Vibe Blackair 4 Amp

You’ll be pleased to know we’ve got that Vibe right about now readers – and it’s not because we’re top mates with R Kelly OBE either. No, it’s because we’ve had a play with the new Black Air Stereo 4 amp from Vibe Audio – and we like what we saw! Here’s why:

Vibe’s latest multi-channel amp gets an upgrade to class D (or digital) technology for low noise and minimal distortion of your tunes. High and low-pass filters in the amp give you overall better sound quality, and Internal Convection Cooling (ICC) is a venting technology used here to remove the need for external cooling fins, hence the smooth look from the outside. Clever stuff.

Vibe Blackair 4 Amp

So, what’s the deal here? Well, the BlackAir Stereo 4 is a 4-channel amp boasting a max power of 2800 watts, which in short gives you nutty power for the money you’re paying. If you need a powerful amp that can supply multiple speaker configurations, look no further: this is your baby!

In textbook Vibe style, the BlackAir 4 looks as hard as it performs, and with an outer case measuring 309x165mm, it’s smaller than last year’s effort while you still know you’re getting an amp crammed with top tech. We’re a fan of the yellow pin-striping up top, and all terminals clearly labelled on each side can easily be hidden thanks to the removable covers to keep your install looking tidy. Mad skills.

Vibe Blackair 4 Amp

On top of all this great gear you get for your 199 nuggets, you can also get the optional BBR09 remote with bass boost for the Stereo 4 amp, meaning you can adjust the bass without having to leave the driver’s seat – mint! You’ll also get a Vibe sticker and key ring, just to rep hard, as well as a cleaning cloth to keep that bad boy shiny!

Price £199

If you’ve seen enough of this amp’s charm and want to get your hands on it pretty quickly, then we’ve got the link you need! Just hit up Vibe Audio for more info or just visit your nearest and best audio dealer.