We picked six top snow foam lances and pitched them against each other to see which is the best cannon for the pre-wash stage of cleaning your car.  

Snow foam makes not only makes car detailing so much easier, but it’s also an essential part of the pre-wash stage. To do it right, you need the right tool for the job. A snow foam lance or cannon is essential for applying snow foam to your car’s bodywork. There are a few different designs out there, so it can be tricky to choose one. They range from cheap and cheerful to quite expensive. But that’s why we’ve put together this test to help you pick the best snow foam lance.

It’s important to note that the majority of snow foam cannons and lances require a jet wash/pressure washer attachment. The water and snow foam mixture is pressurized through the jet to produce the foam. There are, however, other styles out there that require manually pumping. These can be effective, and while I haven’t tested any here, they do tend to be less effective than a traditional pressure washer attachment. 

Best Snow Foam Lances at a glance

  • Best Overall and Editor’s Choice: MJJC Foam Cannon Pro V2.0. RRP: £46.95/$89. Buy Now.
  • Best Value: Amazon/unbranded Snow Foam Lance. RRP: £18.99, buy now. $26.20, buy now
  • Approved: Hydro 360 Snow Foam Lance. RRP: £20.99. Not available in the US. Buy Now.
Best snow foam lance group test

About the tester

I am Fast Car’s Detailing Product Tester, and I have been into cleaning cars for many, many years. In that time I’ve tried more detailing products than most, and have a huge array of personal favorites in my collection. I’ve tested and used everything from great detailing products to the ones that no one should be using. Pitting products against each other means I know what works and what doesn’t. The best products in these tests are the ones that I will personally be using, so you know they’ve really impressed me.

I’ve chosen six of the most popular snow foam lances on the market. Every snow foam cannon on our list promises good performance, but some are better than others. I’ve picked a selection that includes the cheapest lance you can buy, well-known lances, and expensive lances. There is something here to suit every need and every budget. Remember that snow foam lances have specific connectors for different pressure washers. Make sure you choose the correct fitting for you. 

MJJC Foam Cannon Pro V2.0 snow foam lance

MJJC Foam Cannon Pro V2.0 – Best overall and Editor’s Choice

RRP: from £46.95 / $89. Buy MJJC Foam Cannon Pro here


  • Fantastic horizontal and vertical nozzle adjustment
  • Soft pick-up hose with weighted filter
  • Excellent foam


  • Measurements only go up in 100ml increments and are only numbered at 500ml and 1000ml
  • Expensive
MJJC Foam Cannon Pro V2.0 snow foam lance in action

While every snow foam lance here performs well, there had to be a winner, and it’s the MJJC Pro V2, by a clear margin. This snow foam lance starts off strong thanks to its wide base for stability and a decent-size filler neck. It feels solid, and I like that the foam adjuster makes it clear which way to turn it for more or less foam. It also has the best pick-up hose in the whole test, as it’s soft and flexible and comes with a weighted filter at the end. This means that whichever way you tilt the MJCC snow foam lance, it will always be able to suck in snow foam solution.

It offers horizontal and vertical adjustment, and the foam spray pattern has a wide range of adjustment. It also produces plenty of foam and is just excellent to use. The only negative point is the measuring gauge, which only goes up in 100ml increments, and only has numbering at 500 and 1000ml. But honestly, that was me looking for something I didn’t like. The MJJC Foam Cannon Pro V2 is the best snow foam lance here, a clear winner, and the one I will be using from now on.

Read our full review of the MJJC foam cannon here.

Amazon snow foam lance

Amazon/unbranded Snow Foam Lance – Best Value

RRP: £18.99, buy now. $26.20, buy now.


  • Great value
  • Detailed measurements


  • No horizontal or vertical adjustment
  • Falls over
  • No pick-up hose filter
  • Narrow filler neck
Amazon/unbranded Snow Foam Lance in action

Ever since I started using snow foam, this has been my personal snow foam lance of choice. It’s definitely a no-frills experience, but for the money, it’s hard to complain, even though it’s not got much in the way of features. It feels cheap, there’s no pick-up filter, there’s no horizontal or vertical adjustment, and it falls over constantly. It also has a narrow filler neck. But the measuring scale starts at 100ml and gives you numbered increments all the way to 1000ml, which is nice. It’s incredibly easy to use and delivers decent foam. Crucially, you can pick these up for a little over $/£10 if you shop around. Mine has never let me down, and if you’re on a budget, I can absolutely recommend this snow foam lance.

Be sure to read the full review on the Amazon Basics lance here.

Hydro 360 Snow Foam Lance

Hydro 360 Snow Foam Lance – Approved

Price: £20.95. Not available in the US. Buy the Hydro 360 lance here


  • Textured neck indent for extra grip
  • Chunky nozzle grip with horizontal and vertical adjustment
  • Pick-up hose filter


  • Very stiff nozzle adjustment
  • Measurements start at 200ml and only go up to 800ml
Hydro 360 Snow Foam Lance in action

The Hydro 360 was the snow foam lance I had the highest hopes for. I expected it to win, but ultimately it just fell short. There’s a lot to like here – there’s a nice-sized filler neck, and I really liked the hand grip indent in the bottle. The nozzle feels nice and chunky and is easy to grip with wet hands. You also get an intake hose filter, though the hose is a little stiff. There’s also horizontal and vertical adjustment. Foam levels are impressive, and it has the biggest spray angle adjustment range of any snow foam lance here.

