The Honda Prelude is back! Albeit as a hybrid. It’s here celebrating 25 years of Honda hybrid technology and will appear at Goodwood Festival of Speed.

First things first, don’t worry Prelude fans. Honda isn’t copying what Ford is doing and bringing back iconic models as crossovers. Cough, Mustang, Capri, Cough! No. Honda has stayed true to the iconic Prelude and built a two-door sports coupé. Lovely stuff so far then.

There is one thing, though. This car has been built to celebrate Honda’s 25 year anniversary of its hybrid technology. As a result, under the bonnet will be a hybrid motor. One option is the Civic’s e:HEV motor, which produces 184hp. But, at the moment, we don’t know. For Prelude lovers that sounds like sacrilege, so if you want to marvel in Prelude goodness, be sure to check out our premier Classic Japfest event this October.

Before you start angrily typing in the comments, it’s worth reading what Chief Engineer, Tomoyuki Yamagami, had to say about the Prelude: “The new Prelude not only marks the latest chapter in our ever-evolving hybrid story, it is also the product of 25-years of pioneering hybrid research and development. Ensuring this model maintains its ‘sporty’ DNA by perfectly blending the efficiency and environmental advantages of electrified driving with an exhilarating experience behind the wheel.” Sounds good to me!

Prelude badge

Tell me more about the new Honda Prelude

There aren’t too many details confirmed yet. What we do know is that it will be a hybrid, will feature a front-wheel drive layout, and that it should handle well. We also know that it will be sold in Europe. And, given the Acura Integra design stayed almost identical from concept to production, there is a good chance this is how it will look, too. Who’d have thought that in 2024 we’d be seeing a Prelude that looks genuinely cool and one that will actually be built!

There’s no mention of what it’s like on the inside, unfortunately. That being said, the latest Civic generation has a great interior, so we’d expect that to carry over here.

If you want to see it up close and in person, Honda will be returning to Goodwood Festival of Speed and showcasing the Prelude concept. We’ll update this story when more details on the new Honda Prelude are confirmed.

And if you want to see old school Preludes modified to perfection, then get yourself to Classic Japfest. Visit the event page here for more information.

Classic Japfest new concept wheels for prelude led light on front of prelude