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JL Audio C5-653 System

JL Audio C5-653 System

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 15th November 2012

JL Audio C5-653
We check out the amazing JL Audio C5-653 System

As far as we’re concerned, if you’ve got gear with a JL Audio badge on it, you’re rockin’ one of the best brands going in the audio world right now – and the new three-way JL Audio C5-653 system is a fine example of why. Granted, it might seem like a helluva lot of money at £799 a pop, but we’re gonna show you exactly what you’re getting and why it’s all money well spent. Let’s get crackin’!

Just like the woofers, the four-inch midrange drivers also benefit from Kurt Müller cones and suspensions and boast a stamped steel chassis with removable mounting tabs, so you can install them pretty much anywhere you like. The grilles of the midrange drivers are classy but subtle too, so they’ll go unnoticed in your cabin until it’s time to crank it up!


The C5 component tweeters are built using silk dome diaphragms just three quarters of an inch thick, and JL are right to say they deliver smooth, extended response both on and off axis. You won’t be limited for mounting options with the tough little tweeters either, as flush and surface mounting fixtures are included in the kit to fit anywhere you like for optimum acoustics.

Some crossover networks aren’t exactly known for their good looks, but JL Audio have made things tidy here, keeping the C5 crossover networks compact and tidy with premium-only parts used. Four levels of tweeter reduction are provided in the crossovers, as well as three levels of mid-range presence adjustment, which mathematicians will tell you gives twelve possible voicing combinations as a result. Bonus!


The bass in your car will be covered by the C5-653’s 6.5-inch component woofers. These feature Kurt Müller cones and suspensions for world-renowned audio quality and the die-cast alloy baskets are built to last, too. The woofer drops a bassy punch and makes sure you have dynamic audio that picks up a good beat! Champion!

Nabbing the C5-653 system means you’ll instantly be welcomed into the upper echelons of audio royalty, where you can expect 225 watts of proper posh musical power in your car. These almighty monsters are available now, and you can buy direct from JL Audio – it’s as easy as that!