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How We Tested The Autoglym Microfibre Car Wash Mitt

For my Autoglym Microfibre Car Wash Mitt review, I took into account the size, softness, length and density of the cleaning fibers. Fit, comfort, and features, like different washing surfaces, as well as price, were also taken into account. I then tested the Autoglym Microfibre Car Wash Mitt by cleaning my car, where I observed how it felt in use. I also took into account how heavy it felt and how much shampoo it could hold. Finally, I also considered how the Autoglym Microfibre Car Wash Mitt felt in use and how easy it was to wash with.

Autoglym Microfibre Car Wash Mitt testing

First Impressions

The Autoglym Microfibre Car Wash Mitt is without a doubt one of the best wash mitts I’ve ever handled. From the moment you pick it up, it feels like an incredibly high-quality product. It’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into (most of) the design of this mitt, and it’s paid off.


The two main washing surfaces are covered in a densely packed field of microfiber noodles. This means you get a lot of cleaning surface area for better washing performance. The noodles also feel incredibly soft and silky to the touch, which means they’re great for keeping your paint safe. The Autoglym Microfibre Car Wash Mitt also comes with two mesh scrubbing strips on the sides to help with removing stubborn dirt and marks on the bodywork. This is a very clever way of offering a scrubbing surface, while also giving you two full cleaning sides to use. I love that design.

Autoglym Microfibre Car Wash Mitt washing

What’s It Like To Use Autoglym Microfibre Car Wash Mitt

In terms of actual cleaning performance, this wash mitt is flawless. It’s a good size, so covers large areas of the bodywork with ease. The noodles help you get into all sorts of nooks and crannies. They help the wash mitt hold loads of shampoo, which makes washing quicker and easier. The scrubbing mesh sections are nothing sort of genius, as they don’t rob you of one whole washing surface, as most of the mitts that incorporate a scrubbing mesh surface do.

But, there is a but… I find it unfathomable and unforgivable that Autoglym put so much effort into designing this wash mitt, and made it feel so incredibly nice and expensive… And then ruined it with quite possibly the worst cuff of any wash mitt I’ve ever used. It’s hard, stiff, horribly uncomfortable, and will rub your skin raw while you wash your car. It ruins the whole mitt for me, and I’m honestly so annoyed. It’s so nice to use and wash with, but then you’ve got this horrible rough cuff that spoils the whole experience.

The Verdict

The Autoglym Microfibre car Wash Mitt is a superb wash mitt, let down massively by one cheap bit of design. It’s frustrating because with a softer, more comfortable cuff, this wash mitt could have picked up perfect scores all-round. If its rivals can offer much better cuffs, Autoglym has no excuses. It’s still a very good wash mitt, and if you’ve got wrists made of Kevlar, you might enjoy using it more than I did. If you can get on with the cuff, you’ll love it, but if not, it will spoil the experience for you.