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How I Tested The Armor All Microfibre Wash Mitt

For my Armor All Microfibre Wash Mitt review, I took into account the size, softness, length and density of the cleaning fibers. Fit, comfort, and features, like different washing surfaces, as well as price, were also taken into account. I then tested it by cleaning my car, where I observed how it felt in use. I also took into account how heavy it felt and how much shampoo it could hold. Finally, I also considered how the Armor All Microfibre Wash Mitt felt in use and how easy it was to wash with.

Armor All Microfibre Wash Mitt review

First Impressions

On paper and in photos, the Armor All Microfibre Wash Mitt looks like it’s going to impress. And then you get your hands on it, and you realize that it’s tiny. It’s so much shorter and narrower than any other wash mitt I’ve tried. It’s under 7” wide and barely 8” long. It feels thin, too, but the actual materials and construction feel surprisingly good, especially considering the price. 


The Armor All Microfibre Wash Mitt features one washing surface covered in microfiber noodles. On the other side, there’s a mesh surface for scrubbing away stubborn dirt. It also features a finger split, for more control of the mitt when washing.

Armor All Microfibre Wash Mitt testing

What’s It Like To Use The Armor All Microfibre Wash Mitt

In terms of features and performance, this is an excellent wash mitt. Because there’s only one soft washing surface, the noodles are very tightly packed, and there are a lot of them. The scrubbing mesh surface is fantastic for shifting those stubborn marks and stuck-on dirt. The finger split means the mitt is very easy to steer across your car’s bodywork.

However, its size is its undoing. Being so short and narrow, your hand barely fits inside, and it always feels like it’s sticking out. The cuff is really tight, too, and makes it even less comfortable to use. All of this is really annoying because the wash mitt itself is so good. If only Armor All had made it suitable for adult human hands.

The Verdict

The Armor All Microfibre Wash Mitt has all the makings of a top-tier wash mitt. Apart from being big enough for most people to be able to actually use. Being smaller means it also holds less shampoo and requires more effort to clean your car. This could have been a contender for one of my favorite wash mitts, but, sadly, it’s not one I’ll ever be using because it’s just too small and uncomfortable.