The Fast Car Honda Civic Type R FN2 project gets its big reveal! Check out Episode 12, available now over on our YouTube channel. 

Here it is, the Fast Car TV big build for 2023. We’ve partnered up with eBay to help us turn this humble FN2 Honda Civic Type R into a scene-stealing, show-stopping machine. Yes, once again, it’s time for the mighty Team Fast Car to set their sights on another epic car culture adventure.

The plan is simple. Over 12 fortnightly episodes (all featured over on our YouTube Channel) our Slim Jules and Midge will be creating a work of personalized perfection. What’s more, they’ll by sourcing the parts, accessories and tools needed from one single place – everyone’s favorite online one-stop-shop, eBay. Then, with their eBay purchases piled high, all that will be left for our guys is to put the whole jigsaw together. We’ll take you along with us on the journey, every step of the way.

We’ll follow the workshop antics covering the entire build from start to finish. Showing you exactly how to tackle the key modifying essentials.  From uprated suspension and brakes, to wheels, styling and even car audio. We’ll even take you through the way we’ve always bagged ourselves some extra budget for our modifying shenanigans; by listing and selling all our unwanted parts on eBay. But first thing’s first. Let’s get the full lowdown on the Civic Type R FN2 project we’ll be transforming from standard to just a little special over the course of the series.

Check out the Civic Type R FN2 project episode no.1 below. There’s good bits, bad bits, and everything the boys would like to change. It’s also their very first test drive in the little VTEC powered Honda…

Civic Type R FN2 Project: Episode 1

Fast Car TV isn’t about huge budgets, unusable trailer queens or misleading video tricks. It’s all about the trials and tribulations of a couple of normal car fans on a budget… probably much like yourself.

Armed with our own FN2 buying guide, Jules and Midge spent the past few weeks trawling the UK for a modified icon and have come up with an absolute beauty; what can be more popular on the UK scene than the Honda Civic? They’ve already busted half of their budget on a 2007 FN2 Civic Type R. In standard trim, these cars come with the legendary K20 VTEC engine. It also features an extremely capable chassis, plush interior and the iconic spaceship styling. But the big question remains; can they transform this little car from bone stock into a proper scene-leading machine? And before the end of the 2023 season?

rear 3/4 shot of project civic type r fn2

We’ve got a whole host of things panned for our Civic Type R FN2 project. Using eBay as the platform to buy the parts, accessories and tools needed to get the job done, every aspect of the FN2 Civic Type R will be upgraded over the next six months. We’ll use our FN2 Tuning Guide to make the chassis tighter and the engine more powerful. We’ll also make the car audio louder, and styling more aggressive. So, subscribe and hit that notification bell on our YouTube channel to watch the transformation for yourselves.

Civic Type R FN2 Project: Episode 2

It has been a busy few weeks on the Civic FN2 Type R project at Fast Car HQ. Midge and I tackled some mundane maintenance jobs to make sure everything was in tip-top condition before the tuning takes place.

First up was an oil, filter and spark plug change in the name of a quick service, Midge took care of this while I revamped the headlights and replaced the gear gaiter and wipers. With all the parts, sourced, ordered and delivered via eBay.

Headlight restoration

One of the other jobs we managed to get done was to sort the faulty LCD clock, a common fault on this generation Civic. With the help of an online tutorial, a soldering iron and bit of patience, Midge reflowed the connections, and to our surprise, this brought the display back to life.

Civic Type R FN2 Project: Episode 3

With all that done, it was time for the fun to begin…

The first upgrades to arrive are all in the name of refreshing the 16-year old chassis. We opted to change the suspension for a set of TEIN Flex Z coilovers. An iconic Japanese brand that has fantastic pedigree when it comes to performance suspension. I’m sure the JDM fanboys will approve of this swap. We’re yet to drive the car in anger but on the journey home, we could already feel the huge improvement in ride and handling. The old struts gave a very harsh ‘bangy’ ride, while these new units seem to absorb the bumps while also giving great feel.

TEIN Flex Z coilovers

While the car was up in the air and the wheels were off, we bolted on the next upgrade in the form of a big brake kit. We’ve ditched the stock single pot brakes in favor of 6-piston Tarox versions, these will increase stopping power massively due to the increased clamping-power and surface area of the huge rotors. They don’t just perform brilliantly, but look amazing too, and this has inspired a wheel design that will help to show them off. To find out more about that and watch us bolt these parts to the car, watch the video now!

