Do you miss Alfa Romeo’s two-door coupes of yesteryear? Well, apparently, so does Zagato. Here’s the Milanese coachbuilder’s latest creation, the Alfa Romeo Giulia SWB.

The regular Alfa Romeo Giulia QF is a stunning car. Not just visually, but to drive, as well. In fact, here at Fast Car HQ, the Giulia is our favourite super saloon of the lot. However, we’ve often thought that Alfa missed a bit of a trick…

Blessed with drop-dead gorgeous styling and Porsche-rivalling performance, the Giulia was crying out for a two-door coupe derivative; an M4 to its M3, if you will. Sadly, it doesn’t look as though we’re getting that car anytime soon, or ever, but that hasn’t stopped Zagato from imagining what one might be like.

The rear end of the Alfa Romeo Giulia SWB Zagato.

Zagato Design

As we’ve come to expect from Zagato though, they haven’t stayed entirely true to the Giulia’s original aesthetic cues that we all know and love. Instead, they’ve opted for a rather more abstract body, with features that hark back to various Alfa Zagato tie-ins of the past. Its Kamm tail rear end, for example, is surely a reference to the Giulia TZ of the 1960s. While the shorter wheelbase – and it really is much shorter than the standard car – provides a similar stance to that of the marmite SZ, albeit with a much sleeker silhouette.

Overall, while the design is certainly ‘out there’, it still oozes desirability, especially when finished in that wonderful hue of Montreal Green.

Anyway, now that we’ve stopped salivating over it, I suppose we’d better run you through the performance details.

The car's interior is equally engaging to look at it.

GTAm Underpinnings

As you’d expect, Zagato has borrowed from the top shelf of Alfa’s parts bin when making this car. The Alfa Romeo Giulia SWB comes equipped with the same powertrain as that of a GTAm. In other words, you’re getting a 540PS twin turbo V6, hooked up to a six-speed manual gearbox.

However, when you apply this to a shorter, lighter (carbon-bodied) concoction of ingredients, the already impressive performance figures of the hyped-up Giulia saloon will surely be surpassed by whatever this machine is capable of.

Unfortunately, we’re unlikely to know much more about this exotic coupe than what we’ve been told in Zagato’s rather fluffy press release. You see, it doesn’t matter how deep your pockets are, you aren’t going to get your hands on an Alfa Romeo Giulia SWB. The one pictured in this article is the only one in existence, and it’s already off to spend the rest of its days with a Zagato collector based in Germany.

So, what you’re looking at here is a very rare thing indeed. A car that is genuinely priceless.