Looking to pick up an automotive bargain this winter? Here are a selection of 2023’s best Black Friday Amazon UK deals!

The British branch of Amazon has got all sorts of motoring-based products on sale at the moment, so if you fancy cashing in on some deals, be sure to check out the list below. I’ve compiled some of the stand-out Black Friday offers all in one place, so you don’t even have to do the legwork. Today is the final day you can capitalize on these deals, so you better strike fast. Happy shopping!

Best Black Friday Amazon UK Deals

Bosch spark plugs

Bosch Serviceable Items – save up to 64%

  • Up to 64% on filters, plugs, bulbs, and other serviceable components, get the deals here.
  • Why you want them: Need some OE-grade replacement parts for your car? Bosch is always a strong company to consider, and there’s currently money off a whole range of their aftermarket parts on Amazon. Before you buy anything though, make sure it’s compatible with your particular car!
best Autoglym Rapid aqua car wax

Autoglym Rapid Aqua Wax – 40% off

  • £25.92 £15.51, Get Deal.
  • Why you want it: If you want a car wax that offers great protection and a brilliant shine, as well as some lovely water-beading, you can’t go wrong with this stuff.
TOPDON scanner diagnostic

TOPDON vehicle diagnostic tools – save up to 43%

  • Up to 43% off TOPDON’s wide range of diagnostic tools, get the deals here.
  • Why you want them: Vehicle diagnostic tools can save you endless amounts of time trying to figure out what’s wrong with your car. TOPDON is offering plenty of cash off their entire range on Amazon, so whether you want a fault code reader, scanner, or perhaps even something like a battery tester, there’s plenty of deals attached to the link above that are worth checking out.
Castrol EDGE 5W-30

Castrol Motor Oil – save up to 46%

  • Up to 46% off Castrol’s wide motor oil range, get the deals here.
  • Why you want it: Oil isn’t something you should normally cheap out on, but those rules don’t apply when we’re talking about money off a quality product. Castrol is one of the most iconic engine oil brands around, so check out the deals they have on offer to find the right solution for your car.
Thinkware X1000

Thinkware X1000 – save £80

  • £269.00 £189.00, get the deal here.
  • Why you want it: The X1000 is, for sure, one of Thinkware’s better products. It’s a bundle which incorporates the front camera pictured above and an additional rear cam, giving you great coverage at both ends of your car. It’s also got something called Super Night Vision, which notably helps its performance at night. To learn more, read my full review.
Autoglym shampoo conditioner

Autoglym Bodywork Car Shampoo Conditioner – 35% off

  • £27.40 £17.68, Get Deal.
  • Why you want it: In the UK, Autoglym is as much of a household name as a car detailing brand can be – it’s even got the royal seal of approval. As you’d expect then, this is good stuff, so well worth picking up while it’s reduced in price.
CTEK battery charger

CTEK battery charger equipment – save up to 37%

  • Up to 37% off CTEK’s battery charger equipment, get the deals here.
  • Why you want it: Car battery charging equipment probably isn’t something you’re going to be using regularly, but when you need it, you’ll be glad you have it. Whether you want a trickle charger or a portable jump starter, or even just a set of jump leads, it’s worth checking out CTEK’s reduced range on Amazon.
Meguiar's wash mitt

Meguiar’s Hybrid Wash Mitt – 20% off

  • £16.27 £12.99, Get Deal.
  • Why you want it: The Super Thick Wash Mitt, scored highly in our wash mitt group test, so Meguiar’s clealry know a thing or two about making wash mitts. By now, everyone should replace their old sponges with these less harmful mitts, and given their track record, we reckon this Meguiar’s offering is worth a go – especially at a discounted price.