JL Audio has been a name synonymous with uber-quality stereo gear since way back in the 70s. Some even say they single-handedly started the car audio revolution. Well we don’t know about all that, but they were definitely some of the earliest pioneers, and guess what? They’re still leading the way when it comes to bringing new ideas and concepts to market. Their super-slimline TW3 sub is not only downright awesome, but it’s merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their development prowess.

Compact is most certainly the new rock ’n’ roll, but all too often in the audio world this means compromising on sound quality, fidelity and power handling – not so with the TW3. By compressing the whole design and incorporating their patented (and pretty scientific sounding) Concentric Tube Suspension attachment, the engineering wizards have basically taken the design of a super-high quality sub and squished it into one sleek, superslimline package. The result is no loss of fidelity or sound quality in a shallow-mount woofer specifically suited to working in extremely tight spaces and ridiculously small enclosures.

JL Audio 10TW3

Designed and manufactured, like all other JL Audio products, in Miramar, Florida, the TW3 incorporates a virtual Who’s Who of high-end materials. As you’d expect, quality control is about as strict as it gets. We all know in the Americas everyone will be getting sued if any old rubbish slips through, so they save themselves the litigation by keeping everything tight.

Yes, this 10-inch piece of audio perfection may be small and designed specifically for compact installation, but don’t go thinking it can’t eat up the power. Again this is where the revolutionary design and engineering comes in making this one perform just like a full-sized woofer. It’ll take a stonking 400 watts before you have any trouble – and that’s the proper 400 watts RMS too. You’d better make sure your amp is up to the job!

JL Audio 10TW3

The super-compact design, along with JL’s famous Tab-Ear basket means you can tightly group multiple subs together and squeeze more of ’em into your install. Perfect if you’re looking for maximum boomage. That said, if you’re hankering after something a bit bigger than a 10-incher in the first place you won’t have too long to wait either. The slimline 12-inch version will be realised later in the year.

Price £274.99

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