Rear-wheel drive, big V6 engine, and great coupe looks, the 350Z is ripe for tuning – and getting sideways!

Wild bodykits don’t really suit the 350, but some subtle changes work brilliantly, especially front and rear diffusers and rear lip spoilers. EP Racing sell a wide variety of kits for the 350 from mild and classy to insane, so they should have something to suit your tastes. If you really want to go wild, the GT300 race cars looked fantastic, but getting hold of the kit would be difficult.

The standard 350Z transmission is pretty good, with a strong six speed gearbox and limited slip diff, but with increased power an uprated clutch is needed, and for serious track or drift use a plate style LSD from the likes of Kaaz and Cusco is a good plan too. Much over 300bhp will need an uprated clutch to be fitted, and a lightweight flywheel is worth doing at the same time to give a freer feeling to the way the car revs.

One of the main complaints about the standard 350Z is it is a little soft, more of a cruiser than a sports car, but most of the big suspension manufacturers produce coilover kits which solve that problem immediately. For more serious use the world is your oyster with everything from strut braces to adjustable suspension arms for the multi- link suspension widely available.


The VQ35, although not hugely popular for tuning in the UK as yet, responds well. In N/A form early 270bhp cars can be bumped up to well over 300bhp with a full exhaust system, induction kit, cams, and an ECU swap, while later cars with 315bhp can be taken to a fair bit more. More cost effective gains can come from a turbo conversion, with Greddy and APS doing popular kits that can give over 400bhp on a standard engine, and well over 600bhp with uprated internals. Not cheap, but very cool!Nissan-350Z-tuning-guide


As with most cars, the 350Zs look is transformed with a good set of wheels, and with the right tyre choice the handling and grip can be too. The big standard arches can accommodate some good sizes, with staggered fitment 19s being one of the most common sizes, but we think 10×18 motorsport style wheels all round running 265 wide track tyres not only looks better but performs better too.