Eyebrows were raised this weekend when a GP2 racecar was spotted on the road, but the internet is full of wacky vehicle sightings. Here’s ten of the weirdest cars caught on camera.

High-Stakes Mario Kart

This clip has a similar spirit to the GP2 video, except the budget has been turned way down. Anyone that’s crashed a go-kart on a circuit will tell you that it stings quite a bit, so it takes a very brave – or very stupid – individual to take one of these things onto a public highway. You’d certainly think twice about undertaking a truck…

V8-Powered Shed

This is quite a famous project, so while it may be a bit of an obvious choice, we simply had to include it. Kevin Nicks built the ‘world’s fastest shed’ from the chassis of a 1999 Volkswagen Passat estate, then dumped a 4.2-litre Audi-sourced V8 into its engine bay. He even went to the effort of converting it to all-wheel drive. The best part about the whole thing though is that this wasn’t just some publicity stunt. The shed is fully road legal, and Kevin has often been spotted treating it as such. Amazingly, it’s already racked up at least 35,000 miles!

Justice Meets Justice

This ironic clip from Canada shows a well-detailed Batmobile replica being pulled over by the cops. Full marks for the driver’s outfit too. That’s dedication to the lifestyle.

Band On a Bike

When most people decide to upgrade the sound system in their car (or in this case, bike), they tend to go for the easy stuff. A new head unit, more powerful subwoofers, that kind of thing. But not this guy. He’s gone ahead and opted for the full live band install. Rare modification, that.

The Ultimate City Car

With everyone joining the SUV bandwagon these days, urban environments are becoming increasingly more congested. So, if there’s ever been a time to buy a well-packaged compact city car, it’s now. This bloke might have slightly misread the memo, but we respect the lack of self-consciousness it would take to daily one of these.

Road-Legal Sofa

Like the World’s Fastest Shed, this crazy concept is a very well-known build. Designed by TV personality Edd China, The Casual Lofa is a fully road-legal vehicle built from scratch around a sofa. Steering is done by a faux pizza, while a Turkish Delight bar serves as the gear selector on the sofa’s armrest. Rather wisely, there’s no V8 tucked away in this though. Instead the sofa’s propelled along by the four-pot engine found in a Mini 1275. Yep, definitely one of the weirdest cars we’ve seen!

“You Can’t Park There Mate”

Emergency plane landings are rarely a laughing matter, however they certainly make for a remarkable spectacle – especially when they take place on a busy public street. The pilot of this faltering aircraft does a brilliant job of avoiding any sort of impact, so there’s a happy ending too.

Unidentified Driving Object

Social media is full of homemade oddities that have been spotted on the road. However, if aliens do ever make it to Earth, we’d expect their tech to be a bit better than this attempt…

Pirate Ships

“That is so weird”, says the videographer of this clip. She’s not wrong either. These roadgoing pirate ships are likely to be based on motorhomes, but definitely catch the eye more than your regular RV.


There are countless clips like this floating around the internet, where cars with seemingly terminal damage are asked to soldier on by their carefree drivers. We’re not sure what’s more impressive – the durability of modern machinery, or the attitude required to keep driving.

Let us know of some of the weirdest cars you’ve seen on the road.