Amazon is a sea of deals at this time of year, so we’ve collated some all in one place. These are the best Black Friday Amazon deals for car enthusiasts.

It might not be the most ethical company in the world, but nobody does quick and easy shopping like Amazon does. So, if you fancy making the most of this year’s Black Friday event, chances are you’ll probably end up paying a visit to Bezos Land at some point. Here at Fast Car, we’re a helpful bunch, so I’ve gone through Amazon’s automotive stocks and picked out all the best deals on brands that you can trust. Today is the last day that you can capitalize on these deals, so go on, what are you waiting for?

Best Black Friday Amazon Deals

Ancel OBD2 reader

Ancel OBD2 scanner – 16% off

  • $24.99 $20.99, get the deal here.
  • Why you want it: When warning lights appear on the dash of your car, they can often be hard to diagnose on your own. Unless it’s something really obvious like the car burning through/leaking oil, it’ll probably take you a long time to figure out. Fortunately, OBD2 scanners can take away a whole lot of effort and save you a whole lot of time. This Ancel device can read and clear fault codes, as well as offering you live data from the engine. It’s not a fix for whatever is causing that warning light, but at least it’ll quickly point you in the right direction.
Vantrue N2S

Vantrue N2S – 24% off

  • $209.69 $159.57, get the deal here.
  • Why you want it: Vantrue is a growing brand in the dash cam industry that’s worth paying attention to. This particular model has a fair bit of tech packed into it, recording in impressive 4K out the front, with a 2K cabin lens to capture what’s going on inside the car (as well as behind and on the peripheries). So, if you want comprehensive coverage in high quality resolutions, this will do the job nicely.
airmoto tire inflator

Airmoto tire inflator – 29% off

  • $89.00 $63.20, get the deal here.
  • Why you want it: A portable tire inflator is one of those simple bits of kit that you might not use often, but when you need it, you’ll be very glad you had it. This Airmoto device can accurately inflate tires up to 120 PSI, though we wouldn’t recommend attempting something that extreme. Always stick to the PSI figures quoted in the manual! Still, it’s nice to know if you do end up needing that power for some reason, this little air compressor can manage it.
The Rag Company Liquid8r drying towel

The Rag Company Liquid8r Drying Towel – 25% off

Thisworx car vacuum cleaner

ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner – 54% off

  • $39.99 $18.26, get the deal here.
  • Why you want it: You might not necessarily *want* it, but a car vacuum is something that you need to have. A dirty interior can ruin the enjoyment of driving a car – or being a passenger in one. So, if you think your motor needs a bit of a spruce up on the inside, why not save yourself a massive chunk of money on this 12V car vacuum?
Chemical Guys Chenille Premium Scratch-Free Microfiber Wash Mitt (2pack)

Chemical Guys Chenille Premium Scratch-Free Microfiber Wash Mitt 2-pack – 20% off

  • $14.99 $11.99, Get Deal.
  • Why you want it: At 20% off, the dual pack is now the same price as a singular Chemical Guys wash mitt, so it’s essentially buy one get one free! These aren’t the absolute best wash mitts you can buy, they’ll still do the job sufficiently. So, for that money, it’s hard to complain. Read the full review here to learn more about this item.