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Believe it or not, there’s more to car detailing that just the products you use to wash your car. Drying the car can be just as important as the wash process. As the water from the tap isn’t pH neutral, water can remain on the bodywork and will dry and form dirty marks. It’s important to use a soft, absorbent drying towel so that you can thoroughly dry the car, while also not damaging your paintwork in the process. Although hopefully you’ll have removed any dirt from the car during your wash process.

The Rag Company Liquid8r promises to be a great product. So it’s time to put the drying towel to the test.

How I Tested The Rag Company Liquid8r

After washing and rinsing my car, I used the Rag Company Liquid8r to dry it. I checked to see how much water it absorbed on the first pass. After this, I inspected how much moisture was left on the panel. Finally, I finished drying the car to see how effective the Rag Company Liquid8r was. While using the drying towel, I also noted how heavy it felt, and how easy it was to use.

Editor’s Note:

As well as being a highly experienced automotive writer, Elizabeth has been an avid car detailer for many years. To us, that makes her the perfect person to test car cleaning products for Fast Car.

The Rag Company Liquid8r drying towel review

First Impressions

A lot of drying towels opt for the ultra-plush design, which makes them feel like big blankets you want to snuggle under. The Rag Company Liquid8r is different. The twist loop construction feels less soft to the touch, but it has a huge surface area. This towel also feels thinner in your hands. But it’s huge, and the quality of the construction is really excellent.


The Rag Company Liquid8r measures a massive 36×25” in size, which makes it clear that it’s up for some serious drying. The 1100 GSM construction also means it’s thicker than it looks. The 70/30 blend construction means no corners have been cut, either. And finally, there’s a hemmed ‘hidden’ edge that means this towel has soft rounded edges all around.

The Rag Company Liquid8r drying towel testing

What’s It Like To Use The Rag Company Liquid8r

This really is a superb drying towel. The twist loop construction means it sucks up water incredibly well, and that makes drying so much quicker and easier. It absorbs water effortlessly and leaves panels bone dry with minimal effort. Even after one pass, there’s very little water left to go back for.

And because it’s so big and has such a high GSM construction, that means it keeps drying without being waterlogged. Even when you’re getting to the end of your drying session, it’s still eagerly sucking up water. And because it’s a little thinner, it’s always easy to fold up and maneuver around the bodywork, even when it’s really wet.

The Verdict

Simply put, the Rag Company Liquid8r has become my new personal drying towel of choice. It’s so nice to use, dries so well, feels really high quality, and really impresses. It also came out on top in our drying towel group test. The results of which you can see in our best drying towels guide.