Tarox brake kit on FN2 Civic

Civic Type R FN2 Project: Episode 4

In the last episode we saw the Civic go through a chassis overhaul, as Jules and (mostly) Midge bolted on a new set of TEIN Flex Z coilovers and TAROX 6-piston big brakes. Ahead of ordering all the engine tuning goodies via eBay, the boys decided to give the chassis a proper test to see if the upgrades fitted had made a difference to the handling. And the best place to do that is on track.

Jules and Midge took some brave pills and booked themselves onto a track session at one of the UK’s most iconic circuits, Brands Hatch. Surrounded by dedicated track weapons, they put the Type R through its paces. And you know what, it handled great, the only limiting factor was Jules’ skill level and the awful budget tires fitted to the car. Of course, these will be dumped in the near future when the stock wheels are replaced for something a whole lot more special.

Civic at Brands Hatch

The TEIN suspension was far more responsive than the stock struts, even on the road the difference is night and day – not only sharpening up the 16-year-old suspension but improving ride comfort, too! While the big brakes made a huge difference, the bite and feel has been completely transformed and gave Jules much more confidence in the car.

But what was hugely apparent was the lack of power. And this is where they’ll turn their attention next, the car needs an exhaust, filter, better cooling and maybe something else to help release the potential of the high-revving K20 engine. They’ll also look to tidy up the engine bay – after all, they want this car to be the complete package. Anyway, more about that in episode 5, but for now it’s time for Episode 4! Hit that play button above!

Civic track day

Civic Type R FN2 Project: Episode 5

After the testing at Brands Hatch last month, the Civic’s performance shortfalls were exposed. With that in mind, Jules and Midge hit up eBay and ordered a bunch of essential tuning parts to get the Civic moving in the right direction. The first tuning mod for any car should be an exhaust and filter, so that’s exactly what we tackled first.

Improving Air Flow

Taking delivery of a beautifully crafted resonated cat-back exhaust from Scorpion and a stunning carbon-fibre airbox and induction kit from Tegiwa, Midge and Jules set about getting them bolted to the car. All was going well until some very stubborn exhaust bolts required the attention of an angle grinder, heavy duty drill and lots of elbow grease. After about three hours and 32-drill bits later, the standard restrictive exhaust was off and consigned to the parts bin.

angle grinder being used on exhaust

Bolting on the new exhaust was a doddle, as it fitted like a glove. After a quick cup of tea, it was time to install the carbon induction kit. This was a much easier job and while Midge was under the bonnet, he pulled out the old radiator and bolted in an uprated Japspeed unit to help with cooling. While this won’t add any extra power, it’s a great addition for any future tuning modifications we make.

Tegiwa induction kit FN2 Civic

The start of a new look…

The last job of the day was replacing the tired OE rocker cover, we ditched the traditional red unit for a refurbished white one from a company we found on eBay. This has tidied up the engine-bay and the white hue gives hints of what’s to come in the coming weeks…

custom white Civic FN2 rocker cover

We haven’t finished with the tuning upgrades just yet, as there’s a bunch of carbon dress-up goodies on order to tie-in with the induction kit. Plus, now that we’ve sold the front shocks on eBay, there’s a bit more money in the kitty to play with. We’re still loving the idea of bolting on a nitrous kit! Anyway, that’s for another update. Enjoy Episode Five above and we’ll catch you in a fortnight for the next one.

worried Midge

Civic Type R FN2 Project: Episode 6

With the exterior acoustics all sorted thanks to a new induction and exhaust system, it was time to bring the Civic FN2 Type R’s interior audio and tech up to date. This would mean ditching the original head unit for a swanky wireless CarPlay unit, and with Kenwood recently releasing the DMX7722DABS with bundles of hands-free tech, that decision was made easy.

Keeping it all in house we ordered a pair of Kenwood 2-way front speakers to replace OE ones in the dash, a 12-inch sub and a 4-channel amp to power it all up from eBay. That’s right, we do things right here at FC Towers, the easy option would have been to amp the sub and run the front speakers off the head unit, but to get the most out of those powerful two ways, we run some high-quality new wires through the doors and to the back of the car where we mounted the amp and sub.

