Need a dash cam for peace of mind while driving day to day? There are plenty of savings to be had this Black Friday as we list the best dash cam deals in one convenient place for you.

In the past, Black Friday was limited to a single weekend, but now it’s associated with almost all of the month of November. This year it officially starts on the 24th of November, but there are still savings to be had before that date.

But where do you find the best deals? Are you genuinely getting a saving on the product you’re purchasing? And can you trust the seller? These are all important questions to answer when buying anything during this Black Friday event. The good news is that I’ve taken all the leg work out for you, so you can just flick through this guide and find the deal you’re looking for.

Dash cams are a great piece of in-car tech that can be very helpful in situations where you need video evidence. Whether it’s a small car lot ding, or something more serious, dash cam evidence can be submitted to your insurance provider as well as the police, helping you fight your case.

There are a huge number of dash cams on the market, some that are great, some that do the job just fine, and others that will make your life more difficult. I’ve only picked out products on sale below that firstly offer a genuine saving. And secondly, are good products. I’ve been testing dash cams for the past few years and I know what pieces of tech are useful, and which aren’t. For more buying advice, be sure to check out my guide to the Best Dash Cam in 2023.

Best Black Friday Dash Cam Deals

Below, I’ll break deals down into product sections, so you can skip to the area most relevant to you. I’ll cover off conventional forward-facing dash cams, as well as dual front and rear cameras. The list is split by deals for the US and the UK, so you can make sure you’re looking at deals relevant to your region.

Best Black Friday Dash Cam Deals In The US

Garmin dash cam mini 2

Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2 – save $30

  • $129.99 $99.99, get US deal. £119.99 £99.99, get UK deal.
  • Why you want it: The Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2 is a premium product in a compact package, offering the sort of high build quality and design you’d expect of any Garmin product. If you want something capable but discreet, this is a solid option.
  • Read my full review of it to find out more.
Vantrue N2S

Vantrue N2S – 24% off

  • $209.69 $159.57, get the deal here.
  • Why you want it: Vantrue might not be as flashy a name as Garmin, but they’ve built a solid reputation within the dash cam industry over the years. Plus, there’s a fair bit of tech packed into the N2S. It records in 4K out the front, with a 2K cabin lens for good measure. So, if you want high-quality coverage of outside and inside your car, this would do the job very nicely indeed.
70mai A800S

70mai A800S – 29% off

  • $139.99 $99.99, get the deal here.
  • Why you want it: Despite a brand name which makes it sound rather left-field, this little dash cam comes with components from the far more recognizable manufacturer, Sony. In particular, it’s got Sony IMX415 image sensors – which are the bits that take in light and translate it into electronic files. They’re rated at a 4K resolution, but you’ll only get 1080p from the separate rear camera. Still, expect good video capture performance.
Toguard 4K dash cam

Toguard 4K dash cam – save $90

  • $129.99 $39.99, get the deal here.
  • Why you want it: Toguard isn’t a brand I’ve come across before, but if it’s pure savings that you’re after, then I reckon this might currently be the cheapest 4K resolution dash cam on sale. Its initially high retail price and good user ratings suggests that it’s a capable device, but however it performs in reality, it’ll be hard to complain when you’ve paid less than $40!

Best Black Friday Dash Cam Deals In The UK

refurbished Nextbase 522GW bundle

Nextbase 522GW bundle *Refurbished, Manufacturer Approved* – save £164

  • £294.00 £129.99, get the deal here.
  • Why you want it: If it ain’t broke, why throw it away? That’s a rule we live by here at Fast Car, and it seems that ebay shares that opinion. Right now, they’re offering huge savings on refurbished Nextbase models that have been given the thumbs-up from the manufacturer themselves. Of the selected batch, this is the deal that stands out most to us. The 522GW is Nextbase’s most popular product, and its easy to understand why. It boasts 1440p definition, an easy install method, and built-in polarizing lens. TO sweeten the deal even more, this bundle also includes a rear camera and 64GB memory card. Now that’s a bargain!
Thinkware X1000

Thinkware X1000 – save £80

  • £269.00 £189.00, get the deal here.
  • Why you want it: The X1000 is, in my opinion, one of Thinkware’s better products. Although still fairly sizeable like the majority of their range, the X1000 is at least quite sleek. You get a separate rear camera thrown in as part of the bundle, and from experience, I can tell you that the Super Night Vision feature really does produce impressive picture quality at night when  compared to rivals. To learn more, read my full review.
Nextbase 320XR

Nextbase 320XR – save £60

  • £169.00 £109.00, get the deal here.
  • Why you want it: I’m a big fan of Nextbase products. Of the ones I’ve tested, they’ve always delivered a consistent level of quality and performance without breaking the bank. Now, you can get even better value for money with the 320XR front and rear dual cam package. The Nextbase Click&Go PRO mounting system is, in my opinion, the best mounting solution in the industry, and you’ll get 1080p image resolution at both the front and rear. For the money, I’m sure you’ll be satisfied.
compact Garmin dual camera

Garmin Tandem – save £50

  • £299.99 £249.99, get the deal here.
  • Why you want it: The British division of Garmin has a few more deals going on compared to the company’s stateside retailers. So, if you’re based in the UK, you can capitalize on savings across a wider variety of models, like the Tandem. This will record the view out of the windscreen as well as inside the cabin, giving you good all-round coverage.

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