Unfortunately, the nozzle adjustment is incredibly stiff. This makes it hard to adjust just the spray pattern without also moving the horizontal/vertical adjustment portion. This makes it a little frustrating to use, and you really need a firm grip on the nozzle when adjusting. Also, the measuring markings don’t start until 200ml and stop at 800ml, which is annoying when one liter is the norm. But it’s still an excellent lance overall.

For more advice, check out our full review on the Hyrdro 360 foam lance.

Auto Finesse Snow Foam Lance

RRP: £39.95 / $62.95, buy the Auto Finesse Snow Foam Lance here.


  • Looks and feels great to use
  • 1500ml capacity, great for bigger cars/SUVs/Pickups
  • Pick-up hose filter


  • No horizontal or vertical adjustment
  • Measurements start at 250ml and only have markers every 250ml
Auto Finesse Snow Foam Lance in action

The Auto Finesse Snow Foam Lance is arguably the nicest-looking lance I tested. This snow foam lance feels expensive and is very nice to use. It has the wider filler neck I want to see and a nice stable base. It also has a filter on the pick-up hose, which, again, is nice to have. It’s the biggest snow foam lance in this test and will hold 1500ml of liquid, which is another selling point. This makes it great if you need to wash something big and you want as much snow foam as possible. There’s no horizontal and vertical adjustment, though, which it gets marked down for. Also, the measuring scale is vague, only starting at 250ml and only having markers at 250ml increments, which is annoying. But otherwise, it’s a solid choice, it performs well and is ideal if you have larger vehicles to wash.

Check out the Auto Finesse Snow Foam Lance full review here.

Autoglym Polar Blaster Snow Foamer 

RRP: £39.92, buy now. $60.25, buy now.


  • Feels great to use
  • Widest filler neck on test
  • Neck indent makes it easy to hold


  • No measurement scale
  • No horizontal or vertical adjustment
  • No pick-up hose filter

The Autoglym Polar Blaster is a snow foam lance I have been using personally for a while now. It’s a very well-built snow foam lance, and Autoglym has made the effort to make sure it stands out. I like the adjuster knob design, and the nozzle is easy to adjust, with good grips ideal for wet hands. The bottle, meanwhile, has the largest filler neck of any snow foam lance in this test. It’s nice and stable, and I like the hand grip around the neck, as well. There’s no filter on the pick-up hose, but it is soft and flexible, which is nice.

However, there’s no horizontal or vertical adjustment, which is unacceptable at this price point, really. Also, as Autoglym intends it to be used with its own Polar Series products, there is no measuring scale. That’s really annoying, and I actually drew my own with a marker pen. So, while it’s nice to use and delivers impressive foam, it can’t compete with the best snow foam lances here.

For more info, read the full Autoglym snow foam lance review.

MTM Hydro PF22.2

RRP: £85.91, buy now. $82.50, buy now.


  • Lovely action on adjuster knob and nozzle
  • Horizontal and vertical adjustment
  • Measurements in 50ml increments


  • Narrow filler neck
  • Bottle feels cheap
  • No pick-up hose filter
  • Narrow spray pattern
  • Very expensive compared to others

The MTM Hydro PF22.2 is a snow foam lance that promises a lot. Unfortunately, it turned out to be the most disappointing foam cannon to use. That being said, it does have some very nice features. I love the action on the adjuster knob with its soft clicks. It also has the nicest nozzle of any snow foam lance in this test. The spray pattern adjuster is easy to turn and shows you which way to twist for a narrow or wide spray pattern. The horizontal and vertical adjuster is equally well-designed. It clicks into place beautifully and has markers for horizontal and vertical spray orientation.

The scale is also very comprehensive, with markers every 50ml. The bottle has a wide base and a textured section for extra grip. However, there’s no filter, and the pick-up hose is stiff. The bottle looks and feels cheap and has a narrow filler neck. But worst of all is the spray pattern. It has a tiny range of adjustment, and even its widest setting delivers a disappointingly narrow spray pattern. Add in the high price, and it’s hard to recommend this snow foam lance.

For a closer look at its pitfalls and potentially redeeming features, read our full review of the MTM Hydro PF22.2.

How Each Product Was Tested

I assessed each snow foam lance on several criteria. Size, functionality, ease of use, features, and price were all considered. I checked how well each snow foam lance performed in a variety of key areas. The amount of foam, the spray pattern, and what it was like to use were also taken into consideration. I have been using various snow foam lances for years, so I know what makes a good one, and I’ve found some new favorites among this selection.

What is a snow foam cannon?

Put simply, a snow foam cannon, or lance, is traditionally an attachment that connects to your pressure washer that allows a cleaning mixture to be applied to the car. The snow foam product mixes with water in the bottle and is then pressurized onto the car, which creates the foam. The bottle itself is usually made from a plastic mix, with a brass attachment connecting it to your preferred pressure washer. It’s important to remember that not all pressure washers are the same, so when you’re purchasing one, remember to select the product that attaches to your jet wash. Product listings usually mention which pressure washer brands the snow foam cannon is suitable for.

What To Look For When Buying The Best Snow Foam Lance

The perfect snow foam lance will have several useful features. You want a nice, wide filler neck, which makes life easier. A wide base means it won’t topple over when you’re not using it. You want a wide range of spray pattern adjustment as well. This allows you to quickly coat the whole car or just spray a small section.

Horizontal and vertical spray pattern adjustment is also very nice to have. A measuring scale on the side of the bottle is essential for ease of use. Finally, soft pick-up hoses and filters are a nice bonus that’s well worth looking out for. This can make all the difference between a good snow foam lance and a great one.

Looking for the right products to use in your new lance? We’ve got you covered with our guide to the best snow foam in 2024.

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