A proper wash mitt will make cleaning your car easier, as well as keep your paintwork safe from scratches. We’ve tested each of these products to ensure you’re getting the best wash mitt for your money. 

If you’re still using a sponge to wash your car, you need to stop. Drop it, bin it, and buy yourself a proper car wash mitt. Why? Because sponges absorb everything, including tiny pieces of dirt. The result is you’re reapplying dirt to your car each time you go back with a sponge. To go with your wash mitt, you need the proper washing technique and the best car shampoo.

A wash mitt will make washing your car easier, allowing you to get into those tight spots easily. The microfibers or noodles will capture dirt and lift it away from the paintwork, minimizing the risk of scratches. And a mitt will be super soft, absorbent and will glide effortlessly across your car’s bodywork. If you’ve only ever used sponges before, a wash mitt will be a revelation. It’s important to note here than using two buckets to wash your car, alongside a grit guard in each, will help minimize the transfer of dirt onto your car further. Be sure to check out our guide to the correct process for washing your car for tips and tricks.

detailing a car

I’ve chosen a selection of wash mitts plus one wash pad to help you pick the best one. I want something that holds plenty of shampoo, that’s good to use and makes washing easy. As Fast Car’s Detailing Product Tester, I’ve tried a lot of wash mitts over the years. Plenty have been relegated to wheel and exhaust duty only, and only the best wash mitts get used on the paintwork. My selection here covers all bases and budgets. Some are good, some are great, while others miss the mark. Read on to find out which car wash mitts make the grade.

Best Car Wash Mitt At A Glance

  • Best Overall and Editor’s Choice: Microfiber Madness Incredipad XL. RRP: $27.99 / £19.95. Buy now.
  • Best Value: Meguiar’s Super Thick Microfibre Wash Mitt. RRP: $5.99 / £13.50. Buy now.
  • Approved: Autoglym Microfibre Wash Mitt. RRP: £10.00. Not available in the US. Buy now.
  • Approved: Gtechniq WM2 Microfiber Mitt. RRP: $18.95 / £12.25. Buy now.

Best Car Wash Mitt Microfiber Madness

Microfiber Madness Incredipad XL – Best Overall and Editor’s Choice

RRP: $27.99 / £19.95. Buy now.


  • Massive
  • Very tightly-packed microfiber surface


  • Very heavy when fully loaded
  • A little expensive

As its name implies, Microfiber Madness is a company dedicated to the art of microfiber. The company does make a car wash mitt, but I’ve picked the Incredipad XL because it’s my wash product of choice. First of all, as its name implies, it’s seriously hefty, measuring 9.5×9.5”, and 2” deep. Because it’s so big, it just makes washing your car so much faster. Just a few swipes and a whole panel is clean. The absorbent foam core means it soaks up loads of shampoo, allowing you to wash large areas quickly.

Best Car Wash Mitt Microfiber Madness in action

The surface is made up of microfiber strands of varying lengths. They’re incredibly tightly packed, allowing them to pick up loads of dirt and lock it away for safer washing. The only downside is that it’s almost too big. When it’s fully loaded, it’s very heavy, which makes moving it around hard work. It’s also quite hard to keep a hold of, so you need a claw grip on vertical surfaces. But aside from that, it’s very hard to fault, and this remains my personal favorite.

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Meguiar's wash mitt

Meguiar’s Super Thick Microfibre Wash Mitt – Best Value

RRP: $5.99 / £13.50. Buy Meguiar’s Super Thick Microfibre Wash Mitt here.


  • Soft
  • Nice-sized cuff


  • Short fibers

This is a great all-round car wash mitt from Meguiar’s. It’s a good size, so will fit a variety of hands. It also holds plenty of shampoo and will fit into all manner of tight spaces. The elasticated cuff isn’t too tight or too loose, so it’s easy to put on and take off. It’s soft, too, and feels nice on your hand.

using meguiar's wash mitt

It washes well and allows you to apply good pressure to the panel. But I prefer longer fibers, as they feel like they’re better at trapping dirt away from the paint. It’s a good mitt overall, but it feels a little outclassed here.

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Best Car Wash Mitt Autoglym

Autoglym Microfibre Wash Mitt – Approved

RRP: £10.00. Not available in the US. Buy Autoglym Microfibre Wash Mitt here.


  • Super-soft noodles
  • Densely packed washing surface
  • Mesh edges for scrubbing


  • Absolutely horrible cuff

The Autoglym Microfibre car Wash Mitt really impressed me. It features a more traditional ‘noodle’ design. These ultra-plush noodles are super-effective at lifting away dirt and grime with ease. They’re incredibly densely packed, soaking up plenty of shampoo, and can trap a lot of dirt in one go. They also feel incredibly silky-soft to the touch, so your paintwork will love that. I also love the mech inserts on the edges for removing stubborn dirt, bugs and bird droppings.

autoglym wash mitt in use

The Autoglym Microfibre Wash Mitt is almost the perfect wash mitt. Almost. Unfortunately, it’s let down by its awful cuff. It’s really tight, which makes putting on and removing the mitt a pain. It’s also incredibly stiff and rough and will rub your wrist raw while using it. I can’t believe Autoglym designed such a fantastic mitt and dropped the ball with such a terrible cuff. It really lets the whole mitt down, and that’s a shame as this could have been the winner.

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Best Car Wash Mitt Gtechniq

Gtechniq WM2 Microfiber Mitt – Approved

RRP: $18.95 / £12.25. Buy Gtechniq WM2 Microfiber Mitt here.


