Armed with his V8 Pro Lite truck, Monster Energy’s Luke Woodham goes drifting in the snow at Courchevel with Hyperdrive star Alexandre Claudin in his ’68 Dodge Charger.

Sun, snow and shred; what could be a better opener to the new season in the French Alps than the sound of V8 horsepower thundering around the largest linked ski areas in the world?

For one day only, the resort of Courchevel – famous for its epic snow-lined peaks and indulgent nightlife – closed its roads and let Monster Energy’s Luke Woodham and Netflix Hyperdrive star Alexandre Claudin go head to head drifting in the snow.

Luke came armed with his custom-built Pro Lite truck. This is powered by a 450bhp Ford Winchester V8 engine, producing tons of torque. Not to be outdone, custom-car builder Alexandre rolled in with his 1968 Dodge Charger; but this is no Dukes of Hazzard original though. 

The 5.3m (17ft!) long muscle car has modern coilover suspension. It also has rear-end and axles from a Porsche Cayenne Turbo, and a BMW E39 M5 S62B50 V8 engine. It also has a specially fabricated exhaust that spits flames from the front fenders. 

1968 Dodge charger drifting in the snow

After filming, Luke said: “What an unbelievable day to get the chance to shred the truck up the mountain roads to Courchevel. Some of the high snow banks look soft but they are rock solid. It was crazy taking the ProLite truck up these roads so I hope people watching the edit enjoy it as much as we had fun filming it!”

Luke Woodham hangs out the window of pro-lite truck

Alexandre added: “I never thought I would get the chance to drift these mountain roads. I’m from Lyon, which isn’t far away, and I have been to Courchevel many times – it’s a very special place. The Charger handled the day and the altitude super well – I hope we can do it again soon!”

From ripping through fresh powder, all the way to the main runway at Courchevel Altiport; it’s one ride you won’t want to miss. Hit play to find out more…