Auto Finesse needs no introduction. As well as producing a dizzying array of detailing products, this UK company also offers great detailing equipment. I’ve been detailing a long time now, and in that time I’ve used some great detailing products and some really not so good ones. Having a decent snow foam and lance/cannon to spread the snow foam is essential for your car detailing. It helps making the job of cleaning your car far easier by initially removing dirt before a contact wash. 

Auto Finesse have been a hugely popular brand over the last 5-10 years, and they make some cracking products. Today, I’m testing the Auto Finesse Snow Foam Lance to see how well it stacks up against the competition.

How We Tested The Auto Finesse Snow Foam Lance

I detail my cars quite regularly, so I used the Auto Finesse Snow Foam Lance during one of those sessions. I filled it up with my favorite snow foam and observed how well it performed, and how easy it was to use. The things that make for a good snow foam lance include lots of foam being dispersed and nice features that make detailing easier. Having the option to widen the nozzle is useful, as is the option to thicken or loosen the mixture coming out. 

Editor’s Note: 

With a huge passion for car detailing and more than almost two decades of writing experience under her belt, Elizabeth is the ideal candidate to take care of Fast Car’s detailing product reviews.

Auto Finesse Snow Foam Lance review

Auto Finesse Snow Foam Lance First Impressions

If you’re on board with Auto Finesse’s distinctive color scheme, then this is arguably one of the sexiest snow foam cannons around. It’s got a sleek and aesthetically pleasing design that other lances lack. It also looks big, and that’s because it is, much bigger than other snow foam cannons. It’s very solid and feels like a high-quality piece of detailing kit.

Auto Finesse Snow Foam Lance adjuster


Unlike most snow foam cannons, which usually have a 1-liter bottle, Auto Finesse’s Snow Foam Lance has a 1.5-liter bottle. While 1 liter has always been enough for me, having the extra capacity is useful.

Auto Finesse Snow Foam Lance filter

If you want to clean more than one car or are cleaning something very large, then this is the perfect snow foam cannon for you. It also has a nice wide base for stability and a decent-sized filler neck. The pick-up hose also has a filter, which is a nice bonus.

Auto Finesse Snow Foam Lance bottle

What’s It Like To Use The Auto Finesse Snow Foam Lance?

I have no complaints about how the Auto Finesse Snow Foam Lance performs. It serves up plenty of nice thick foam, which is just what you want. I love the action of the spray pattern adjuster, and it’s nice and big and easy to grip and turn. The lack of a neck grip on the big bottle is a bit annoying, though. It’s big and heavy when full, which makes holding it with wet hands a little tricky. Matt, editor of Fast Car, uses the older style Auto Finesse snow foam lance, which is narrower and taller. It suffers a similar fate however as it’s top heavy it doesn’t always stand. The newer design is welcomed. 

Auto Finesse Snow Foam Lance in action

There’s no horizontal and vertical adjustment here, and while it’s not essential, you’d expect to see it at this price point. Also, the measuring scale is vague, only starting at 250ml and only having markers at 250ml increments, which is annoying.

Auto Finesse Snow Foam Lance Verdict

The Auto Finesse Snow Foam Lance is very nice, and I came away really liking it, despite the lack of features. It feels really nice to use, and I like the fact that you’ll (probably) never run out of snow foam. But the various minor gripes add up to stop it from being really excellent. It’s still good, but a few tweaks to the design would make it great.

You can get your hands on one directly from Auto Finesse’s website for $62.95 here. For UK customers, it retails at £35.99.