No one can accuse the GR Yaris of being a shrinking violet, as it’s currently the talk of the town when it comes to hot hatches. But as we know, even the best can be made better with some well selected modifications, so read on through our Toyota GR Yaris modifications guide to see how you can turn the tearaway Toyota up to eleven!

If you’re anything like us – and the very fact that you’re reading this suggests that you are – the emergence of a new model on the hot hatch scene is always met with excitement. Will it be able to take on the existing top guns? Will it be even more powerful than the last? Will it be genuinely thrilling to drive like the iconic hot hatches of old? Well, you’ve no doubt read the reviews, watched the YouTube videos and heard it from all who’ve driven one, that the Toyota GR Yaris can do the lot! We’ve yet to hear a bad word about the car that Toyota has released as their WRC homologation special and the tuners are lapping them up in their droves, desperate to see what kind of additional performance they can extract from the 1.6-litre three-cylinder engine or the rally-hewn four-wheel drive system.

But as good as the GR Yaris is in standard form, like its GR Supra sibling, it’s proving to be just as potent when it comes to its latent potential, and that means tuning will reap impressive gains on an already extremely impressive base package, and that’s what’s really exciting.

Toyota GR Yaris Modifications

At present the car is so new that tuning products are still relatively thin on the ground, but our sources say that a whole smorgasbord is on the cards in the near future, including a whole heap that are due once a way to crack the ECU has been found, that will really unleash the beast within.

To give you an idea of what any lucky GR Yaris owners could achieve as of right now, we’ve spoken to a host of the top tuners to see what’s possible and where to spend your cash.

ITG air filters

Filtration specialist ITG has developed two serious motorsport orientated intakes which are nearing completion, one for a technical partner JCR and the other to be branded as ITG, but the Coventry-based intake experts are holding off on the launch of those until software experts catch up. Until then the ITG Pro filter with an exhaust and the popular DTUK tuning box is working really well with a noticeable gain in torque and throttle response whilst offering a louder and sportier induction roar.

Price: From £45.00 (Pro filter panel filter)

Toyota GR Yaris Modifications

Maxton design styling kit

The GR Yaris is a brutal-looking bruiser straight out of the box but, to take things even further, Maxton Design has released a suite of 23 different aero additions that complement the car’s existing lines and offer even more aggression to its aesthetics. From a full low line kit to front splitters, side skirt diffusers, rear side splitters, rear diffusers, rear valance, canards and a spoiler extension, there’s plenty of parts for you to mix and match to find your perfect combination. Each piece of aero addenda is available in either a textured matt black, gloss black or carbon-style finishes to personalise the look even further.

Price: From £59.00

Milltek sport exhaust system

With its low roof line and wide arches, the GR Yaris certainly has the look of a homologation special, but the standard exhaust is left a little lacking, both in terms of its sound and look. To sort the situation, Milltek Sport has been busy developing a range of 3in stainless steel exhaust systems for the car. The range is modular so you can add to it as your funds or performance requirements grow and starts off with either a resonated, or non-resonated OPF-back system with a choice of tailpipe finishes including cool carbon-fibre and tasty burnt titanium. As mentioned, you can then build on this base with various downpipe, sports cat, de-cat and OPF bypass pipes that will not only unleash more power from the world beating 1.6-litre, three-cylinder powerplant, but also the full growl of a true WRC contender.

Price: From £1043.17 (non-resonated OPF-back system)

Bola B2R alloy wheels

When it comes to wheel fitment, the Yaris is very niche. With flared arches, extended driveshafts to allow for the four-wheel-drive system and massive brakes front and rear, it takes a well-engineered wheel to get that perfect fitment while also optimising the grip and stability of this little beast!

Like the GR Yaris, the flow-forged Bola B2R is a modern interpretation of a classic design. Its five concave/convex spokes and low weight of 9.2kg per corner are more than a match for the GR’s muscular flared arches and
squat stance!

Coming in 9.5x18in ET43 and wearing a 255/35/18 tyre, the B2R offers a wide footprint in a square setup to complement the industry-leading AWD system and deliver that impressive torque figure to the tarmac.

Price: From £199 per wheel

Wildcard: TOM’s bodykit

Fancy going a bit wild with your Toyota GR Yaris modifications? Check out the TOM’s bodykit for it. It comes complete with a new front bumper, splitter and canards, as well as side skirts, wider rear arches and a new rear bumper as well as an aggressive diffuser, which leaves space for a single central exit exhaust.