KINTO FACTORY has come up with a new selection of Toyota GR Yaris upgrades, designed to give drivers more control over their car’s set-up.

Albeit independent from Toyota, KINTO FACTORY is working with the Japanese marque as an official partner to deliver these new upgrades and modifications.

The aftermarket specialist was already offering a range of ‘Morizo Selection’ parts for the GR Yaris, including suspension and interior alterations complete with the colours of Super Taikyu series team, ROOKIE Racing.

Now though, KINTO’s modifications are set to have an even more tangible impact upon the way the GR Yaris performs.

Rather than relying on any mechanical changes, KINTO have come up with a new ECU map which increases torque between the 3200-4000rpm rev range. The hike amounts to about 13lb ft, raising the stock figure of 273 to 286lb ft.

What’s more, the KINTO FACTORY package also gives drivers the keys to personalise much more about their car. This covers everything from accelerator response and steering assists, to the torque distributions between each axle.

The Toyota GR Yaris upgrades offered by KINTO FACTORY


It’s not a completely free reign though. Instead, GR Yaris owners will be able to select from 27 pre-gathered set-up configurations. To help customers make the decision, KINTO FACTORY intend to run consultations with them about their driving, or even use data from a special closed-course test session. We know which option sounds more fun to us…

If you happened to purchase your GR Yaris directly from KINTO FACTORY to begin with – then good news! The torque upgrades will come at no extra cost, though if you’re a relative ‘gaijin’ then you’ll have to fork out approximately £850, then another £50-£100 for the consultation.

At the moment, the service is restricted to Japan only, so if you’re keen to get the latest Toyota GR Yaris upgrades, you’ll have to travel far. Anyone up for a road trip?

If not, check out our own modification guide for the GR Yaris here!