Kenwood head unit install

While Midge took care of this and installing the new double-DIN head unit with the help of facia adapter from eBay, Jules took care of building a false floor that would house a sub enclosure and a sunken amp. The whole system took a couple of days to install, but it was worth the effort as the Civic now has in-car tech to rival that of a modern car, and a sound system that can produce crisp and punchy SQ to rival the best of them.

boot build

What’s next? Well, a bunch of carbon and styling parts have already turned up from eBay, so join us next time as the exterior styling transformation commences!

Civic Type R FN2 Project: Episode 7

With the wrap of the Civic Type R imminent it was time to sort out some of the other styling components. If there’s one upgrade that is universally loved in the car scene, it’s carbon fiber. Civics are really well catered for in this department, so we ordered a bunch of bolt on parts from eBay and got to work.

On the shopping list was carbon wing mirror, handle and filler cap covers. We also bought some front bumper intake covers that delete the fog lights and give direct airflow to the Tegiwa intake we fitted a few weeks ago. Not only do they look gorgeous, they’re also giving us a little bit of a performance upgrade.

Carbon hood on FN2

We ordered all these parts off Carbon My Ride’s eBay shop and we’ve got to say the quality was exceptional. The jewel in the crown of the carbon goodies was a carbon hood from Tegiwa’s eBay shop. This really is a stunning bit of kit. All of these parts were easy to fit, which freed up some time for a couple more upgrades…

Carbon FN2 wing

Taking inspiration from the legendary FN2 Mugen Type R, we ordered wider front fenders from and a high-rise rear wing from SPD Automotive. These parts were fantastic quality, which is always important when dealing with fibreglass and ABS plastic parts. Both were easy to fit and have really transformed the look of the car, giving it a much more aggressive look.

Next up? Well, Midge is jetting off on his summer holiday, so Jules is on the case for a couple more upgrades before the car goes off for its wrap. Check back soon for the next update!

Civic Type R FN2 Project: Episode 8

The Civic FN2 build is really starting to ramp up now. As I type these magical words, a nitrous kit is making its way to FC Towers, the custom 3-piece wheels are being machined and we’ll be dropping off the FN2 to have a full colour change wrap in the next few days. But this update isn’t about the future, it’s about the now.

While all of the above are top end mods, in this episode of the Fast Car Big Build we’re going old school with some proper DIY upgrades from the archive. So, what did we do? Well, either watch the video or read on. First on the list was dusting off the rear callipers with a wire brush so we could give them a lick of paint to match the glorious fronts. Then we cracked out some red tint spray and transformed the rear lights. After a bit more colour-codding under the bonnet, we decided to add yet more gorgeous carbon weave.

In the next episode, the Civic gets a dose of laughing gas, before being shipped off for a full pearlescent white wrap, but that’s for the next update

Civic Type R FN2 Project: Episode 9

The Civic Type R is starting to look the part now. With its Mugen wings and rear spoiler and gorgeous carbon bonnet, not to mention its race-car stance and big red brake callipers poking out from behind the spokes, our FN2 project was certainly looking tougher than ever. But it wasn’t quite enough. We wanted to really stand out. We wanted a full colour change!

It’s All White (well, nearly!)

Cue a call to the guys and gals at 3M. After flicking through their colour swatches we found the perfect shade for the Fast Car Big Build – Satin Pearl White. It harks back to the iconic Championship White that FN2 fans admire but with a modern Fast Car-style twist.

To complement the colour change, we also wanted to incorporate some styling updates that would be unique to this project. After speaking with the team at RGVA Vehicle Graphics in Maidstone, as well as a few custom logos we decided to go for a high-gloss black roof. The mirror finish gives a paint-like result, that is sure to look fantastic on our Type R.

“We need NOS! One of the big ones.”

We’ve got the next upgrade ready. In fact, it’s in the workshop waiting to be fitted. Before the car went to RGVA for its cosmetic upgrade, we were scrolling through eBay one day (as you do!) when we stumbled across a complete nitrous kit for sale. So, for a fraction of the cost of a new kit, we’ve got an instant power hike ready to fit to the Type R. Come back next time to see how we get on adding NOS to our Civic.

