Various center bores. Wheel type: Cast monoblock. Weight: 11.57 lbs – 18.74 lbs  (5.25 kg – 8.5 kg). Colors available: Various

Where to buy: Rota Wheels

BBS LM GT-R aftermarket wheels


It might seem unusual to run a German wheel on a JDM car, but when you’re talking about BBS’s legendary multi-piece LM, then no excuse is needed. Gold centers with a brushed lip and black hardware looks good on any colored car and a 10 x 18in wheel will nail the fitment. These tip the scales at 11kg a piece.

Tech spec

Available in: 17-20in diameter. 7-11in widths. 4×100 – 5×130 PCD. ET20 to 56 offset. 71.6mm center bore. Wheel type: Forged split-rim. Weight: 22.93 lbs- 27 lbs (10.4 kg-12.7 kg ). Colors available: Brilliant Silver, Gold, Diamond Black.

Where to buy: BBS

WORK Meister S1 3P wheels

WORK Meister S1 3P

Split-rims don’t come any more cool or timeless than WORK’s legendary Meister S1 3P. While it would look good on any generation GT-R, if we had to choose one to fit it to then that would have to be the R33 – those curvy spokes just match the car’s swooping body lines perfectly and again, fit and finish options are seemingly endless. It isn’t called a ‘custom’ wheel for nothing…

Tech spec

Available in: 18-19in diameter. 8-16in widths. 4×98 – 5×130 PCD. Various offsets. Various center bores. Wheel type: Three-piece split rim. Weight: Dependent on spec. Colors available: Various

Where to buy: WORK Wheels

RAYS Volk Racing CE28N wheels

RAYS Volk Racing CE28N

The Volk Racing CE28N is the lightest wheel RAYS produce. The forged ten-spoke is super light (the 18in is 7.26kg to be precise), mega strong and in 8.5 x 18in fitment, about as good as it gets for all-out performance. Opt for a bronze finish if you wanted be proper baller, plus it’s the only color available.

Tech spec

Available in: 15-18in diameter. 6.5-8.5in widths. 5×114.3 PCD. ET30 to 42 offset. Wheel type: Forged monoblock. Weight: 8 lbs-16 lbs (3.63 kg-7.26kg). Colors available: Bronze.

Where to buy: RAYS Wheels

Blitz Techno Speed Z1 aftermarket gt-r wheels

Blitz Techno Speed Z1

When it comes to ultimate R33 GT-R wheels, then the Blitz Techno Speed Z1 has got to be up there with the best of them, especially in a 10 x 19in fitment. For full scene points, opt for a gold center with a polished lip. The only issue here may be finding a set second-hand as these have been out of production a while.

Tech spec

Available in: 17-20in diameter. 8-11in widths. 4×100 – 5×114.3 PCD. ET 15 to 45 offset. Unknown center bore. Wheel type: Three-piece split rim. Weight: Unknown. Colors available: Various.

Where to buy: eBay

Side profile shot of Tuned Nissan Skyline GT-R R34

5 best wheels for the Nissan Skyline GT-R R34

You can’t really mention the R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R without referring to Fast and the Furious or Paul Walker. It was Brian O’Conner’s (the character Paul played in the film) silver R34 that really put this car on the tuning map. Launched in 1999, the R34 had a much more grown up appearance to it. The car still looked like a Skyline, but had a less sleek and more aggressive appearance. It had also once again grown in size over its predecessor (with more power, too, despite the Gentleman’s Agreement) and, as a result, came with even larger wheels as stock.

If you read our Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 Tuning Guide then you’ll know we mentioned the car came from the factory on 18in forged alloy wheels. ‘Light, tough and wide enough for seriously sticky rubber they have plenty of room for the biggest of brake kits’, we wrote. The only reason to alter them is if you want to change the style or add a greater rubber footprint. And, inevitably, that’s exactly what tuners and enthusiasts the world over wasted no time in doing. While wider 18in wheels are still popular, if you’re going to the trouble of swapping the hoops then we’d suggest stepping up to a 19in or, if you’re more into the cosmetic enhancements, even a 20in.

