Pioneer TS-W3002D4 SubWhen it comes to delivering serious sound quality at a price that won’t cost you your kidneys, the guys at Pioneer are the gurus that all must follow. These sound-science buffs spend a serious amount of time developing and researching new materials and different processes to get the very best from their products. Their good looking and highly technical Champion Series Pro Sub is easily one of the best, and most powerful, high-SQ subs on the market but, unbelievably, it comes in at under 200-smackers. Bonkers!

Turn over this 12-inch beauty and you’ll see a magnet that’s around the size of a small country. Now, the girth of the magnet is always a good indication of the power a sub can handle and it’s no exception here, this is a full competition spec sub that can eat up a whopping 3500Watts RMS. It’s properly versatile too and can be configured to a range of impedance set-ups from 8-2 Ohms. Providing you have an amp that can handle it, this one will do pretty much anything.

Pioneer TS-W3002D4 Sub

One of the key technological breakthroughs in this particular woofer is that it can be used to produce extremely tight bass in an enclosure that’s smaller than any other. Pioneer’s thoroughly technical new Air Suspension system tricks the sub box into thinking it’s a smaller sub, thus enabling the cone to move solidly and smoothly reflecting air pressure from the enclosure. Basically it makes the box think the sub is one size smaller, when it’s not. Clever stuff – size matters!

Pioneer TS-W3002D4 Sub

The key to high-power sound quality is keeping a rigid, yet lightweight cone moving smoothly, no matter how long the subs been running or how hot it’s gotten. The voice coils have even been developed from Pioneer’s mental Pro SPL subs that can deliver more than 180dB! The TS-W3002D4’s cone is made from a composite blend of carbon and basalt, which is basically a derivative of a rock found in volcanoes, to keep supreme rigidly and heat dispersal no matter what you throw at it. Awesome!

Price £199

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