NOS bottle in front of Honda Civic Type R project car

Civic Type R FN2 Project: Episode 10

Last time, we showed you the NOS kit we bought for our Civic Type R. It’s amazing the bargains you can find on eBay! Well, now it’s time to get it all fitted.

We popped to the workshop but couldn’t find our chief spanner-spinner Midge anywhere. A quick FaceTime call revealed he was busy topping up his tan in sunnier climates. Wasting no time, Jules checked his contact list and made a quick call to Nev at F1 Moto in Brands Hatch and The Big Build was back on track…

Fitting NOS

We discussed our ambitious plan to boost our Civic Type R’s performance with a nitrous oxide kit. 

Man installing NOS bottle

Mounting the Bottle

Nev was on the case right away and started by mounting the iconic blue bottle in the boot. Handily, the false floor we created earlier in the build provided the perfect stable fixing point for the NOS bottle too.

NOS and fuel solenoids in an engine bay

Under the Bonnet

With the bottle securely mounted and the nitrous lines safely and neatly secured, it was time to head under the bonnet. We knew we would need a new silicone hose to mount the ‘fogger’, so ordered one before we set off. We gave that to Nev along with the solenoids and all the other parts of the kit, ready to be fitted.

In the engine bay, Nev installed the solenoids, tapped into the fuel system, and securely fixed the ‘fogger’ to the new intake hose. With the hardware installed, we had to address the electrics. 

Hand activating a toggle switch

Sorting the electrics

We love the old-school appeal of adding nitrous oxide to our car. Today, clever systems can automatically control the NOS systems for you, all linked to the mapping within the ECU. But back in the day, NOS was activated by a simple arming switch. That’s what we wanted to replicate for our Civic. So, we jumped on eBay again and ordered a shiny new toggle switch.

NOS fogger jet installed into an intake pipe

How NOS works

We have got a full guide on how nitrous oxide works, but in simple terms the nitrous travels from the bottle through the main line, controlled by a nitrous solenoid. Additionally, extra fuel is added to keep the air/fuel ratios where they should be. The nitrous and fuel mix at the ‘fogger’, which sprays the mixture directly into the intake. The additional oxygen and extra fuel are what give the engine its extra power.

Man looking surprised at how fast his car is

Disclaimer: Always consult a professional when using these products

What’s Next?

The new three-piece wheels are on their way to the workshop. We’re looking at various options for seat upgrades. And we’re sourcing some new badges to give our Honda Civic Type R an updated and distinctive look too. So, there’s plenty more to come!

Come back soon for the next instalment. Or head to our YouTube channel and subscribe to be alerted as soon as the next episode is ready! 

Civic Type R FN2 Project: Episode 11

In Episode 11, we install a set of new aftermarket Sparco sports seats, test-fit our custom three-piece split-rims from 3SDM, and Jules gives Midge an under-car LED lighting kit to install too.

Choosing the Perfect Seats

The first step in upgrade was selecting the ideal sports seats for our Honda Civic Type R. We ensured that the seats were not only visually appealing but also offered enhanced comfort and support during spirited driving. After careful research, we found a pair of seats that perfectly complemented the car’s aesthetics and met our requirements for quality and performance.

disconnecting the positive terminal from a car battery

Disconnecting the Battery

Before fitting them, it is essential to prioritize safety. We began by disconnecting the car’s battery to prevent any airbags from accidentally going off during the removal of the old seats. We left the battery disconnected for a few hours before starting work to ensure any residual charge had dissipated before Midge got to work removing the stock seats.

Socket undoing a bolt holding a seat into a car

Unbolting the Original Seats

This process involved unbolting the four mounting bolts, two at the back and two at the front, carefully disconnecting the plugs underneath to disable any electrical connections, and then lifting the seats out of the car.

Aftermarket seat subframe for a Honda Civic

Subframes: The Perfect Fit

To make installation of the new seats as easy as possible, we ordered compatible subframes specifically designed for our Honda Civic Type R. These subframes serve as adapter plates that enable the installation of universal seats while maintaining the car’s reinforced factory mounting points.

wiring plug for an airbag connection
Resistor Kit for Airbag Wiring

When upgrading seats, it is essential to address any airbag wiring systems. To eliminate the possibility of triggering the airbag light on the dashboard, a resistor kit is usually employed. This kit plugs into the airbag loom, tricking the car’s system into thinking that the airbags are still present and preventing any unwanted warning lights from appearing.
Alternatively, if your car supports it, you can opt to deactivate the airbag warning lights using an OBD scanner. That’s what we did with our Civic.

