Phoenix Gold Elite 12D subWell, Phoenix Gold don’t like to mess around, so they’ve got straight to the point and named their fresh subwoofer the Elite.12d. Why? Because it’s 12-inches in size, it uses digital technology and it sits at the top table of in-car audio right now, that’s why!

The Elite.12d is good for 1600 watts of RMS power, with a very healthy frequency response capable of 20 to 300Hz of noise. The spider suspension inside gives perfect mechanical force to the three-inch copper wound voice coil, giving you smooth and effortless output – even during extreme power. You can use the Elite.12d in any audio setup too, as it’s optimised for both sealed or vented enclosures.

In textbook PG style, the Elite.12d is built to last, and looks tougher than Floyd Mayweather after a prison stint. The cone up top is where the party’s at, with the shiny Phoenix Gold logo only outdone by the blue triangle of LEDs lighting up the centre when switched on. On the side, the PG logo is again etched into the magnet, just in case you forget who you’re reppin’.

Phoenix Gold Elite 12D subBUILD
This beauty is not only built to look and sound good, but to look and sound good for a very long time. The cast basket is powdercoated to keep colour, is rigid in design and anti-resonant, meaning it doesn’t encourage continuing rings of bass and instead keeps the music punchy. The high-roll Butyl rubber surround up top encourages good movement and deep bass, and speaker terminals are nickel plated for a smooth connection. It’s seriously no messin’!

Price £359.99

As you should know by now, there’s only one place to turn to for anything Phoenix Gold related, and that’s Celsus ICE. Not only do these guys stock all PG gear, they also happen to live and breathe the brand, and have the kit in all of their own personal cars – and you can’t get more passionate than that! To place an order for the Elite.12d, hit the Celsus website.