Looking to pick up some cheap car detailing products this Black Friday? Well you come to the right place, here are the best deals on quality car detailing gear.

Black Friday is here! Well, technically the event takes place on November 24th, but with so many brands looking to sell more stock during the annual shopping event, it’s now an extended sale that lasts for most of November!

The only issue is trying to find the best Black Friday deals can be tough. Where do you look? Are you actually getting the saving quoted? Can you trust the website you’re using? Thankfully, I know all too well how much of a minefield it can be out there. So to help you get the best products at the cheapest products, I’ve surfed the web looking for the best Black Friday car detailing deals for you.

So whether you’re looking for shampoos, pressure washers or anything car detailing related, this guide should help you find the deal you’re looking for. It’s worth noting that I’ll be updating this page as and when new deals land, so keep your eyes peeled as some will be limited time only deals.

Below, I’ll break deals down the best deals across different products. For more deals on each section, be sure to visit the pages under each category. I’ll also list the best deals for US as well as UK readers so they’re specific to your region.

Best Black Friday Car Cleaning Kit Deals

Chemical Guys Car Care Kit

Chemical Guys Complete Wash Car Care Kit – Save $24

  • $59.97 $35.97, Get Deal.
  • Why you want it: This is a great little bundle hat includes everything you need to go about your detailing business. It includes a shampoo and snow foam combination, spray-on wax, wheel cleaner, glass cleaner, wash mitt, microfiber towels and even an applicator for your wax.
Autoglym interior kit

Autoglym Essential Interior Kit – 30% off

  • £25.49 £17.84, Get Deal.
  • Why you want it: I’s very easy to forget about the interior of your car. But given you spend most of your time inside the car, rather than looking at it, why should you? Autoglym’s interior kit is a great set that includes what I think is one of the best interior shampoos on the market, as well as an odor eliminator and glass cleaner.

Best Black Friday Car Shampoo Deals

Adam's Car Shampoo

Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo – 30% off

  • $49.99 $34.99, Get Deal
  • Why you want it: Not only is it a great car shampoo, but it also doubles up as a snow foam, too. So don’t worry about its gallon size.
Autoglym shampoo conditioner

Autoglym Bodywork Car Shampoo Conditioner – 35% off

  • £27.40 £17.68, Get Deal.
  • Why you want it: Autoglym has been knocking out some of the best detailing products for years now and it’s car shampoo conditioner is no different. The stand out feature here is its hydrophobic layer of protection it leaves behind after the shampoo stage.

For more deals, visit our guide to the Best Black Friday Car Shampoo Deals.

Best Black Friday Snow Foam Deals

chemical guys snow foam

Chemical Guys Watermelon Snow Foam – 39% off

  • $17.98 $10.99, Get Deal.
  • Why you want it: Firstly, it smells great. Secondly, it delivers on performance, too. Chemical Guys detailing products are sound and there’s a reason why they’re so popular. I’m ordering one myself…
Meguiar's ultimate snow foam

Meguiar’s Ultimate Car Snow Foam – 8% off

  • £21.76 £19.95, Get Deal.
  • Why you want it: I’ll be honest here and say this isn’t a great saving. But when the product is this good, any saving is welcomed. Meguiar’s’ snow foam is up there with the best on the market, and this product is great for cars which are protected by wax.

Check out the Best Black Friday Snow Foam Deals for more savings! 

Best Black Friday Car Drying Towel Deals

The Rag Company Liquid8r drying towel

The Rag Company Liquid8r Drying Towel – 25% off

  • $39.95 $31.95, Get Deal.
  • Why you want it: The Rag Company produces some super effective drying towels and the Liquid8r is no different. It’s not the largest towel on the market, but at 25×36 inches, its suffice. The Rag Company Liquid8r won our group Best Car Drying Towel test, which you can read the full review of here.
Meguiar's drying towel

Meguiar’s XL Drying Towel – 14% off

  • £23.31 £19.99, Get Deal
  • Why you want it: While Meguiar’s’ Duo Twist drying towel is a better product, this XL drying towel is still a great towel for any keen detailer. Offering a super-absorbent, plush microfiber fabric, it’s large enough to dry most of your car without needing another towel.

Best Black Friday Car Wax Deals

Best Meguiar's liquid ceramic wax

Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Car Wax – 49% off

  • $31.07 $15.97, Get US Deal. £32.64 £27.99, Get UK Deal.
  • Why you want it: Combining both a ceramic and wax mixture together has created a liquid wax like no other. I found it easy to use, super effective and best of all, it’s 49% off!
Meguiar's paste wax

Meguiar’s Gold Class Paste Car Wax – 21% off

  • £26.21 £20.79, Get Deal.
  • Why you want it: I like to refer to this car wax as old reliable. You know what you’re getting with a Meguiar’s paste wax and that’s performance to put other products to shame.

There are more deals to be had! Check out our Best Black Friday Car Wax Deals page.