Easily attainable, and bursting with potential, it’s no wonder why these cars are so popular. Here are the best Honda Civics at Japfest 2023.

As well as being a dependable family runabout, the Honda Civic and its Type R offshoots have a bit of a dark side. When fully unleashed by capable tuners, these hot hatches can punch way above their weight on the road, and on track. And, since they’ve been around for decades, there are all sorts of shapes and sizes of Civic for owners to base their build upon. So, when having a stroll around Silverstone last weekend, we came across a great variety of projects bearing the Civic badge.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to a handful which stuck out from the crowd. But before we get into that though, be sure to check out our Skyline and RX-7 Japfest showcases if you haven’t already!

white FK8

Razi’s FK8

Let’s begin our tour of hot Hondas with this tastefully modified FK8. Looking rather fetching in white (as most fast Civics do), this FK8 is owned by a lad called Razi. We’ve actually featured one of his old cars before; a grey FK8 which you can read all about here.

This new car is just as impressive, boasting genuine Mugen exterior parts such as the front lip, rear diffuser, side skirts, and wing mirrors. The wheels are a set of high-end Rays, while a sweet HKS exhaust completes the spec sheet for now. However, we don’t expect it’ll stay in this guise for long…

grey J's Racing FK8

J’s Racing FK8

Another FK8 which was a must-see at Japfest was this grey example which we hosted at our own Fast Car paddock. JDM nerds (myself included) will be excited to hear that this FK8 is sporting a J’s Racing body kit and J’s Racing wheels – the only example in Europe to have these parts fitted! If that didn’t make it exclusive enough for you, the car has even been signed by Junichi Umemoto himself.

If you want to see more of this one, keep an eye out for a feature on the website, coming soon!

The FEEL's Honda Civic FD2 was one of the best cars of Japfest 2023.


J’s Racing wasn’t the only niche JDM tuning house to have representation at Japfest 2023. This FEEL’s-tuned FD2 Type R is another super-rare import worthy of your attention. In fact, this example is in such pristine condition that our judges awarded it one of the rosettes for Top 10 Best In Show. You can read more about the other winners of that prize here.

As I’m sure you’ve gathered by now, the quality of Civics on offer at Japfest this year was extremely high. So, to make life simple, we’ve compiled the rest of them into a handy little gallery, which you can view below. Enjoy!