Phoenix Gold Elite Amps

This month we’re not giving our Star Amplifier title to just one specific model. Oh no: we’re giving it to the whole cast of Phoenix Gold’s Elite range, appropriately named because of the high-end social status these things grant you when buying one. If you wanna roll with the top boys, you can’t do without a PG Elite amp – and here’s why!

Under its covers, the Elite series of PG amps are packed with the very latest in top-spec tech. Just check out the monolithic signal capacitors that provide frequency response past 50kz, well past the ability of human hearing! More practically, the fan cooling system is ultra quiet and is temperature controlled, though you can control the fan yourself via the end panel switch on the side. High current nickel-plated buss bars also ensure proper energy transfer to get the most from the amp too.

The power supply is loaded with 16 units of high speed MOSFET transistors, clamped to the heatsink using precision aluminium extrusions that lower power supply operating temperatures. What’s more, the transformers are hand wound and feature an extra, third winding for higher efficiency in the amp. This all helps give big performance at low stress, which is bang on for serious in-car audiophiles.

Phoenix Gold Elite AmpsLOOKS
The elite amps look truly knockout, with a see-through top panel showing off the glorious tech inside the stealthy aluminium shell. On the side, nickel plated RCA connections ensure signal purity, while the lights on the end light up to notify you when the amp reaches maximum output. We also like the  cheeky vents that get rid of heat quickly.

Included with each Elite amplifier is an external subwoofer level control, which you can mount up front in the car to adjust your levels until your heart is content. The level control also features clip and power indicators so you can keep an eye on your amp’s health right from the driver’s seat. Cushty.

The Elite range of PG amps makes for a good variety of choice if you’re serious about your tunes. Just take your pick from either the 3200 watt monoblock, the 1000 watt two-channel item or the 1200 4 channel number to get your juice  flowing. As ever, there’s only one place to get a slice of the Phoenix Gold action, and that’s with our good friends at Celsus ICE.