pioneer sph da100

This month, not only are we raving about our star headunit, we’re also raving about the world class Pioneer Advanced App Mode that’s in it! The SPH-DA100 in question is also Pioneer’s first unit with this superduper technology compatible on both iPhone and Android with a compatible cable, so everyone can have a slice of the revolutionary Pioneer pie! Hooray for technology!

The SPH-DA100 is one of the cleanest, nicest looking units we’ve ever seen, and it’s all because Pioneer have kept it simple. The seven-inch multi-capacitive touch screen does away with the need for keys and switches, with just the home button running along the bottom making the unit look as slick as an iPhone. Once in use, all options in the menu are displayed as emblems for ease of use, and you can upload any backgrounds you like to keep yourself entertained.

Surely there’s a hitch with all this tech, right? Well no, there’s not – the unit is quick to use and the touchscreen is awesomely responsive, being drag, drop, swipe and tap friendly. You can even do away with touch completely thanks to built-in hands free Bluetooth calling, and there’s plenty of equaliser options to get your music bang on form. The unit even has two RCA pre-outs at the back so you can add to your in-car audio too!

As we said, the list of compatible apps available is growing by the day, and the very latest efforts include ‘Dash Command’, which monitors and analyses up to 27 types of vehicles diagnostics – yes, really – as well as ‘Photos’ which lets you display your pictures as a slideshow on your unit. ‘Carkeyboard’ turns your unit into, well, a keyboard, which makes typing a doddle, while ‘Radio’ lets you listen to unlimited music on demand. The list is endless, and this makes us happy!

First off: what is App Mode? Well, in a nutshell, Advanced App Mode allows you to control an ever-growing number of iPhone and Android compatible apps directly from your car dashboard. All you have to do is download and install the AppRadio app to your smartphone and boom, you can start using the apps from behind the wheel of your car. From traffic updates to maps and digital radio, there’s some seriously useful stuff in there to help you on your journey – top banana!

Advanced App Mode opens up a whole world of opportunities in your car, and means a headunit is no longer just for playing music. That means the £299 you’ll pay for the SPH-DA100 right now is an absolute billy bargain, and we reckon you need to get in on the deal before Pioneer have a rethink of their prices! For more info on the unit, hit up Pioneer’s website, and for all the latest info on new apps available, go to Pioneer Advance Apps. Job done!