Jason Liu embarked on a two year journey to create the UK’s first and only J’s Racing modified Honda Civic Type R FK8. We take a look at the 400bhp+ build. 

Everyone’s looking for that unique edge that sets their car apart. Whether it’s a specific color scheme, an insane spoiler or a complete catalogue build, these modifications are an expression of the owner’s dedication to their vision.

We’ve seen FK8 Mugen builds before but we hadn’t come across a full J’s Racing build until this celebration of all things Japanese cars. Owner Jason Liu embarked on a two year project to create the UK’s first and only J’s Racing FK8. “There’s only four in the world, one in Japan, two in the US and my one here.” 

Surrounded by a sea of Civic Type Rs Jason’s car was definitely pulling focus and it’s easy to see why. The build takes on a meaner, more aggressive look than the Mugen version and its unusual looks proved popular with Honda fans. As a lesser known brand, it’s certainly a rare treat to see a catalogue J’s Racing FK8 up close and personal. 

Front 3/4 shot of J's racing modified honda civic type r fk8

Why J’s Racing?

“To be unique. I think I initially didn’t like the look of the stock FK8. I wanted to make it my own and I’ve seen a lot of Mugen builds, but not J’s. So I went down that route and it escalated into this. I’d rather go for something different and stand out.” Mission accomplished. Jason’s FK8 is a J’s build through and though, right down to the tow hook, “this is basically a catalogue J’s build, that’s the best way to put it.”

As we often see, getting hold of parts can be a lengthy process but at the beginning Jason managed to get a J’s spoiler sooner than he was expecting. The build was completed by Dream Automotive in Luton, so they handled ordering parts and fitting them as and when they came in. Another customer had ordered a J’s spoiler but changed their mind so Jason was able to take the order instead and get his spoiler quicker than anticipated. “I was doing my research and I liked the wing so I took the order and that was the spur where everything just happened at once.” The parts started flowing in and the vision started coming together over the next two years. 

side profile shot of J's racing modified honda civic type r fk8

Transformation From Stock To Modified Honda Civic Type R FK8

This went from a complete stock FK8 to a deafening modified beast. “It was stock when I got it but it wasn’t enough for the way I wanted it to be and it was really quiet. From stock you couldn’t really hear it and now it’s so loud, but I really like it.” ‘So loud’ doesn’t really cover it, especially in an enclosed pit garage at Silverstone, it’s insanely loud! So much so, Jason says, when he takes it to car shows, “morning starts, oh my god! Sometimes when you start it the neighbors’ car alarms go off, luckily it’s not a daily.”  

Leaving no stone unturned, Jason also made sure the engine bay got a makeover too. “​​It’s a complete J’s engine bay and I went for a bronze/gold theme,” which carries on throughout the interior and newly fitted J’s Racing aftermarket wheels. “Phil who runs Dream Automotive knows everything about FKs and he said to me ‘you know what, if you want to do it, do it.’ I’m just really happy with the overall look.”

interior of modified honda Civic type r fk8

Full J’s Interior For The FK8

It wasn’t just the bodykit Jason wanted. To be a full catalogue build he also had the complete J’s Racing interior fitted. The bronze and gold theme complements the carbon components and inside there’s a special detail that makes this build even more unique. 

In keeping with Jason’s color scheme, the owner of J’s Racing Hisaaki Murakami signed the dashboard in gold to commemorate this FK8 project. The entire build has been captured on Dream Automotive’s YouTube channel and shows the team fitting all of the J’s Racing components from start to finish.

Eventuri intake on modified honda civic type r fk8

Modified Honda Civic Type R FK8 Built For Shows Or The Track?

Whilst the FK8’s tuning by Racecal to take the stock 316bhp up to 401bhp would suggest otherwise, Jason’s modified Honda Civic Type R FK8 is not gracing the track just yet. “I’m happy with the power and happy with the balance of the whole car.” But given it takes up to 14 months to replace something like the spoiler, it would be too heartbreaking to take it out on a track and risk damaging any of the bodywork. 

