The 350Z has always been the complete package: rumbling power, beautiful design, rugged mechanicals, hilarious to drive on B-roads and on track… and there are a lot of options to make them look cool and unique too. Here’s our Nissan 350Z fast mods guide. 

The ever-popular 350Z has mellowed into a true-blue modern classic. We’ve always had a lot of time for the early-2000s Zed car, it’s just a heroic piece of design. You get all the cool heritage of the iconic Z badge along with the stylish aesthetic quirks, and it’s all underpinned by utterly bulletproof mechanicals. These things were built tough, and the specs are compelling too. It’s a real muscle car formula – a brawny nat-asp 3.5-litre V6 up front, drive going to the rear, and a decent manual gearbox in the middle. That’s all you need really, isn’t it? Particularly in such a compact machine.

Early cars (2003-05) had 287bhp, and from 2006 onward they had a nice round 300bhp, which is all very eye-opening when you consider that it’s possible to find a solid 350Z for £5,000. But why stop there? These things are famously very tuneable – there’s a world of chassis mods out there for them, along with all sorts of power upgrades. If you want to get the full lowdown from the proper experts, it’s Tarmac Sportz who you want to be talking to…

Nissan 350Z Fast Mods

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Rear diffuser, £325

There are a number of different options when it comes to 350Z diffusers, but we’re particularly loving the look of Tarmac Sportz’s TS Style item. The diffuser has built-in vortex generators and is finished in gloss black, so it’s a fabulous fusion of form and function; it also has an adjustable bracket that allows it to accommodate either the standard exhaust system or most types of aftermarket pipes.

Bottomline side skirt extensions, £250

A tasteful and neatly designed addition, these fibreglass-reinforced plastic side skirt extensions do a lot to beef up the profile of the Zed’s side aspect while also complementing the factory design. They attach to the existing OEM skirts rather than replacing them, and they don’t need expensive bodyshop fitment – once they’ve been painted, you can bolt them straight on.

Rear overfenders, £295

This is more of a hardcore undertaking, as these fat rear arches will dramatically amp up the wickedness of your 350Z’s silhouette. These overfenders serve up an extra 50mm of girth – you can imagine the effect once your Zed’s slammed over some wider wheels. And as an extra benefit, these arches are made from FRP; it’s no secret that the 350Z’s stock rear wings like to rust, so this’ll help you eliminate that problem while also adding a bit of show-car style and drift chic.

Nissan 350Z Fast Mods

Blox Racing Plenum Spacer, £138

The BLOX Racing intake manifold spacer for the Nissan VQ35 is specifically designed to help increase the manifold’s capacity and lower the intake air temperature. As a result of the improved efficiency, power and throttle response is also increased. The BLOX plenum spacer is available in three different thicknesses, in order to provide the best fitment and power potential for your setup.

Cobra Sport resonated exhaust system with carbon tips, £727.38

When it comes to choosing an exhaust upgrade for your 350Z, a Cobra Sport system is a triple threat: you get power, sound, and quality. So you know for a fact that you’ll be getting a setup that liberates a few extra horses, makes a glorious noise, and will fit perfectly and last for years. This resonated centre & rear system has a bassy rumble without being overly raucous; it’s 3-inch in diameter, made of high-quality stainless steel, and comes with a variety of tail options.

WedsSport Maverick 905S 2 Piece wheels, From £500

Tarmac Sportz have opted for these 2-piece forged rims from Japan. They measure in at a healthy 9.5×19-inch (also available in 18s) and must be one of the best value 2-piece wheels on the market at £640 for a set of 19s.

Bonnet dampers, £55

Simple but effective, this is a real no-brainer mod. These quality little units are simple to fit, and will hold your bonnet open neatly instead of using the standard bonnet stay – this means that it’ll be easier to work on the engine, and the car will look cooler on the showground.