The Liberty Walk Abarth 595 kit has landed, endowing the Italian sports-supermini with a comically stocky silhouette.

GT-Rs, Silvias, Huracans… heck, there’s even a Ferrari F40 project on its way. Liberty Walk has created wild body kits for most of the top enthusiast cars around the world, but the Japanese company’s latest modified project is a little more left-field by comparison. The Liberty Walk Abarth 595 is a supermini on steroids, freshly unveiled for the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon.

Powered by a 1.4-liter turbo in-line four-pot engine, the Abarth 595 makes a grand total of 165hp. Not exactly the typical performance credentials you’d expect of an LB-chosen model, but as a lightweight front-wheel drive plaything, it’s still fun to chuck around twisty back roads and urban streets. It’s the sort of car which garners a devout fanbase, but anybody outside of the clique is unlikely to pay too much attention to it. In a way, it almost reminds me of the early 2000s UK & Euro car scene. Back then, meets were often populated by fairly low-end cars with exaggerated styling mods that defied their true performance. Admittedly, from an aesthetic point of view, this Liberty Walk kit is a much more pleasing design to the modern eye, but there are certainly parallels to be drawn from that bygone era. Anyway, here’s what the kit involves:

rear of Liberty Walk Abarth 595

LB Works Abarth 595

The Liberty Walk Abarth 595 package is part of the LB Works series, which means it comes packed with all the core bosozuku-inspired styling concepts that emerge from Wataru Kato’s brain. That means full-fat severe flares and big aero.

Altogether, there are six elements to the Liberty Walk Abarth 595 body kit. At the front of the car, you’ll get a restyled hood and bumper complete with motorsport-inspired canards. As per any LB Works kit, the car’s arches are massively flared too, designed to flow into a more aggressive set of sideskirts. The rear arches on this particular kit are arguably even meatier than the ones at the front, a theme which is accentuated by the rear diffuser and rally-style rear wing.

Liberty Walk Abarth 595 side profile

As for the price, Liberty Walk Europe lists the kit at £15,070, before shipping and fitting costs. For context, that’s pretty much what you’d pay for a nearly-new 595 on the used market. So, it’s expensive and unlikely to be a big seller in reality, but hey – at least the option’s there if you’re crazy enough!

front quarter of Liberty Walk Abarth kit rear quarter of Liberty Walk Abarth kit Liberty Walk rear arch Liberty Walk rear wing

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