“It’s not my daily, so this is for going to car shows and enjoying the car. Even though it’s a track car as well, it’s just for looks right now. If it wasn’t for parts taking that long I’d be on the track.” But for now, it’s already proving popular at car shows with Jason’s FK8 placing second best in show at the last Mimms Honda Day. “That was my first show n shine and it was a good day out.”

J's racing wheels on modified honda civic type r fk8

The years of trawling through parts sites looking for the next modification aren’t quite over but Jason says the build is nearly there. “I’ve got the majority of it, probably 90 something percent. This year, I’m just going to enjoy the shows because before I was constantly on parts sites. Now I’ve almost got a complete build, I can just go to shows and enjoy myself.” 

It’s now an opportunity to display the car and embrace the next phase of the project. “What I like is, we work six days a week, so we have that one day off where we just do what we enjoy, what we really want to do, and this is what I love doing.” 

rear shot of J's racing modified honda civic type r fk8

The Highlights 

There’s always so many memories that rush through people’s heads when you ask what are the best moments so far. While it can be frustrating to wait for parts and be without the car for periods of time, the dedication to a full catalogue build pays off in the end. “Getting a phone call from Dream to say ‘your parts are here’ was the best. I said ‘book me in ASAP!’” 

During the build, Jason would leave work early to drive to Luton to keep up to date with its progress. And it’s clear, going down the J’s route was 100 percent the right choice for Jason, it looks amazing and you can tell how excited he is to be displaying the car and talking to people about the build. So, keep an eye out at shows throughout the year and maybe you’ll get the chance to see this incredible J’s Racing FK8 in the metal.

J's racing modified honda civic type r fk8 exhaust tips

Words: Trinity Francis. Photos: Chris Wallbank. 

Tech Spec: Modified Honda Civic Type R FK8


K20C1 – Eventuri V2 Intake; Eventuri Turbo inlet pipe; J’s Racing Rocker Cover No 88; J’s Racing Strut Bar; J’s Racing Oil Filler Cap; J’s Racing Coolant Cap; PRL Front Pipe; PRL Down Pipe; PRL intercooler; PRL Boost Pipes; Radium Coolant Tank; Radium Dual Catch Cans; APR Cooling Plates; Dream Automotive Hard Lagged Turbo Shield; Dress-up Bolts in Gold.


Stock 6 Speed Manual; Acuity Short Shifter and Acuity Shifter bushings.


Stock suspension; Eibach US Lowering Springs 15mm front; 17mm Rear; Cusco Front and Rear Anti Roll bars; Spoon Rigid Collars Front/Rear; Power Flex Anti Lift Kit; J’s Racing Front Monocoque Bar.




J’s Racing XR227 Forged Bronze 18×9.5 ET 45 running Toyo R888R 265/35/18 with Rampage Titanium Cone Lug Nuts.


J’s Racing Carbon Cluster Surround; J’s Racing Carbon Front Passenger Garnish; J’s Racing Sports Steering Wheel; J’s Racing Rear Tower Bar; J’s Racing Shift Boot Ring; J’s Racing Titanium Shifter Knob and signed by J’s Racing owner Hisaaki Murakami; Overland Designs A Pillars; Overland Designs Upper Console Trims; Overland Designs Gauge Vison Trim all wrapped in Alcantara.


J’s Racing Twin Canards; J’s Racing Front Splitter Type S; J’s Racing Front Carbon Sports Grille; J’s Racing Carbon Side Wings; J’s Racing Type V Bonnet Aluminium Net; J’s Racing Aero Bonnet Type V Inner Rain Protector; J’s Racing Front Type R Emblem; J’s Racing Front Sports Garnish; J’s Racing Carbon Front Grille Extensions; J’s Racing Aero Bonnet Type V Full Carbon; J’s Racing SUS Exhaust Plus Dual Semi-Titanium 70RR; J’s Racing Front Tow Hook; J’s Racing Rear Tow Hook; J’s Racing 3D GT-Wing Type 1 Wet Carbon 1600mm; APR Carbon Side Vents.


Special Thanks to Phil at Dream Automotive; all parts supplied and fitted by Dream Automotive and Tuned by Romain from Racecal.