Snow foam is a great product that gets to work on dirt before you have to physically touch the car. We pick out the best Black Friday snow foam deals so you can save a little money on your favorite products.

If you’ve not used snow foam before, then you might be a bit confused as to what it’s purpose is. Simply put, snow foam is a mixture applied to the car via a foam cannon and (usually) pressure washer. Once you spray the mixture onto the car, it works with gravity by dragging contaminants off your paintwork. By lifting dirt, you minimize the amount of contact you make with car via your wash mitt. This reduces the chance of paintwork damage.  The best snow foams do this job flawlessly. Effectively removing the majority of contaminants before the shampoo stage. Others just simply foam up and barely remove dirt.

Black Friday is a great opportunity for car enthusiasts to pick up detailing equipment cheaper than at other points of the year. Below, I’ve surfed the web looking for the best Black Friday snow foam deals for you, both in the US and the UK.

I’ll be updating this page during the course of November to continue providing the best and most up-to-date snow foam deals for you.

Best Black Friday Snow Foam Deals In The US

chemical guys snow foam

Chemical Guys Watermelon Snow Foam – 39% off

  • $17.98 $10.99, Get Deal.
  • Why You Want It: I’ve not yet had the pleasure of using the Watermelon Snow Foam from Chemical Guys, however, it’s sibling, Sticky Snowball from Chemical Guys is one that we rated highly in our Best Car Snow Foam guide. If its performance is anything to go buy, this watermelon offering with 39% off is a bargain.
Mothers 05610 3X Triple Action Foam Wash

Mothers 3x Triple Action Foam Wash – 29% off

  • $21.99 $15.64, Get Deal.
  • Why you want it: Packing a triple action formula to help fight off even the most stubborn of dirt patches, Mothers’ snow foam wash is a great product. I’ve been using other Mothers car care products for the past few years and have yet to find fault with them.
Autoglym Polar blast

Autoglym Polar Blast – 13% off

  • $39.99 $34.67, Get Deal.
  • Why you want it: You know what you’re getting with Autoglym. A quality product at a fair price. Autoglym’s car care range has been raved about for years and I’m pleased to echo said claims with its snow foam. It’s polar blast is a great performer and while it’s only 13% off, it’s still a saving.

Best Black Friday Snow Foam Deals In The UK

Meguiar's ultimate snow foam

Meguiar’s Ultimate Car Snow Foam – 8% off

  • £21.76 £19.95, Get Deal.
  • Why you want it: Perfect for cars with or without wax, Meguiar’s ultimate snow foam effortlessly lifts dirt off of your car’s paintwork. I used this product on a car that hadn’t been cleaned in over two years and it started the process of removing built-up dirt effectively. I elected for two rounds of snow foam by which point the majority of the problem areas had vanished! It’s not a huge saving, but any saving is welcomed on great products.
Turtle Wax snow foam

Turtle Wax Cherry Snow Foam – 13% off

  • £15 £13, Get Deal.
  • Why you want it: Although I’ve not used Turtle Wax’s Snow Foam in the past, it’s glowing review online was enough to justify its inclusion in the best deals. It’s only a £2 saving, but at £13 for a product that will last you a year at least, that’s some going.

Car Gods Arctic Storm snow foam

Car Gods Arctic Storm – 17% off

  • £14.99 £12.50, Get Deal.
  • Why you want it: A few years ago, if you’d asked me about Car Gods, I’d have responded with, “…Who?” Now though, it’s a different story. The brand has been gradually growing its market share and prominence in automotive culture, and they’ve got the products to back it up. This snow foam has a pH neutral formula and the 2.5-liter bottle should last for five regular detailing sessions.