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5 ways to make your Civic Type R FN2 better

5 ways to make your Civic Type R FN2 better

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 15th August 2012

The latest hot Civic makes a great base for performance tuning. But it can be even better…
Honda Civic Type R FN2 tuning

The FN2 is already blessed with a fairly aggressive bodykit from the factory, so we wouldn’t recommend you go bolting on anything too lairy. However, some subtle carbon touches wouldn’t go amiss, and if you’re looking at saving weight then a carbon bonnet would be a good option. There are various Mugen upgrades available for the FN2 which are excellent quality but as with the brakes, you’ll need a very deep wallet.Honda Civic Type R FN2 tuning

The FN2 comes with 18in wheels and 225/40×18 Bridgestone Potenza tyres. Whilst a larger wheel and tyre combination could be used, it’s generally agreed that 18s offer the best all-round performance without affecting the handling. If you’re looking to swap the wheels however, then bolt on some ultra-lightweight offerings to reduce the unsprung mass at the same time. Look at OZ Ultraleggeras or some of the latest Rota offerings, or if you want to stay on the JDM side of the fence then look no further than Volk, Advan or Enkei, but expect to pay for it! Consider a second set of wheels with some Toyo R888 tyres if you do a lot of track work.
Honda Civic Type R FN2 tuning
If you’re into tuning your FN2, then a set of aftermarket coilovers should be high on your list of priorities. Anything from the likes of Eibach, Tein or HKS would be worthy additions to the car, but there’s a wide selection of brands to choose from. Aside from that, poly bushes
and a front strut brace would be worth considering too.
Honda Civic Type R FN2 tuning
The simplest upgrades include an uprated induction kit, exhaust and remap, or aftermarket Hondata ECU which brings the VTEC point in earlier. From there, things get a little more expensive, with supercharging being a popular method to give a decent hike in mid-range punch, something that the standard car is crying out for. Aside from that, uprated cams, fancy inlet and exhaust manifolds will unleash more power. A big-budget turbo conversion will transform the CTR, but they aren’t cheap!
Honda Civic Type R FN2 tuning
There are various options for brake upgrades if you’re looking for an improvement. A set of upgraded EBC or Ferodo pads and braided lines all round could be had for under £200, but if you’re looking for a dramatic improvement then you’ll need to consider an aftermarket brake kit. There are various options on the market, with Tarox proving popular as well as StopTech, but if you’re looking to spend some serious cash then Mugen are now offering a four-pot upgrade for a little over £4k. Ouch!