Believe it or not, the VW Golf Mk8 has been kicking around for four years now so, inevitably, there is quite a selection of modifications available on the aftermarket. Here are some of the best we could find…

When it comes to performance variants of the VW Golf Mk8, generally you have the ‘lower output’ GTI version (running the 2.0T EA888 EVO DRNA 240bhp engine) and the ‘higher output’ R model (2.0T EA888 EVO DNFG 316bhp).

When we spoke to the guys at Revo, they told us the main reason they separate the two models is that, unlike the Mk7 GTI and R, the Mk8 variants use turbos produced by totally different manufacturers meaning aftermarket parts – like air intake systems etc. – generally aren’t interchangeable between the two. You have to wonder whether Volkswagen did that on purpose to make life harder for tuners?

Clamping down on ECU tampering

Wolfsburg certainly didn’t want anybody playing around with the car’s engine control unit that’s for sure. As of yet, we’re still to hear of a tuner that has cracked the encryptions on the VW Golf Mk8 GTI/R’s ECU, but that hasn’t stopped global tuners powering on with the development of a whole host of other hardware for the eight generation car in preparation for the software to eventually roll out. I guess that explains what this feature is all about…

BMP Tuning are an impatient bunch and couldn’t wait for off-the-shelf software to become available, so adapted a JB4 piggyback ECU from Burger Motorsports to uncork its GTI’s 2.0T and, with the help of some of the add-ons you’ll find in this VW Golf Mk8 modifications guide, managed to increase power to 321hp and 350lb/ft – making it arguably the most power GTI in North America, if not the world… You can check out BMP’s 321hp GTI here.

In terms of software, it’s very much not a case of if but when somebody does eventually crack the code, so this feature will give you an idea of the parts you need to get in place before remapping your ECU and reaping the benefits of the solid foundations you have put in place.

Please note that many firms we spoke to are in the R&D stages of their Mk8 Golf tuning programs, so either have new parts about to launch or very close to production stages. Thankfully, many chassis parts are interchangeable between the MQB Mk7 and the Mk8, meaning many companies are able to offer the same hardware parts from their Mk7 MQB range for the 8th gen. Of course, a few firms have been super efficient and already produce a range of Mk8 specific parts.

While it feels like more than ever the government and car manufacturers in general are trying to prevent us from modifying and personalising our cars, it’s very exciting to see just how many companies are getting involved with VW Golf Mk8 modifications.

All prices were correct at the time of publishing.

VW Golf Mk8 modifications guide – aftermarket specialists

VW Golf Mk8 modifications - APR carbon fibre pipe


Alabama-based APR took delivery of its VW Golf GTI Mk8 development car late in 2021, and, inevitably, is now deep in the midst of its R&D stages with the vehicle. Not ones to rush things, these guys are methodical when it comes to developing software and hardware for new vehicles so you can expect to see all manner of parts emerging shortly for the latest performance Golfs.

VW Golf Mk8 modifications available:

  • APR Carbon fibre intake breather filer: $28.94
  • APR Carbon fibre turbo inlet pipe: $186.95
  • APR Intercooler system: $992.95
  • APR Billet stainless dog-bone insert: $69.49
  • APR Roll-control stabiliser bar: $297.95 (front and rear available)
  • APR Roll-control front stabiliser bar end links: From $233.95
  • APR Ao1 Flow formed wheels (18”-20”): From $330.95


VW Golf Mk8 modifications - Revo demo car


British tuner, Revo has been at the forefront of VAG tuning for many moons now. It’s Mk8 programme began back in November 2020 after purchasing a GTI demonstrator, so it’s no wonder the range of products it now produces is pretty substantial. It’s worth noting that the guys can also fit these parts at its new TRPC fitting centre. You can check out the firm’s Mk7 Golf R demo car from 2019 here.

Demo vehicle: VW Golf GTI Mk8 (245PS)

  • Revo 18” RF018 wheels (8.85kg): £309.60 (19” & 20” available)
  • Revo Big Brake Kit: From £2587.57
  • Revo Turbo Muffler Delete: £106.80
  • Revo Carbon Series Intake: £883.35
  • Revo Intercooler: £817.74
  • Revo Intercooler Pipes: £376.74
  • Bilstein Evo S coilovers: £1346.00


VW Golf Mk8 modifications - Forge Demo Car

Forge Motorsport

Founded in 1996, Forge Motorsport have never messed about when a new performance VW has dropped and naturally it’s been busy developing new products ever since taking delivery of its Mk8 R demo car. The west-country firm also produces a number of GTI-specific products, plus many MQB parts that will fit the Mk8, like their big brake kits, wheel spacers and dog-bone bush inserts.