Here are our top five Skyline GT-R R34 wheels, which include styles and designs to suit all budgets and applications, whether you’re showing, drifting or dragging your car.

ADVAN Racing GT GT-R wheels


If you’re accommodating huge brakes (think 400mm+ discs) then only whopping 12 x 20in wheels (with 285/35 rubber) will do. And if you’re looking for light and strong wheels with open spokes (to aid brake cooling) then ADVAN’s fully forged Racing GT five-spoke is the one.  A gloss black finish is surely the only way to go…

Tech spec

Available in: 19-21in diameter. 8.5-12in widths. 5×100 – 5×120 PCD. ET0 to 50 offset. Unknown center bore. Wheel type: Forged monoblock. Weight: 21 lbs (9.55 kg) for a 10 x 20in. Colors available: Various

Where to buy: ADVAN Wheels

Rotiform LSR-M wheels

Rotiform LSR-M

The Rotiform brand is becoming ever more popular on JDM cars and seeing Jean Pierre Kraemer’s (of JP Performance) R34 here on LSR-M forged monoblock kind of proves that. A purposeful 10 x 19in fitment on an R34 allows for a chunky tire with a decent sidewall and cut slick tread pattern.

Tech spec

Available in: Rotifom’s CustomSpec range, so all sizes, widths and dimensions available to suit you vehicle. Wheel type: Forged one-, two- or three-piece. Weight: Dependent on spec. Colors available: Custom (15 colours to choose from)

Where to buy: Find your local Rotiform dealer.

HRE 446R wheels

HRE 446R

Although now discontinued, how could we leave out the very wheel fitted to Paul Walker’s silver R34 in Fast and Furious? HRE’s iconic six-spoke split-rim screams JDM, which is probably why the produces chose it in the first place. We believe the car in the film ran a 10 x 19in wheel with a 285×30 tire, so if you do find a set for sale then that’s the ones to look out for.

Tech spec

Available in: 19in diameter. 10in widths. 5×114.3 PCD. Unknown offset. Unknown center bore. Wheel type: Three-piece split rim. Weight: Unknown. Colors available: Silver center with polished lip.

Where to buy: Wheel discontinued but try eBay.

SSR Professor SP5 wheels gt-r

SSR Professor SP5

SSR‘s Professor SP5 is a high-end ten-spoke multi-piece wheel which looks good in High Metal Bronze finish with a polished step lip. These are available in a number of diameters from 18 – 20in, although we’d stick with a 10 x 19in.

Tech spec

Available in: 18-20in diameter. 7-13in widths. 5×100 to 5×114.3 PCD. ET -39 to 62 offset. 73-74.1mm center bore. Wheel type: Three-piece split rim. Weight: Unknown. Colors available: Standard colors are High Bright Silver, High Bright Bronze. Custom finish available.

Where to buy: Driftworks

Enkei RS05RR GT-R wheels

Enkei RS05RR

If you’re running a wider-bodied car then you need to go for an aggressive fitment and Enkei’s RS05RR, in a 11 x 18in (ET +16) with a 295/35 tire will give you just that. Expect this sized wheel to weigh just over 20kg each.

Tech spec

Available in: 18in diameter. 8.5-11in widths. 5×100 – 5×120 PCD. ET22 to 45 offset. 66.5-75mm center bore. Wheel type: Flow formed monoblock. Weight: 39.88 lbs-45.28 lbs (18.07 kg – 20.54 kg). Colors available: Matt Gunmetal or Sparkle Silver.

Where to buy: Enkei

Side profile shot of world's fastest Nissan GT-R

5 best wheels for the Nissan GT-R R35

When the R35 (or GT-R, as it was simply called) rolled out of the factory in 2008, it was an instant hit with the world’s media and enthusiasts alike. As we mentioned in our Nissan GT-R R35 Tuning Guide, the R35 came standard on 9.5x20in wheels (10x20in for Nismo variants) with run flat tires. While these tires may help you out if you get a flat they don’t offer the same kind of ride or grip as you will get from a set of non-run flat options from the likes of Yokohama or Michelin, so many people opt for a 10x20in wheel with a more performance-orientated type.

