It was an era which gave us some of the UK’s most colourful and controversial builds, and this weekend we got to re-live it all. Here’s some of the highlights from the 2022 Max Power Reunion.

Like any reunion between friends and foes from a bygone era, this weekend’s event at the British Motor Museum certainly created a lot of conversation. However, rather than the laboured small talk and silent judgement you’d find at a typical gathering of old classmates or colleagues, the focus was instead on bodykits, paintwork, and bonkers boot builds.

The attendees more than lived up to the show’s billing, with everything from period-correct Max Power cars to modern stanced interlopers lining the Gaydon car park. So, let’s take a whistle-stop tour around some of the major attractions.

We’ll begin with some Max Power royalty. Known as Project Slam, this Vauxhall Astra Coupe was an official promotional car back in the day, likely taking inspiration from Opel’s Astra DTM racer.

Like most Max Power cars, Project Slam spent most of the 2010s wasting away in hibernation. However, the guys at Workshop504 have carefully restored it to its former glory. The project has been fully documented over on their YouTube channel, which you can find via this link.

Project Slam at the 2022 Max Power Reunion

Of course, it wouldn’t be the golden era of modifying without some hot hatches and city cars thrown into the mix, like this bright green Mk3 Fiesta. Now, you could be forgiven for assuming that this was a period car, but actually, it’s a fairly recent build. The base car itself cost a mere £350, while the widebody only added on another £250 to the bill. Of course, the costs connected to the car run far deeper than that, but compared to many modern projects, this one’s a bargain! Besides, who can put a price on finally getting to live out a teenage fantasy?

A Ford Fiesta a the 2022 Max Power Reunion

On the VIP end of the modified car spectrum, there were rides like this slammed Chrysler 300C. Already an imposing beast as standard, the 300C’s presence is added to by a bespoke web grille and an old favourite – lambo doors. The rims stand 22 inches wide, and minimal ground clearance is achieved with an air ride system.


A Chrysler 300C at the 2022 Max Power Reunion

Anyway, we could drone on about each sort of build on display, but deep down, we know you just want to see the pictures. So go on then, fill your boots, check out our gallery from the 2022 Max Power Reunion below!