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Does the Chemical Guys Sticky Snowball snow foam do enough to impress Fast Car’s resident detailing enthusiast? Here’s Buffy’s in-depth review…

How I tested Chemical Guys Sticky Snowball Ultra Snow Foam Car Wash

First of all, I used a cotton pad to perform a swipe test to get an idea of how dirty my car was before. Then I applied Chemical Guys Sticky Snowball via a snow foam lance. I followed the instructions for both dilution and dwell time, using the smallest amount of product the instructions recommended. Finally, I rinsed it off and performed another swipe test in the same area to see how much dirt was left.

Chemical Guys Sticky Snowball Ultra Snow Foam Car Wash testing

First Impressions

You can’t deny that Chemical Guys certainly knows how to present its products well. From the smart-looking label to the shimmery, iridescent liquid in the bottle, it all makes a very good first impression. Then there’s the flip-lid bottle, which is good for easier pouring. And finally, there’s the lovely marzipan scent. It all makes you keen to give the product a go.


Chemical Guys Sticky Snowball is advertised as being both a shampoo and a snow foam. I like the versatility because it means you don’t necessarily need to buy a separate shampoo. This immediately makes the product good value for money. Chemical Guys says Sticky Snowball is pH-balanced, which I assume means it has a pH of 7. This means it going to be coating-safe.

Sticky Snowball also features gloss enhancers designed to leave a just-waxed shine. The marketing information also says that it has paint conditioners that help it resist water spots and streaking while drying. I have to admit that it certainly sounds impressive, and I was eager to see how it would perform.

Chemical Guys Sticky Snowball Ultra Snow Foam Car Wash Review in action

What’s It Like To Use Chemical Guys Sticky Snowball Ultra Snow Foam Car Wash

I tested Sticky Snowball as its lowest recommended concentration and it was disappointing. Perhaps it would fare better used as a shampoo, but as a pre-wash, it just doesn’t cut it. While the foam it produced was certainly very clingy, it didn’t seem to do much cleaning. The point of a snow foam is to make washing easier, and Sticky Snowball did not impress me here.

It’s well-priced, at least, and good value. But only if you use it in its lowest concentration. At 1 fl oz per wash, you’ll get just over 15 washes from 16.9 fl. oz, which means 30 per liter. Even the higher concentration of 2 fl. oz will give you 15 washes per liter of product.

However, based on its performance, you’d need to use it at its highest concentration to get any sort of meaningful results. As a shampoo, Chemical Guys recommends 1-2 fl. oz per 5 gallons, so you could use 0.5-1 fl. oz in half that amount of water. That’s very good, so you’ll certainly get your money’s worth with Sticky Snowball.

The Verdict

Chemical Guys Sticky Snowball Ultra Snow Foam Car Wash is not a good pre-wash. It just doesn’t have the cleaning power you need, and it’s disappointing. A little goes a long way, though, and I’m confident it would perform well when used as a shampoo. So, if you want it for that purpose, be sure to check out price comparisons for your region below. However, as a pre-wash, it is simply outmatched by its many more powerful rivals.