VW Golf Mk8 modifications for R and GTI models:

  • Forge replacement panel filter: £36.04
  • Recirculation valve: £219.04
  • Atmospheric valve: £219.04
  • Dog-bone bush insert (Type B): £48.43

Mk8 GTI model only:

  • Dog-bone bush insert (Type A): £48.43
  • Turbo muffler delete (GTI only): £125.64

VW Golf Mk8 modifications for R model only

  • High Flow Intake Hose: £194.35 Inc VAT


VW Golf Mk8 modifications - Unitronic carbon air intake


Canadian firm, Unitronic has been developing Performance Hardware and Software for the Mk8 Golf GTI since the end of 2021. Having worked with Jamie Orr and Liqui Moly on a crazy car giveaway (pictured), the team kickstarted Research and Development even before receiving their very own 2022 Performance GTI in in December ’21. A plethora of upgrades are in the works with the parts listed below due to be realised very soon. Also in development are software, downpipe, turbo inlet, charge popes and much more.

VW Golf Mk8 modifications available soon:

  • Carbon Fibre intake with Air Duct: £TBC
  • Intercooler upgrade: £TBC
  • Cat-back Exhaust: £TBC


front and rear of golf gti and golf r

ECS Tuning

Ohio-based ECS Tuning was formed way back in 1962 as Euro-Car Service based out of a two-bay auto repair shop. While the premises may have expanded somewhat since then, the focus on European (and especially VW) cars still remains and it now produces its own line of aftermarket upgrade products. Here is a list of just some of the parts it now produces for Mk8 GTI…

VW Golf Mk8 modifications available:

  • Front adjustable sway bar: From $425.95 (rear also available)
  • Front skid plate: $269.95 (mid and rear available)
  • Dog-bone mount kit with insert: $294.95
  • Adjustable coilovers: $727.95
  • Alzor and Tekniform wheels: POA
  • Turbo outlet pipe: $234.95
  • Catback exhaust: $646.77
  • Intake and filter upgrade: POA
  • Rear strut tower brace (Stage 1): $160.95


front mount intercooler

Integrated Engineering FMIC offers 74% reduced intake air temp and 137% more core volume. It looks pretty sweet, too

Integrated Tuning

Founded in 2007 by brothers Peter and David Blais, American firm Integrated Engineering produce everything from connecting rods to camshafts, so it goes without saying that it has a selection of products in the development stages for the Mk8 Golf which will be launching very soon. For now, we can confirm that the Mk7 GTI FMIC will fit the Mk8 GTI and offer second-to-none build quality, plus huge improvements in cooling.

VW Golf Mk8 modifications available:

IE FDS MBQ Intercooler Kit Mk7/8 Golf: $899.00 – Offers 74% reduced intake air temp and 137% more core volume. Capable of dealing with 600+ bhp. Need we say more…


VW Golf Mk8 modifications - KW coilovers


The German supremos at KW have developed a full range of coilovers for the 8th generation performance Golf, plus lowering springs, if you’re that way inclined. It’s V1 coilover solution starts at £1123.00 and rises to £1888.00 for its three-way adjustable V3 option. If you have a car that runs DDC from the factory, then they offer a plug and play variant (£2450.00), that plug into your car and utilises the factory DDC settings as originally intended, except with a advantage of having an adjustable coilover fixed to each corner.


Milltek exhaust on Golf gti


Millek recently launched non-resonated systems for the VW Golf GTI Mk8, which start at £1999.82 for the particular filter-back set-up with polished tips, and prices rise all the way up to £2826.48 for a resonated filter back system with burnt titanium tips. Carbon, ceramic and burnt finished tips are also available.

Brit Wagstaff at Milltek told us these systems are now being manufactured in Milltek’s ‘Advanced Manufacturing Centre’ utilising some of new equipment including Tube & Sheet Laser, All Electric CNC 4” Bender & 3D Laser Cutting Robotic Cells to allow for precise engineering.

Apparently large bore downpipes have also been developed for the Mk8 which come with either a High Flow Sports Cat (£955.18) or Race Cat (£784.61). While a de-cat pipe isn’t currently available we can’t imagine it will be too long until one is.


Maxton Design golf r


German firm, Oettinger has been tuning VW’s Golf since the very first generation car and it’s current range of products are available officially as Volkswagen Accessories through your Volkswagen dealer. It offers styling packages for both the base model, GTI and R cars, plus a selection of alloy wheels with all products naturally being TUV approved. We’ll be focusing on the performance models for this VW Golf Mk8 modifications guide.

