Here we have the MJJC Pro V2 Snow Foam Cannon. MJJC might not be a household name in the world of car detailing, but the company has been around since 2011. While MJJC offers a wide range of detailing products, it’s focused on snow foam cannons and lances. Clearly, this was time well spent and it shows because the Pro V2 Snow Foam Cannon is a top-tier piece of kit.

How I Tested The MJJC Pro V2 Snow Foam Cannon

Simple – I used this snow foam cannon during one of my frequent detailing sessions. I used it to apply my favorite snow foam and observed how well it performed, and how easy it was to use. I want to see lots of foam, nice features that make detailing easier, and a snow foam cannon that I want to use. As this cannon is on the more expensive side, I wanted to see extra features and plenty of adjustability. Remember, a snow foam cannon is only as good as the snow foam you’re using. So for advice on those, be sure to check out our guide to the best snow foam.

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Editor’s Note:

Elizabeth is the perfect person to test detailing products for Fast Car. She takes pride in detailing her own cars to a high standard, and has been an automotive writer for more than a decade.

First Impressions of the MJJC Pro V2 Snow Foam Cannon

From the moment you handle this snow foam cannon, it impresses. Everything about it feels solid and well-made. This is a snow foam cannon that feels like it’s going to last. As you can see, it’s got a bottle with a wide base, which I consider an essential foam cannon feature.

There’s nothing worse than a cheap foam cannon with a narrow bottle that topples over all the time. A wide base makes it nice and stable, so you can happily pop it down while you’re detailing. It does mean your foam cannon takes up a little more space when you’re storing it. But that’s barely even a gripe.

MJJC Pro V2 Snow Foam Cannon adjuster

I like that the foam adjuster makes it clear which way you need to turn it to get more foam. It might seem like a simple thing, but it takes the guesswork out of using this snow foam cannon. The adjuster has ridges that are easy to grip with wet hands, too. The bottle has a nice wide neck, too, which makes filling it easier and less messy.

MJJC Pro V2 Snow Foam Cannon pick-up hose


A top-level snow foam cannon needs some fancy features, and the MJJC Pro V2 delivers. First of all, you get horizontal and vertical adjustments. This might seem like a gimmick, but detailing is about working smarter, not harder. Anything that makes your life easier and makes washing your car quicker, is always welcome.

I absolutely love the action of the adjusters. The spray pattern adjuster is a little looser, so it’s easier to turn mid-wash. The horizontal/vertical adjuster, meanwhile, is tighter. This means that you won’t accidentally change the spray orientation while adjusting the pattern. That’s the sort of attention to detail I appreciate.

MJJC Pro V2 Snow Foam Cannon filter

The pick-up hose is also excellent. It’s soft and flexible and also has a weighted filter at the end. First of all, this helps to keep any dirt and debris out of the lance. Secondly, the combo of soft hose and weighted filter means this snow foam cannon will always be able to pick up your foam solution.

Whichever way you tilt it, the pick-up hose will always fall towards where the snow foam solution is pooling. This makes it incredibly satisfying to use and makes your life that little bit easier.

MJJC Pro V2 Snow Foam Cannon in use

What’s It Like to Use The MJJC Pro V2 Snow Foam Cannon

In terms of performance, the MJJC Pro V2 snow foam cannon does not disappoint. It delivers plenty of foam and has a wide range of spray pattern adjustments. It’s conveniently sized and doesn’t topple over under it’s own weight. That sounds silly, but when you’re pouring solution into the container and it starts to topple over, you end up wasting the solution and getting it all on the outside of the bottle. Which over time dries up and leaves a smell… That being said, it’s not all plain sailing for the MJJC Pro V2.

MJJC Pro V2 Snow Foam Cannon bottle

Downsides to the MJJC Snow Foam Cannon

The only downsides I can think of are the lack of a neck grip on the bottle. As it’s quite wide, it can be a bit slippery to hold with wet hands.

The measuring scale on the bottle only goes up in 100ml increments and only has numbering at 500 and 1000ml. This means it’s a little fiddly to work out smaller dilutions and to see exactly how much you’ve poured in. But these are incredibly minor moans.

MJJC Pro V2 Snow Foam Cannon Verdict

The MJJC Pro V2 Snow Foam Cannon is absolutely superb. It’s packed with impressive features, and it’s great to wash with. It’s easily the best snow foam cannon I’ve ever used, and worth every penny. I voted it the best overall product in our snow foam lance test for the fact that it genuinely is the best on the market.

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