Expert Tip: Cleaning Up

Before installing the new sports seats, we carefully vacuumed and cleaned the area to ensure that any debris or dirt was removed. You don’t get chance to access this part of your carpet very often, so make the most of it and give everything a good clean and brush up.

New wheels being carefully fitted to a car

Test-Fitting Our Three-Piece Alloy Wheels

Jules has been itching to get the new wheels on the car ever since they landed in the UK. He could barely contain his excitement as we moved on to test-fitting our brand-new set of custom three-piece split-rims from 3SDM. They look fantastic! They really bring the vision of this build to life. But, more than that, they also improve performance with their unique design and lightweight construction.

Wheel being lowered onto block of wood to allow clearance measurements to be taken

The Perfect Offset

Carefully mounting each wheel onto the car, we inspected the fitment to ensure that the offset was perfect. The wheels aligned flawlessly within the wheel arches, creating a visually appealing stance that highlighted the car’s aggressive design. The offset was ideal, allowing proper clearance and paving the way for future suspension modifications if desired.

Wheel fitted with new red lug nuts

Quality Lug Nuts

To complete the wheel installation, we discarded the factory lug nuts and replaced them with high-quality ones that matched the unique design features of our alloy wheels. Using new red lug nuts that perfectly match the outer rim provides a cohesive look and further enhances the look of the wheels.

Close up of tyre tread pattern
Getting the Right Tires

With the wheels securely test-fitted, it was time to select the perfect set of tires to complement our Honda Civic Type R project car. We opted for Yokohama ADVAN NEOVA AD08RS. This premium rubber has a tread pattern that not only offers superior grip but also matches the overall aesthetic of the car. Choosing quality tires is crucial as they play a significant role in ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Admiring the Transformation

As the wheels were mounted and matched seamlessly with the tires, we stood back to admire the transformation of our Honda Civic Type R. The old-school vibe exuded by the three-piece alloy wheels perfectly complemented the car’s aggressive styling, adding a touch of timeless classiness to its appearance.

Civic Type R FN2 Project: Episode 12

In Episode 12, we unveil the finished FN2 in all its glory!

Well, the time has come for the highly anticipated reveal of our Honda Civic Type R project car. The culmination of months of hard work and dedication has paid off. In partnership with eBay, we have transformed this once-stock Civic FN2 Type R into an awe-inspiring, one-of-a-kind modified masterpiece.

From its humble beginnings as a bare-bones stock model, our Honda Civic Type R has undergone an awe-inspiring transformation. Over the past few months, we’ve poured hours of effort and passion into modifying every aspect of this car. While the actual time spent on modifications may not seem extensive, the careful selection and installation of the finest aftermarket parts have resulted in truly remarkable results.

What is our favorite mod?

Choosing a favorite modification from this extensive build is no easy task. The sublime white color scheme combined with black accents and carbon fiber details throughout the exterior is definitely up there. earned high praise from our team. So are the custom-designed 3-spoke alloys that set off the styling perfectly. However, as old-school fans of Fast & Furious, the addition of the nitrous kit is probably our top mod. It’s our little nod to the franchise that has inspired so many modified car enthusiasts over the last 20 years!

What was the hardest mod?

Well, getting a professional finish from the wrap and installing the nitrous are both incredibly challenging and require specialist skills. We took the car to an expert on both of those occasions, but all the other mods could be fitted by any competent DIY enthusiast. While each modification presented its own challenges, we found fitting the neons proved to be more difficult than expected. With numerous wires requiring meticulous routing, it was much more involved than we first anticipated.  However, overcoming these challenges only strengthened our commitment to delivering an immaculate end result.

The Big Build with eBay

As we come to an end of this epic journey of automotive customization, we hope that our Honda Civic Type R project car has inspired you to embark on your own modification adventure. With the wide range of aftermarket parts available on eBay and the endless possibilities for enhancing your vehicle’s performance and style, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

Stay tuned for more exciting car content from Fast Car and join us in pushing boundaries, embracing creativity, and fueling our shared passion for high-performance vehicles.