Ever wondered what’s the best first drift car to buy? Well check out quick fire list to great drift cars for beginners…

As much as we’d all love a 600bhp tyre smoking D1 monster, unless you’ve £30k to throw down the drain when you crash it, it’s really not a good plan as your first drifter. These cars however, are far more sensible…

Here’s our top 5 budget drifters:

best first beginners drift cars

1. BMW E36 325/328
Probably the most popular cheap drift car at the moment, on some drift days 50% of the cars are E36s! Cheap to buy, cheap to fix, decent performance, and reliable.


2. Mazda MX5
Not easy to drift, but once you get good at it it’s one of the most fun drift cars there is. Amazing handling, and the lack of power teaches you to drift by going fast and using skill rather than just mashing the throttle.


best first beginners drift cars

3. NissaN 200sX s14/S14a
The most expensive choice here, but providing you don’t destroy it, you could keep it for years and modify it right up to a world class level. Older S13s are now usually either rustier or more expensive than S14s!


best first beginners drift cars

Our very own Stav proving the C230 Kompressor is a great choice

4. Mercedes c230 Kompressor
Rarely used, but bloody good. You can pick them up for peanuts, they have a 2.3 supercharged engine for plenty of tyre smoking performance, they’re very reliable, and have masses of steering lock


best first beginners drift cars

5. Vauxhall Omeg V6
A bargain barge. Torquey V6 engine, low price tag, and good handling for such a big car makes for an ideal drift machine. They may not be cool normally, but fully sideways with smoke pouring from the tyres they are very cool.

Words Stav