If you’re thinking about swapping your factory wheels then the sky really is the limit when you looking to fill those cavernous factory arches, with plenty of sizes available from 20-22in. Here’s out top five choices to get you inspiration going…

Enkei SR01MG gt-r wheels

Enkei SR01MG

They advise you not to run a staggered set-up on all-wheel-drive cars, but if it’s good enough for Top Secret’s 230mph 1100bhp demo, that runs a 10x20in and 11x20in set-up, then it’s good enough for us. Enkei’s SR01MG is a split six-spoke forged magnesium monoblock which comes in Piano Black only. These weigh in at 8.8kg and 9.9kg respectively and only 40 units were ever made, so they’re about as rare as they come.

Tech spec

Available in: 20in diameter. 10-11in widths. 5×114.3 PCD. ET15 to 35 offset. 66mm center bore. Wheel type: Forged magnesium monoblock. Weight: 19.4 lbs-21.83 lbs (8.8 kg-9.9 kg). Colors available: Piano Black.

Where to buy: Enkei

BBS RI-D wheels


The BBS RI-D monoblock has a real classy, almost OEM look to it, especially in the Diamond Black finish. BBS claimed the forged wheel was the first to be made from extra-super duralumin alloy, which is as strong and durable as it sounds. Available in 19in, 20in and 21in plus a number of widths this wheel ticks pretty much every box for us.

Tech spec

Available in: 19-21in diameter. 8-12in widths. 5×108 – 5×130 PCD. ET10 to 71.6 offset. 63.4-72.5mm center bore. Wheel type: Forged Duralumin monoblock. Weight: (7.3 kg-10 kg). Colors available: Diamond Golf, Diamond Silver, Diamond Black, Matte Black.

Where to buy: BBS

WORK Emotion CR-2P

WORK Emotion CR-2P

In the Emotion CR-2P WORK have taken the popular CR Kiwi design and created a two-piece wheel with hidden hardware, that allows a whole number of fits and finishes. We’d suggest a 10.5 x 20” wheel on your R35, but the finish? Well, that’s down to you…

Tech spec

Available in: 17-20in diameter. 7.5-12.5in widths. 4×98 – 5×120 PCD. Various offsets. Various center bore. Wheel type: Two-piece split rim. Weight: Dependent on spec. Colors available: Fully custom choice. 

Where to buy: WORK Wheels



The limited edition LMGT4 is the result of a collaboration between renown wheel manufacturer RAYS and famed Nissan tuner Nismo. It was designed specifically with the GT-R in mind and for the R35 we’d suggest actually stepping down in diameter to 10.5 x 19in with a chunky cut slick tire. Gloss black all the way with this one, as it’s the only option…

Tech spec

Available in: 18-19in diameter. 9.5-10.5in widths. 5×114.3 PCD. ET12 to 15 offset. 66mm center bore. Wheel type: Forged monoblock. Weight: 19.4 lbs (8.8 kg) for 9.5 x 18in. Colors available: Gloss Black.

Where to buy: RAYS Wheels UK

CCW Corsair C10 wheels

CCW Corsair C10

If you’re after a serious drag set-up then CCW’s fully-forged single-piece Corsair C10 is perfect. Okay, it’s not the cheapest, but it’s up there with the lightest and toughest around. A good set up for the strip is 10 x 18in and 12 x 18in with staggered 275/45 and 345/35 drag slicks.

Tech spec

Available in: 18-20in diameter. 6-13in widths. Multiple PCDs. Various offsets. Multiple center bores. Wheel type: Forged monoblock. Weight: Dependent on spec. Colors available: 22 colors to choose from.

Where to buy: CCW