We sat down with Japfest Silverstone’s 2022 headline sponsor TurboZentrum UK to get the answers to those all important FAQs on turbos and shed light on the future of modifying.

What’s the biggest turbo you guys at TurboZentrum UK have ever seen?

“Technical one, eh? The Garrett GT55 probably – this thing looks like something off a locomotive! This BorgWarner below isn’t shy either… we can get you one if you want?”

TurboZentrum UK Answers FAQs on Turbos

Why do I need bigger injectors?

“The more air you shove into your engine with a turbo, the more fuel you need to burn with that air, and most of the time that means uprated injectors. We can supply a set of Bosch injectors with flow rates from 380ccm, right up to whopping 2200ccm monsters.

We match these in-house on our ASNU machine so there’s a variance of less than 2%, and we even off er our own adaptors for different fuel rails and manifolds.”

Do you supply and fit parts?

“We do supply parts, we have from the very start, however we do not have the facilities to fit them. That’s not to say that we can’t help with the most detailed technical questions though. Our technical team are second to none.”

TurboZentrum UK Answers FAQs on Turbos

Can I turbocharge my NA car?

“Yes, any car can be converted to run a turbo, but it then becomes a question of how much boost it’s capable of safely running without going pop. Our tech guys will be able to advise on all the parts you need for any car. Hit them up on the phone or the website.”

Where are all the parts from?

“We only handle the best quality items from big name brands, and they come in from all over the world. So, that would depend on the part itself. With items from BorgWarner and TRE in the USA, and Nuke Performance in Sweden, we are the exclusive distributors of their products and we get them straight from the manufacturers themselves. As for Boost Products – which is a brand we work with exclusively – they are based in Germany. Whatever you buy though, quality is key, and we spend a lot of our time making sure everything we off er for sale is as just amazing as we expect it to be.”

Is Rob there?

“Usually the answer is, “he’s a bit busy at the moment, can I help?” And this is due to Rob being our most technical member of the team, and probably the highest in demand. But yes, Rob is here and he’ll be on the stand at Japfest answering questions, it’s like a busman’s holiday for him.”

My Turbo has had it, shall I just get a bigger one?

“You can do for sure, or we can just overhaul the OEM unit for you, breaking it down, replacing any worn-out parts, finely balancing the core and adjusting the actuator. We don’t just do big power tuning, we do plenty of overhalls and upgrades, too.”

TurboZentrum UK Answers FAQs on Turbos

Do you have a shop were I can buy stuff?

“Yes, we have our main HQ in Trafford Park, Manchester were we welcome anyone to come down and visit!”

Does TurboZentrum UK have a complete turbo kit for my 2001 Nissan Micra?

“We are commonly asked for model-specific conversion products and while we do sell some, we don’t have every car make and model available, simply because these items aren’t what you’d call mass market. Instead, what we offer are universal parts for people who can build cars and those looking for something special.”

TurboZentrum UK Answers FAQs on Turbos

How does TurboZentrum UK see the future of car tuning?

“We don’t think it’s under threat, people will always have the passion for cars and building them, just look at all the classic cars out there, they’re still around and people love rebuilding and restoring them. If anything, we are excited to see what the future holds for turbo tuning, and even the instant power that electric cars are offering. There are exciting times ahead.”

What’s TurboZentrum UK’s most popular product?

“In all honesty we don’t have one. This is probably because we sell everything from turbos to clamps, hoses and much more. Have a look at all the goodies on our stand, and all that’s just the tip of the iceberg!”

Make sure you check out the TurboZentrum UK website.

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