VW Golf Mk8 modifications for GTI and R models

  • Front lip spoiler (also fits GTD, GTE & R-Line) £422.50
  • Front spoiler (GTI): £478.00
  • Rear diffuser (fits GTI with tailpipe up to 112mm) £691.50
  • Roof spoiler (also fits GTD and R without R Performance pack):
    From £421.50
  • 19” Twinspoke alloys (available in red or gloss black) POA

Contact: or

Maxton Design golf r

Maxton Design

The Maxton Design brand may be relatively new when compared with many of the other established names on these pages, but that hasn’t stopped the Polish company literally blowing up on the VAG scene over the passed few year. It’s products are super stylish, incredibly well built and affordable, too. What more could you ask for? Where its VW Golf Mk8 modifications programme is concerned, Maxton manufacturers all manner of bodywork add-ons. It’s front splitters start at €144.00, side skirts from €169.00 and rear valance €154.00. They also produce a number of splitters, flaps and diffusers, which will give your car a unique look while still retaining an OEM+ feel.


Remus Golf R


Austrian firm Remus was founded in 1990 and now exports its exhausts to more than 60 countries worldwide.

For the VW Golf Mk8 GTI it offers a GPF-back system available in resonated and non-res (Racing) centre and a section of tailpipes (£1033.93 to £1531.07) offering gains of up to 8.3HP / 7.9Nm. The Mk8 Golf R system (£1526.78 to £2312.15), is also available with a range of tailpipes. You can expect gains around 7.6HP / 5.1Nm with the Racing GPF-back system installed.


VW Golf Mk8 modifications - Pipercross filter


Pipercross offer their direct replacement performance filter for the Mk8 GTI and R. It’s foam filters are free-flowing, increasing performance and economy. They are also proven to have a 99.7% optimum filtration efficiency and a larger dirt capacity compared to any other type of filter.

It also features a lifetime warranty for the original buyer.

  • Pipercross Mk8 GTI/R direct replacement filter: £41.99


VW Golf Mk8 modifications - Scorpion demo car


Scorpion produce a number of exhaust solutions of the Mk8 Golf R, including resonated and non-resonated, plus valved and non-valved systems. As well as polished Daytona and Daytona Ceramic tailpipes, the Derbyshire company is pleased to offer the Mk8 system with its new, premium high performance Ascari Carbon Tailpipes. The tailpipe has been produced with longevity in mind and is available in quad 90mm, 100mm & 114mm diameters. In terms of prices, these start at £1587.00 for a non-res, non-valved system.


Wagner tuning parts


WagnerTuning in Germany have been busy developing an Air Intake System for the Mk8 GTI Golf (£980.00) which is a direct replacement for the factory system and removes all the bottlenecks you’d find in the OEM system. The carbon air inlet system has been optimised for the best possible flow properties in order to generate maximum performance in combination with a unique intake noise. Wagner has also produced an EA888 Gen4 Turbo Outlet (£110.00) which replaces the restrictive OEM item and features a cross sectional enlargement of almost 20%. Finally, its High Performance ‘Competition’ Intercooler kit (£940.00 ) has a 620mm x 440mm x 65mm core size, providing 132% more volume compared to the original intercooler.


Bagged Mk8 Golf


German firm Streetec produces its own custom air suspension kit tailored specifically for the VW Golf Mk8, which it has developed using only the finest European parts. BILSTEIN supply the dampers, while ContiTech and Universal Air produce the air springs. Streetec then produces all the custom  machine parts from the highest quality aluminium and stainless steel. The Mk8 Golf kits also come with adjustable top mounts and retail at €2499.


o30 motorsport parts

034 Motorsport

Californian firm 034 Motorsport produce all manner of hardcore performance mods for mainly European vehicles (VW, Audi & BMWs). While it’s currently in the R&D stage with most Mk8-specific parts, it has produced a Turbo Muffler Delete kit ($109.00) for the vehicle. Plus, if you would like to get your Mk8 cornering like nothing else, then a lot of its Mk7 MQB parts will fit. Be sure to take a closer look on its website…


VW Golf Mk8 modifications - RPI Golf R demo 

RPI Equipped

Canadian firm RPI Equipped might not manufacture any of its own products, but its demo VW Golf R Mk8 looks so mighty fine that we simply couldn’t leave it out. To think this car is only a set of (well fettled) wheels and suspension, goes some to show you want a good looking car the Golf R is. However, as we all know, everything looks better with a reduction in ride height and a larger diameter wheel. The car you see here feature H&R Street Performance coilovers ($2195.00 cdn), H&R EBM Electronic Bypass Module ($595.00 cdn), H&R 26mm/24mm anti-roll bar kit (825.00 cdn) and, the icing on the cake, Rotiform TUF-R wheels ($425.00 cdn) in 8.5×20” Et40 fitment.


Guide from Performance VW magazine.