  • Feels expensive
  • Good mix of fiber lengths


  • Honestly not a lot

There’s a lot to love about Gtechniq’s mighty-fine car wash mitt. First off, it’s got ultra-low-friction glide characteristics, which help minimize swirl marks. The inner foam core has been designed to absorb a very large amount of shampoo while you’re washing. This makes it easier to wash large areas in one go. The different lengths of polyester strands make this mitt more effective at capturing dirt. That lets it hold onto the dirt until you rinse the mitt, so there’s less chance of scratching your paint.

gtechniq wash mitt in use

The elasticated cuff is a little loose, but that makes it easy to spin the mitt around when you want a clean side. It’s also got a little grab strap inside, handy for when you need more grip on your mitt. It feels thick and soft and is really nice to use. It’s well-priced, too, and it’s a superb wash mitt.

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auto finesse

Auto Finesse Plush Mitt

RRP: $19.95 / £12.95. Buy Auto Finesse Plush Mitt here.


  • Good size
  • Long fibers


  • A little thin

The Auto Finesse car wash mitt promises plushness and doesn’t disappoint. It features an ultra-deep, smooth-glide microfiber weave. These fluffy strands help the mitt to glide smoothly across the paintwork. They lift and lock away dirt, keeping your paintwork safe while washing. It’s very similar to the Gtechniq wash mitt but with a few differences. The fibers are longer, which I prefer, but they are less dense, It’s a tiny bit larger, and the cuff is softer.

Auto Finesse wash mitt

But it feels thinner, with less foam inside. This means it won’t be able to hold as much shampoo. It also has a split sewn into the middle, which gives you more control when manoeuvring the mitt. It sounds weird, but it works well. Overall a very good wash mitt that performs really well.

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Chemical Guys wash mitt

Chemical Guys Chenille Microfiber Premium Scratch-Free Wash Mitt

RRP: $10.79, buy now. / £12.49, buy now.


  • Soft noodles


  • Not very dense washing surface

The Chemical Guys Chenille Microfiber is a striking wash mitt with some nice features. It’s made with premium 70/30 blended microfiber noodles. They will hold plenty of shampoo while trapping dirt for a safer wash. At 8×10” it’s a decent size, too. The cuff is the right tightness, and there’s plenty of space for your hand inside without feeling cramped.

chemical guys wash mitt in use

The problem is that there’s nothing special about it, it’s just fine. In isolation, it’s a good wash mitt, but it doesn’t shine in this company. Also, the noodles aren’t very densely packed, which feels like a cost-cutting exercise. It’s not a bad wash mitt, but you can do better.

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Mothers wash mitt

Mothers Microfiber Chenille Wash Mitt

RRP: $7.99, buy now. £11.99, buy now.


  • Big


  • Almost too big

The Mothers Microfiber Chenille Wash Mitt is very similar to the Chemical Guys offering. So much so, you might think they were identical, but there are some differences. You have the same microfiber noodles, and as with the Chemical Guys mitt they could do with being a bit more tightly packed. The cuff is also different – a little looser and rougher.

using mothers wash mitt

On paper, these two wash mitts are meant to be the same, 8×10”. But the Mothers wash mitt is clearly larger – it’s both longer and wider. On the one hand, that’s good, because it means a greater washing surface area. However, unless you’ve got massive bear-like paws for hands, it’s going to be too big. Your hand will flap around inside, and it’s going to be hard to control the mitt properly. Again, it’s a decent mitt and better value than the Chemical Guys offering, but it can’t match the best mitts on this list.

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armor all wash mitt

Armor All Microfibre Wash Mitt

RRP: $9.99 / £7. Buy Armor All 2 in 1 Microfibre Noodle Wash Mitt here.


  • Cheap
  • Dual washing surfaces


  • Small
  • Nasty cuff

Cheap and relatively cheerful, this Armor All wash mitt is great value but doesn’t scrimp on features. On one side, its densely-packed soft noodles soak up loads of shampoo and gently clean your car’s bodywork. On the other, there’s a non-scratch mesh for tackling tough stains and lets you scrub stubborn dirt safely. Like the Auto Finesse mitt, it’s also got a split for greater control when washing. It’s certainly versatile and is impressive considering its price.

using armor all wash mitt

There are some caveats, though. First of all, it’s very small. It feels tight on your hand, in fact, you can barely get your whole hand in. That also means a lot more effort to clean each panel. Also, it has another nasty, cheap cuff that makes it uncomfortable to use. It’s not bad, especially given the price, but I’d spend a little more to get something better.

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How Each Product Was Tested

I compared the size of each mitt, the softness, and the length and density of the cleaning fibers. Fit, comfort, and features, like different washing surfaces, as well as price were also taken into account. Each mitt was then tested on a section of the car, where I observed how it felt in use. I compared how heavy each one felt and how much shampoo it could hold. And I also considered how each mitt felt and how easy it was to wash with.

What To Look For When Buying The Best Wash Mitt

You want a wash mitt with a very densely-packed washing surface. More fibers or noodles means it can trap more dirt more effectively. That also makes for safer washing as the dirt is held away from your paintwork. You also want the washing surface to be nice and soft. A larger mitt will be able to hold more shampoo. It will also make cleaning quicker, but if it’s too large it will be cumbersome to use. A mesh surface for scrubbing is always a nice bonus. Finally, make sure you pick a wash mitt that’s actually comfortable to use, otherwise, you won’t be happy with it.