We’ve already seen what happens when the unhinged lunatic artisans at Liberty Walk get their hands on the baby Daihatsu Copen: applying their own particular brand of widebody mayhem to this cute little open-top formula leads to something hilariously tough for such a small package.

Like a four-foot bouncer, or a terrier with a toothache. But now Kato-san’s band of merry pranksters have taken things a step further, stirring a baby GT-R-style facelift into the mix, before covering it all in Marlboro livery like a 1970s race car.

DAIHATSU COPEN liberty walk

Sadly there’s no room for the GT-R’s actual engine (you’ll still find the Copen’s kei-spec 658cc Moulinex in there), but the Godzilla-esque quad exhausts certainly make a statement.

And with sticky Yokos wrapped around those Advan wheels, and an LSD, it’s probably a right laugh to drive too. Liberty Walk, we want a go.. please!!!

DAIHATSU COPEN liberty walk

Words Dan Bevis