Slammed UK’s Gravity Show had a new venue for 2023. So, we popped over to the National Exhibition Centre to check out what was on display!

Despite being a relatively small-scale show compared to some of the UK’s other top modified car events, Gravity is well worth the visit. Pitched as a place where cars hit the deck like they’re fighting against gravity, naturally the dominant type of build on show are those from the stance scene. But, that’s not all that you’ll find in the Gravity halls. From pristine regular street builds, to hardcore drift cars, I found that there was something for everyone.

So, here’s a quick overview of what the weekend had to offer (now updated with a video report below)!

E9 BMW on display

Gravity Main Stage

At the top of the show, the Gravity main stage set the tone. A selection of beautifully crafted stance builds sat atop their own podiums in front of a live DJ set which soundtracked the whole day (great track selection, by the way).

A chosen few star builds were joined by several other high-end brands at this end of the show. Liberty Walk, for instance, was in attendance with a brace of fully kitted-out Ferraris, which you can check out in the gallery below.

Burning rubber

Crewsade Live Drift Demo

A little while back, we tagged along with the guys and girls that form Crewsade on their Up In Smoke tour of Europe. It’s fair to say that these guys know how to drive hard, and how to party hard too. So, as you can imagine, their live performance driving demo was quite a sight to behold.

Joining the regular crew were a few famous faces. Luke Woodham stood out amongst the drift builds in his Baja-style trophy truck, while Becky Evans was also in action in her newly-restyled Peaches S15. Excuse the slightly dodgy long-range zoom shot above, we thought it was too cool not to use…

old school Clio

Retro Zone

If you ever get tired of the modern modified scene, Gravity’s outside pen for older builds would’ve been just the tonic. There, you’ll find cars from a time when Fast Car and M*x P*w*r ruled every magazine stand in the UK. Amazingly, a good number of these late ’90s and early 2000s project cars have stood the test of time, or have recently been restored. A resurgence of the genre in post-pandemic years appears to have given them a new lease of life, so you’ll be able to find these old-school cars and their old-school owners at an increasingly large number of shows…

Blitz Skyline D1 GP

Iconic Rides

It wasn’t just the Crewsade ensemble that brought star power to the Gravity show. Famous YouTuber Mat Armstrong was in attendance too with his latest rebuild project – an absolutely wrecked McLaren 720s. Plus, some of the cars themselves even held a claim to fame. Take this Blitz Skyline, for example. Imported to the UK by Garage D, this ER34 sedan is a genuine ex-Ken Nomura build, used in the renowned D1 GP championship over in Japan!

Anyway, speaking of cool cars, I reckon we should go ahead and show you a load more of them. Sound good? Then be sure to check out the gallery below.

But wait, that’s not all! For an even closer look inside the Gravity Show, check out Midge’s full video report, featuring some familiar faces…

Gravity Show Gallery: