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Sub of the Month – Pioneer TS-W3002D4 Champion Series Pro Sub

at 11:45am July 22 2013

The good looking and highly technical Pioneer TS-W30002D4 Champion Series Pro Sub is easily one of the best, and most powerful, high-SQ subs on the market…

Sub of the Month – JL Audio 10TW3

at 12:42pm June 24 2013

The JL Audio super-slimline 10TW3 sub is not only downright awesome, but it’s merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their development prowess…

Glenda’s Honda Integra DC2 – Part 19

at 11:03am January 30 2013

It’s double-din time for the DC2. Ahhh Pete Tong has never sounded so good…

Kenwood KDC-317UR / KDC-4057UR

at 12:02pm January 22 2013

The new Kenwood KDC-317UR and KDC-4057UR for 2013…

Amp of the Month – Vibe Slick Channel 5 Amp

at 11:50am January 14 2013

This month’s top amp is the Vibe Slick Channel 5 Amp

Phoenix Gold Elite 12D Sub

at 11:16am December 10 2012

The amazing Phoenix Gold Elite 12D sub has arrived. And here’s why you need it…

Vibe BlackAir 4 Amp

at 12:32pm December 6 2012

We check out the amazing Vibe BlackAir 4 Amp

In Phase BT Mate

at 10:03am December 4 2012

If you spend as much time driving as you do nattering on the phone, then a Bluetooth car kit should be the order of the day.

JL Audio C5-653 System

at 09:25am November 15 2012

We check out the amazing JL Audio C5-653 System

Pioneer SPH-DA100

at 10:39am November 6 2012
pioneer sph da100

This month, not only are we raving about our star headunit, we’re also raving about the world class Pioneer Advanced App Mode that’s in it!

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