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How I Tested The Auto Finesse Plush Mitt

For my Auto Finesse Plush Mitt review, I took into account the size, softness, length and density of the cleaning fibers. Fit, comfort, and features, like different washing surfaces, as well as price, were also taken into account. I then tested the Auto Finesse Plush Mitt by cleaning my car, where I observed how it felt in use. I also took into account how heavy it felt and how much shampoo it could hold. Finally, I also considered how the Auto Finesse Plush Mitt felt in use and how easy it was to wash with.

Auto Finesse Plush Mitt testing

First Impressions

The Auto Finesse Plush Mitt certainly looks and feels like a nice wash mitt. As it should, because it’s very similar to the Gtechniq WM2 wash mitt that I really liked, and it’s impossible not to draw comparisons between the two. It feels nice and soft and is well-finished. I prefer the edges on the Auto Finesse mitt, but overall its Gtechniq rival feels a little better put together in terms of finish.


You get plenty of microfiber strands of varying lengths with the Auto Finesse Plush Mitt. I like that even the shorter ones are nice and long, and it makes the mitt feel like it will be great at trapping dirt away from the bodywork. But run your fingers through them and you can see the mitt material underneath, so they’re not that dense. The foam also feels a little thin. I like the design of the cuff, it’s soft and feels like something you’d get on a winter coat.

Put your hand inside the mitt, and you’ll find it has a split sewn down the middle. This is designed to give you improved control over the mitt while washing. It feels a bit weird, but the idea is sound. And at 11.4×7”, the Auto Finesse Plush Mitt is a good size that will accommodate a wide range of hands. But not all at the same time…

Auto Finesse Plush Mitt washing

What’s It Like To Use The Auto Finesse Plush Mitt

I have no complaints about how the Auto Finesse Plush Mitt actually performs when washing. It’s comfy, and that split for your fingers really does give you more control of the mitt, and it means your hand doesn’t flap around inside. It’s a good size, so you can clean panels quickly and easily. The thinner-feeling foam core means it doesn’t hold quite as much shampoo as some other mitts I’ve used. But it will still hold more than enough to wash any panel on the car, so it’s not a big deal.

The Verdict

In isolation, the Auto Finesse Plush Mitt will impress you. It is a very nice wash mitt that’s lovely to clean your car with. But after having handled some other mitts, you notice where it doesn’t quite manage to match up to its rivals. There are the less dense fibers, the thinner core, and the slightly cheaper-feeling overall construction. These all count against it. However, It’s still a very good mitt, and it has a lot of features I like. It’s one I’d happily wash my car with any day.