Who doesn’t love the high-revving buzz of a rotary engine? Here are some of the best Mazda RX-7s at Japfest 2023

Yesterday, we brought you a selection of some of the best Nissan Skylines & GTRs that Japfest 2023 had to offer. So, continuing our series of core JDM hero cars, we decided to shine a light on some of the top notch Mazda RX-7s that flocked to Silverstone last weekend too.

One of the examples that immediately caught our attention was an immaculate silver SA22, featured as part of the Auto Finesse Select show & shine competition. Rather than being wildly customized beyond recognition, this classic coupe benefits from some tasteful mods like retro three-spoke wheels (complete with cute pink heart dust caps), a subtle bodykit, and lowered suspension. It didn’t take home any awards at the show & shine, but it certainly won our approval.

As you can imagine, there were a whole host of newer FD-generation RX-7s too, varying between the sleek OEM+ look similar to the aforementioned SA22, and something much more aggressive.

Best Mazda RX-7s at Japfest

Of course, it’s always tricky to narrow multiple fields of cars down into a mere handful of standouts, but nevertheless we’ve given it a go. So, enjoy – check out the gallery below to see a few of our favorite Mazda RX-7s at Japfest 2023.

Did we miss your car? Have you got a feature worthy RX-7 sitting in your garage? Then feel free to get in touch!


Bonus Mazda & Rotary Gallery

In addition to the flagship RX-7, Mazda has also produced a number of other fan-favorite sports cars over the years, from the adorable MX-5/Miata roadster, to the underappreciated MX-6 coupe. Plenty of these were out in force at Silverstone too, so here’s a snapshot of the other Mazda models at Japfest 2023.

Oh, and don’t think we’ve gone mad – we’ve included an epic Corvette drift car in this selection as well, not because we’re morons (although that’s up for debate), but because it’s packing a highly-modified Mazda rotary engine under its hood! If you want to learn more about it, we’ve done a whole feature on Axel Hildebrand’s Kevlar Corvette which you can read here. In the meantime though, here’s some more Mazda goodness…